Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The innocent bathtime photos........

Until I came across this photo.........

...... that pretty much sums up it up,
Not so innocent!

(For those that didn't catch it the 1st time, did you notice is hands in the last photo?)

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  1. LOL...I totally did not see that! Too Funny!!

  2. oh too funny.. but he didn't know :) lol

    I love my uggs!! I only have one pair of them in sand but I am getting a black pair for my bday and I can't wait! I don't wear socks with mine my feet would get tooo sweaty but I haven't had a problem of them getting smelly but I didnt know you could just throw them in the washer???? I love that you wore them under your wedding dress!!!!!!


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