Saturday, October 10, 2009

All dressed up for my lunch date

Today Mommy put these ridiculous things on my feet. They just cover up my socks that I like to pull off, that she likes to put back on. Why would she cover up those fabulous lil toes I have?

Then she stuck me in her laundry basket. LAUNDRY basket? Was she trying to punish me? I thought it was fun besides don't dirty clothes go inside this basket. Who is she kidding I love dirt, I am all B O Y, you know!
Then she told me we were going in the car, Theres nobody back there to talk to and it makes me really sleepy. I really don't like to nap one bit.

She didn't tell me it was to go see my Uncle Jason. I love him most of all. He always makes me smile and laugh.

Mommy had this thing with a plastic thing she kept putting her mouth. It looked really interesting. So I begged for it and kept arching my back to reach for it. Finally she put the plastic thing in my mouth. This cold stuff filled my mouth and apparently I made a funny face because the grown ups all laughed and told me to do it again. I did a few times just to humor them. I'm not sure if I like water, maybe because it was really cold and I really like my milk body temperature, HA.

Then my mom handed me off to my dad because I kept doing my happy screaming. Whats wrong with that? Isn't that why we went to eat in that huge room with windows so I could shriek so loud people in the bathroom could hear me? My Dad slipped in a different plastic thing in my mouth that I am completely familiar with. It was time to go so I decided to be polite and bite my Uncle Jasons nose.

Ok Ok I wont bite your nose again. I know that wasn't nice but Im a baby I can get away with things like that. How about a kiss on the cheek. Ewwwwwwwwww why is your face pokey? Bleh I don't like that at all. See ya next time Uncle J.

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  1. This is by far the cutest post I think you've posted! =)

  2. Oh, and I was super excited to see him in the monkey onesie finally! I remember when you bought that one! lol

  3. I love his shoes! Would you mind telling me where you bought them? My little guy's feet need something that it is about to snow here! ...



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