Monday, October 5, 2009

I like to move it, move it, he likes to move it.

Over the weekend Landon has really started to move it. Until now I was wondering how he got from one side of the room to the other. Within a few minutes he was about 15 ft across the room. Its the beginning of crawling or shall we call it caterpilling across the floor. For now its only backwards and sideways and in a circle but I can only imagine it will be forward soon. Note to Daddy: We need upstairs baby proofed immediately; wall plugs, cabinet locks and hook & eye locks on the bedroom doors PRONTO! Our Baby is a moven.
Step One: Lay flat on your tummy and look unsuspicious to the grown ups this will make them think you are not up to anything.

Step Two: Push up really high on your arms, the grown ups will still thinking you are just doing baby push-ups they'll even think this great because you are getting exercise and they will think you need a nap soon. They don't don't know anything because I'm planning on staying up during nap time.

Step3: Ok this part is trickier, you can only do this when they are not looking or you will blow your cover. Slide your knees up under your body, and proceed to scoot backwards, if they look over at you quickly make a face like you don't like what you are doing this will instantly make the grown up happy because they will want their baby to stay small and not grow so quickly.

Step 4: Lower your arms and raise your bottom in the air and take another scooch backwards. This is where you will make the most movement.

Step 5: We will call this the safety position, if your grown is suspecting you of trying to crawl quickly go into the safety position and flail your arms and legs as if you were swimming. Also try to make this face they wont suspect a thing.

Uh Oh I was caught by my grown up and he picked me up to cuddle. Not that this is a bad thing but look who got his lap. HA I'm the one thats cuter and deserve to sit right there in his lap. Oh well I'll work on my skills again later and next time I'll just have to be quicker and move it faster so he can't catch me. That will make my grown ups panic when they can't find me I heard babies can wreck havoc in the bathroom I'll think that is where I'll try to go next.

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  1. LOL! Way to go, Landon. I remember when my 2nd son would army crawl throughout the house. I thought it was the funniest thing. I had always heard of it, but never saw it in action on a baby. My 1st had never done it. Landon is a boy on a Mission!! ;)


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