Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy HAIR?

K I was thumbing through photos and I came across these pictures of my boy less then 2 weeks old. My the hair he had. It was at least an 1" to 2" long and oh so dark. His hair is golden colored blonde nowadays. Its amazing that eyes and hair can change like that on somebody.

I find it hilarious because when Landon came out and I saw him for the first time I stared for a second and then looked at my husband and said he doesn't look like how I thought he would. (Mind you I had lots of things in my system, hehe) Then I asked if he had red hair and my mom and husband both told me no he does not. I argued that I saw red hair. When we brought him home it was dark brown and lots of it.

Now his hair has fallen off, almost completely bald.Yes I shaved his hair but it was just one patch in the back because he looked like a older man who was starting to bald (hair around the back and but nothing up top or the sides) My husband called it the culdesac. His hair is golden blonde, with some bleach blonde hairs. His top curl is still brownish red being as it is part of his original hair. But really I have no idea what color this kids hair is really gonna be. I have heard of eye color changing but this kid has a multicolor hair. Anyone elses kids hair changed like that and may know what color his hair may be?

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  1. When Nathyn was born his hair was BLACK! Then it all fell out, and grew in like a golden brown, in the Summer got even lighter than that. I just noticed the other day that it's starting to turn a darker brown though.. I think hair can change all their life.

    I mean, look at the Harris boys! Their hair changes dramatically every summer/winter.

    No matter his hair color, he is still toooo gosh darn cute! <3


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