Friday, October 9, 2009

lil Art Beast

So I gotta little brave today and let Landon try something I have never let him do. Paint! Im not crazy I swear. Hes so into grabbing things right now I thought this might be fun for him.
I squirted the paint out onto the tray but since all the daycare kids were gathered around he was just laughing at them and didnt pay any attention to the paint. He even set his hand down and didn't notice it was in paint.......

....then the discovery had been made. The lil boy was a painten' He pushed his fingers back and forth in the paint, mixing colors. He studied the mystery paint and was fascinated, he then pushed his hands all over the place.

He even paused for a second to show me his hands and give me a smirk like thanks mom. I even added more paint and he went straight to the pile so he could wiggle his fingers in it. Im so happy he enjoyed this activity and I will look forward to introducing him to so much more Art.

If only he knew he he had mixed yellow with blue to make green. Until later my lil picasso.

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  1. How much fun!! I bet Brody would love to do this, I may have to just let him:)


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