Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my babe

Today is Ryan & I, 3 year anniversary. I couldn't be any happier
not only today but everday of my life. I can't believe Im actually married to you, you make life so simple. I enjoy your company ad you help me grow in all aspects of my life. Your an Amazing father, brother, husband and friend. I know we works so hard and are now busy with our son that we may sometimes forget to mention it but , your the Best! I can't wait to have dinner alone without a baby on the lap and throwing it back before he can grab it off the plate. Tonight is about us! Love You!

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  1. Happy Anniversary girl!!!!!!! Love the pictures, yall are too cute!!!

    I read the post n the bath ring.. darn Brody weighs to much1 He is 20 lbs!! Sure looks like fun though!!


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