Sunday, September 27, 2009

Improvments to Sink about

Finally my Kitchen faucet broke. I had noticed the last few weeks some water on the floor in front of it but I figured it was due to washing dishes and spilling some water on the ground. I opened up the cabinet underneath and it was wet in the middle and was dripping out onto the floor. We found out it was the hot water pipe to the faucet so that meant I got to pick out a new faucet from Home Depot YEAH!!!!! I love that place.

BEFORE Picture
After look at all my choices I decided on this black and brass distressed one. I really wanted a new sink but we decided it would be better to get a new sink when we got our new countertops. I picked out one that had four parts for the four holes in the sink so we could do away with the air gap for the dishwasher that is not necessary. The handyman also told me its harmful as it leaks out yucky gases from the dishwasher cycle and instead can be hooked straight to the garbage disposal. Gross! He fixed it for me and now I have a new hand soap dispenser instead I like that idea. He also showed my hubby how to sand all the grey marks on the sink that are from pots and pans hitting the edges and bottom. Wow I didnt know you could do that. Almost feels like a got a new sink out of it.

AFTER Picture

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