Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Day : Sitting at the Waterpark

I took the kids to this secret park I like to call it. There has only been a few kids there each time Ive visited. Its perfect for kids crawling through preschool age. Since I only had 4 kids to care for this day I decided to head out to this amazing park. I sprayed all the kids down with sunscreen and then set up a blanket for Landon to chill on under a the shady umbrella of this gorgeous tree. As I unloaded the van I laid Landon down with some toys when I joined him on the blanket he was giggling and squirming. I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have him and all of the time, money and waiting and effort It took him to get him here. Hes everything Ive always wanted and nothing could make me happier.

While we played on the blanket I decided to see if he was able to sit in the tripod sitting position and HOLY CRAP he can. I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. When I focused on his face I noticed how excited and proud he was. Although I would like to keep putting him in this position until he is able to hold it longer then the 30 seconds he did today, I wont be. He needs to learn to scoot and crawl first. Sitting will come after the scooting and crawling as he will push backwards and discover that he is able to sit. I dont want to take any of the joy away from his desire to do new things on his own. I learned awhile ago in my ECE (Early Childhood Education)classes to never prop a baby in the sitting position. So at 4 months and 3 weeks I know that he is capable but I will let him discover this on his own from here on out.

The water was quite cold today then the last time we visited this park but I put Landons feet in anyways. My daycare kids love him so much that they ran over to sit with him. Since I was alone today with no employees I couldn't get any pictures of the 2 of us, So I set him on the edge of the little river and he sat for just a few seconds for me to get a picture of him. He looks so small but so big already. I had to keep him covered since I cant put sunscreen on until 6 months old. I love the surfshirts with the 50SPF especially since my boy is a pasty white complexion.

Sitting like a big boy with his friends

This is the waterfall that dumps the water down. Once it hits the blue rubber mat its only about a 1/2 inch deep which will be perfect for when Landon is crawling.
The river flows separately and it is about 2 inches so this will be fun later when he can drop a boat in it and chase it as it flows down.

One of my daycare moms met us there with her daughter and new baby brother who is 2 months younger then Landon. I love a nice warm day (with a breeze) being able to lay the babies out on a blanket with some toys and watching them kick and coo. Babies love to be outdoors and watch the trees, feel the wind, and listen to the sounds. Here are some pics from our last visit about a month ago when Landon was only 3 months.

My daycare kiddos
Fascinated by the water on his toes
Thanks Ms Kegan for capturing these photos of us. I will cherish these moments.
~Sneek Peak~
....and this is what my son will look like later tonight for a wedding we are attending.

Look at that little overcoat with a tweed hat and slacks.
The bow tie oh my gosh darling!

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