Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frosty the Snow Crow??

Yesterday we took our scarecrow to Bishops Pumpkin Farm. Its the largest pumpkin Farm in the United States. My mom and I went to set up the preschools Scarecrow. This year we did "Frosty the SnowCrow" I thougt it was so cute until I got there and saw all of the other wonderful scarecrows. People are so creative. 1st place is $200, 2nd place $150, and 3rd place $50. We have never won anything yet. Last year we entered Shrek and donkey as our scarecrow. I'm take the daycare kids out on Oct 2nd and we'll see if ours won anything. I highly doubt it but it would be nice to get some money for our preschool.

While we were there I had lay Landon on the grass while we assembled the scarecrow. They have a train track that circles the area where the scarecrows are displayed. The train went by and Landon stared and as each train car went by his head would whip back and forth looking at each car. Then they blew the whistle on the train and he whipped his head back and forth even fast looking at where the sound came from back to the car that was passing. It was just neat to see him so aware of what was going on. I also let him touch the hay and hold on to a piece, he thought it was pretty neat I cant wait to take him on his 1st trip next week.

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