Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night: Family Wedding

Busy day we had. I closed my daycare a half hour early so I could get ready and head out for a wedding that started at 6:30pm. Since Landon went to the park earlier I knew he would be tired. He slept for the 1/2 hr car ride home so when we got home I tried for 2 hrs to get him to go down for a nap. He was just in a good mood and kept giggling. Finally just an hour before we left I got him to take a nap in his swing. I didn't want to wake him up until the minute we had to leave because I knew he would be up late. So I threw his lil naked body into the car and dressed him in the parking lot. I do have to say he was so handsome. I heard everyone saying oh my gosh look at that baby, he is so cute, look at that outfit, just darling. I would have to agree but hes mine. I picked up this cute little outfit at Janie and Jack.

He was sooooooo good during the wedding just looked around and watched everything going on. He sat on his Pops lap for the most part and I nursed him for the last part. He got very excited when he saw a really cute baby girl sitting in the row behind us and started cracking up.

Here's the happy couple. Theresa and Paul, they married at the Cultural Croatian Center outside in the garden surrounded by trees and a pretty fountain. They had nice reading from the Bible read by several friends and family. Ryans brother Jason was one of the groomsmen.

Beth is in the middle she was a Matron of honor as she is the grooms sister. Beth was in our wedding party also as the Matron of honor. Her son and daughter were the ring bearer and flower girl they were so cute.

Half way through the reception I had to nurse the little man. So out came my nursing cover and under he went. We never nurse this way so he spends half the time trying to unveil himself. During this time we had a champagne toast after each speech and Landon was so interested in what was gong on. He would nurse while the speech was given and then when everyone would clap he pop out from the nursing cover and look all around. It was hilarious. He thought everyone was clapping for him. He did this several time for each speech till he decided to stay out to see what we were all doing. Then the fun began he saw us all holding the champagne flutes and he would reach out to grab it.

He grabbed onto the sides and started sucking the glass and giggling hysterically.

....and staring trying to figure out how to get some.

Then he hit the dance floor with Uncle Jason for some fun.

Then he took Pops for some spins on the dance floor. Look at that smile he loves his Pops.

Nana and him took the slow songs and she managed to rock him to sleep for a whole 5 minutes. Once the slow music stopped and began again he popped back up and started laughing hysterically again.

Mommy and daddy even danced a little and talked about the day they married. Finally it was after 10pm and I knew he had to be tired so we brought his swing in. Quick diaper change, a swaddle, the paci and was out in just a few short minutes. I have no idea how he slept through that loud music and the DJ but he did.

This is Ditter he just became a daddy 8 days ago. Crazy!! We are so excited for him and the birth of his new daughter Samantha I cant wait to meet her and I can see Landon and her running around the backyard at future BBQs.

Ok Daddy its almost midnight we need to go home. The Bride and groom invited us to go downtown and party at their hotel but we will have to pass. We have a new little man in our life that needs bright and fresh at 6am. Little Landon is definitely the party baby though and is a flirt with the ladies and dancen fool on the floor. Oh I cant wait till he gets a little older and can talk.

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  1. OH my goodness.. how adorable is he in that little otufit?? Looks like a lot a fun and a pretty wedding!!

    Funny about him nursing Brody does the same thing!!!


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