Thursday, October 8, 2009

IlFornaio, Adult Conversation & Suprises

Last night hubby took me out on a special date, just the two of us, with no baby. We have gone out to eat at Chevys Restaurant and downtown to a bar for a friends birthday but I was excited for adult conversation, great Italian food and no baby in my lap who is now able to swipe food from my plate.

We drove up to Nanas house to drop our lil' bundle. We stayed for a minute while Landon was showing Nana his new moves and his new haircut. Yep that's right I took the clippers to the back of his head and shaved the extra hair off. He didn't really like it but he also had no idea what I was doing. He wanted to hold the clippers and see them so he didn't want to turn his head so I could shave but I managed somehow and it looks so cute.

We had reservations at 7:45pm at Il Fornaio a wonderful elegant Italian place with the very best food. I cant even describe the food but it is so absolutely good. We were seated at the Red Table otherwise known as the table of Honor for the evening. We had a complimentary bottle of water, that was poured for us all night, an appetizer consisting of bruschetta, olives, and peperoni and then after dinner tiramisu. These are compliments of the restaurant. The manager stopped by and greeted us and thanked for for coming to the restaurant and wished us a Happy Anniversary.

Anywho.....Halfway through dinner just before desert I reached over to surprise my husband by giving him his gift. This is our 3rd anniversary so its traditional to give a leather gift. I thought of the perfect gift to surprise him with. Along time ago I bought my husband a faux LV wallet from a purse party I went to. It was a great knock off but everyday use for a year it eventually fell apart. I bought him the real deal this time and I knocked his socks off when I gave it to him.

I need to learn the manual setting on my camera otherwise my pictures turn out like the one above. Dont get me wrong most of the time it takes gorgeous photos but that do to me taking a million photos and getting a few good ones out of the bunch.

Oh my gosh my mouth is just watering looking at the dessert I ordered. It is vanilla bean gelato with a shot of expresso poured over the top with whip cream and chocolate covered coffee beans. We just have to go back for the dessert.

End of the evening and its time to go pick up our hopefully sleeping baby. I had a great time just the two of us but always glad that there are three of us now. I miss you and just sitting around talking. We must make a habit to go on dates now that we are parents.

You didn't think I went through a whole meal without calling now did ya? It had been an hour and I just wanted to see if she had any trouble getting him down and I'm not sure since I couldn't hear her over all the screaming. Lol My poor baby just looses it when he is tired. First time being watched somewhere other then our house. I felt even worse for poor Nana having to put up with him but she got crafty and was able to get him asleep unswaddled I might add. I was so tired that even I fell asleep on the way home. Thanks baby to another fabulous year, this next year will be even greater now that we are a family. I love you.

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