Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

Last night was the first feeling of fall we have had. I ran up to Landon closet and grabbed the first sweatshirt for fall. His cute pumpkin beanie and decided to take him on a walk.
" Where are we going mom? I cant see a thing!"

There was a beautiful Sunset!

Landon told me he wanted to go on the swings. We had to wait for awhile as Soccer practice was just ending at the park and many moms were pushing their babies one last time. By the time it was Landon's turn it was dark but I'm glad we were still able to get some pics. He LOVES swings and giggled like crazy each time we said "weeeeeeeee"

Daddies turn to push.

See he really really loves to swing. I thought it was cute the way he grabbed on with his hands. This was a first for him. He stared at his hands and examined the metal he was holding on to.

It was time to go home as mom and dad were beginning to chill and we had to get ready for daddies soccer game. I cant wait for warm hats, mittens, sweatshirts, Uggs boots, scarves and egg nog lattes from Starbucks. We welcome you with open arms FALL!

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  1. He is so cute in that hat...ok, ok he is cute in anything. He looks like he LOVES that swing! Gotta love those sweet smiles!


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