Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Hand Conservatory and Cafe

Yesterday was a busy day for Landon. He had his shot only appointment in the morning. Lucky for him it was the Rotovirus vaccine which was just something to swallow, no shot needed. This time they didnt make me undress him to weigh him so I don't know how much he weighs. Guess we wont find out till next month. He weighed 14.10 pounds about two weeks ago. In the afternoon we met grandma and great grandma at High Hand Nursery for some yummy lunch.

Landon fell asleep on the drive there and I asked them both not to wake him when I carried him in on my shoulder but after a minute he had to peak at who I was talking to. He was so happy to see his great grandma. She was just doting over him.

Its kinda nice for us to get out the girls and the baby. We never do this so it was a nice treat.

Its still isn't quite ready for wooden highchair but I was able to use the strap so he didn't slip forward and as long as he had a blanket in front of him to fill the gap. All hell it really didnt work at all, it was rather quite dangerous so he just sat on our laps, first grandmas, then great grandmas, then great grandpas, then back to mommy.

He also loves his grandma and thinks shes funny.

He kept staring up the whole time because they had the hugest fans I had ever seen. In fact the sticker in the middle of the fan had a bull and said Huge Ass Fans thats exactly how big they were, really. The picture below is my new favorite minus the paci because it shows his cute little top curl so well.

Great Grandpa showed up to pick up GG so he got to love on Landon. My Grandpa is always been there for me and I love him from the deepest bottom of my heart and for him to see and spend time with his great grandson is just the icing on the cake.
Later that evening my moms group had a Moms Night Out dinner at Chili's to reveal our September Secret Sister. I was going to leave Landon with Ryan while I went out to eat but Landon was a mess and crying uncontrollably. So I thought it would be no big deal to bring him along to the dinner. When I showed up I felt very awkward and could see the disgusting looks on their faces that I brought him when they all left their kids at home. So I texted message Ryan to come get him fast and take him to his brothers house so his girlfriend could watch him till was done.

On our way to dinner. Haha you can see me saying hurry up through my teeth.

Uncle J welcoming his babysitting duties for the evening. It was wonderful to get out and away and just be Mariah. I felt a little awkward since I am fairly new to the group but I'm sure in time it will feel different. 10 of us women had a great time and will do this again in a month. This time I will make sure I have a babysitter and I now know not to bring Landon. HA
Tomorrow I am taking my daycare out to that Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland. I haven't decided if Landon will be joining us because he has cried most of the day today. I put him down for his afternoon nap and he woke up every 10 minutes screaming for 30 seconds then went to sleep for 5-10 minutes then would scream all over again, this went on for an hour before I got him up and nursed him. He has only napped if I nursed him which wasnt enough to get a good daysworth of naps in. I know he doesn't know this but I don't have a couple hrs to sit around with him attached to me.
I know something is wrong with Landon but I'm not sure what it is, hes not sick, no fever, is fed, has a dry diaper and is exhausted. Right this very minute its 9pm at night and I put him down at 8:15pm tonight and he is still crying every 5-10 minutes. I don't know what to do. This is so not like him. I went in and nursed him and he fell asleep and was quite for 10 minutes sleeping and now hes back to screaming. I will be so tired in the morning if this continues. =(

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