Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just keep smimming, Just keep swimming

Isn't that what Dorey said? Well Landon did just that. He swam and he swam and he swam. He also decided not to nap much today, just a half hour nap in the morning and a 50 minute nap in the afternoon. I decided to blow up his ring and let him exercise it up in the tub. He had a great time in the water.

He kicked his legs flailed his arms and just hung out in the water, he went from smiling to just relaxed. You could see that he calmed down and just felt warm and cozy right there in the water. I had to be careful which pictures I chose to put on here. Did you hear about that couple that had the pictures developed at Walmart with their children during bath time and in their bath towels. They were turned in CPS even though it was harmless innocent bath time photos. SO sad that people get away with so much crazy child abuse and then this couple had their children taken away for no reason.

As you can tell Landon just loves the water. I was only going to let him do just 15 minutes so he didn't turn him to a prune but he ended up taking a half hour bath because he was having so much fun.

He turned in circles went on his tummy , on his back he swam each and every way that I was telling him to slow down that he was acting like a fish. This boy can move it, I'm telling you.
OK before I show you the next picture I just had to have a HUGE laugh. I swear my boy is not innocent from the way he looks at me and then the way he........

points that specific finger at me each time I take his photo as if he is saying thats enough with the camera Mom. I swear he wants to fight me. Poor baby I will surely have to have a talk with him about that finger. From his ultrasound picture to his 5 month photos he keeps using it. Mommy will be embarrassed if he starts pointing at people like that.

One wet and wiggly baby, its time for bed, to bed I said, you silly head. I placed one wide awake swaddled baby into the crib who closed his eyes the second he hit the bed. {Dr Seusicall of me}He didn't put up any fight despite his punch in this picture. I hope he sleeps longer, as the product says he will. Every night 15-30 minutes will make your child sleep longer is what it promises. As much as I want to believe that we will see tomorrow.
Tommorow is our wedding anniversary. We both have Friday off and are deciding if we should go away for the weekend or stay home. Since I am 100% breastfeeding I am unable to leave the lil one with family so we can get away =( We decided next year we will go somewhere fabulous just the two of us this year we will celebrate with Landon or stay in town and have one of the grammies watch him for a few hours so we can go to a nice restaurant or something of that nature.

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  1. what type of float thing is that?? i think my little one would love it

  2. What a neat floatie! Is his bottom touching the tub or does he actually float? I bet he loved it, I miss him again already! =)

  3. Wow, I have never seen such a contraption! What is it called and where can I get one for Max? That's so great he loved it too!

  4. What a neat bath toy!! What exatly is it and where did you find it? He looks sooo cute!! Happy Early wedding anniversary!!

  5. That floaty is SO cool. I want to know where you got it... I might need to get one of those for Brayden, since it looks like the parent tot swim classes are held off until the spring.


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