Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mama Bootcamp 1st Annual Run

Mom, Tell me again why we are up so early?

Today is mommies Mama Bootcamp 5K fun run and it start at 8am. Landon normally wakes between 6am and 6:30am but when the alarm went off at 7am he was still sleeping this morning so not fair. Wish he would have slept in yesterday morning.

We met at the Nimbus Fish hatchery in Folsom we all ran a 5K except for Caprice who ran the 10K. I dressed Landon in a bunting bag with hood, a beanie and he sat in the baby jogger. I wish I had gloves for him. I will need to buy some of those. His poor little fingers were frozen. It was only 65 with a slight breeze but when your running it was even colder. This baby isn't used to that cold of weather.

Daddy runs so much faster then us so he passed us up on the return so I passed Landon off to him to take him to the finish line.

Darvi and I finished shortly after.

Uncle Jason came to cheer us on!

All of us ladies and my hubby after the race. The lady with the whistle is my trainer at Mama Bootcamp that I attend once a week. I am in my 8th week of Bootcamp and at my 6 week body fat testing I lost 9% body fat and a total of 22.5 inches. Losing the most around my waist at 6.5 inches. I cant wait to see what the next 4 weeks brings.

Afterwards we walked over to the Fish hatchery to feed the fish. It isn't quite salmon season for another few weeks so there were no fish jumping up the salmon ladder. We did look at the pins in the front , each pin had hundreds of rainbow trout the same size as my hand. Landon was just staring at them like he couldn't quite figure out what was moving under there. He was very interested in the water at the end that dumped over to this area that recycled it. He loves the movement of water.
We all went out to breakfast at IHOP then to the Spirit Halloween store to see what I will be for Halloween. I still cant decide. Daddy, Bella and Landon already have their outfits but I dont have any idea what to be.

Have a great rest of the weekend, were off to the Inlaws for Sunday dinner.

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