Monday, September 7, 2009

Organizing Frozen Breastmilk & Weightloss

I found this really cool way to store milk and save space in the freezer and make sure that my husband uses the oldest milk first. I just love organization if a system works.

I always measure it before I pour the milk in the bag.I write on the bag the amount and the date. I love the Lansinoh bags but it will work with any bags. I fill the bag squishing out any excess air from the bag and double seal both closures on the bag. Then I lay the bag completely flat in the freezer until its fully frozen.
I bought this white bin at Target for less then $5. Here it is on Amazon. Ice Cube Bin by Sterilite® I added this to my freezer drawer. Then I added all my milk putting the oldest in the front. Now my husband can grab the first milk in the bin instead of fiddling through them when he has a fussy baby. It also helps me to see when we need to hurry up and use the milk before it expires since I only leave Landon once a week right now to go to a Mama Bootcamp. I have totally slowed down my weight loss even though I'm still breastfeeding, working out and eating healthier. I just haven't lost anymore weight. I have lost every pound of pregnancy weight but not the fertility meds. Which is about 20 pounds not that I care what the scale says but I would like to loose my belly that I have. I had put away all my pregnancy clothes but I am seeing that I keep pulling things back out as I don't fit into my old pants or shorts. Its so annoying. Belly bulge is the hardest thing to loose for me. Hopefully I will have some progress by the time Landon 1st birthday, that's my goal.

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