Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cloth Diapering in Action

In honor of my cute lil pumpkin butt

Im questioned all the time about when we started cloth diapering and what brands and types we have used so I put togethor a little post of pictures. My has my boy grown. We currently use the Thirsties Fab fitted but those diapers have to be changed within a hour and half at the most so I love to use the GoodMamas diapers best because they can last 4 hrs if needed. We use Thirsties, and Kushies covers currently and a few others we are just about to outgrow.

1 week old in a NB Spooky Kitty Collective

2 weeks old in a Newborn Nannipoo

3 weeks old in a Newborn Mutt

4 Weeks Newborn Prefold with Size 1 Snappi
4 Weeks Newborn Prefold with Pins
5 Weeks, Size Small Thirsties Fab Fitted Still fitting at 5 Months
8 Weeks Solid Velour GoodMama Fitted

8 Weeks in a OBV GoodMama Diaper

Size Small Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in Size
Small has worked from birth and still fits at 5 months

Organic Imse Vimse Newborn Cover Still fitting at 5 months
1 Month, in a Wool Covers which is still foreign to me and I choose not to use Cloth Dipes overnight instead use Chlorine Free Full Circle Diapers *Made from Corn

XS Thirsties Cover We are now in Size Small & Medium

Heres how we store them in the top dresser of the drawer.

First two rows is the Fitted Diapers

3rd row is Prefolds and doublers

4th row is Wool and liners

5th row GoodMama fitteds

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  1. He looks so cute in all of the different diapers! I like how you have the mirror next to the changing table...great idea! Kamryn does not like her diaper changed and like her changing table even less! I am going to put a mirror there tomorrow!

  2. Hi Thanks for following my blog. I am amazed at the cloth diapers, I didn't know they made them like this. So cool. You have a gorgeous family
    Pam (cocomama)


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