Friday, October 16, 2009

MNO: Moms Night Out at Petroglyph

Surprise Lil buddy your getting a babysitter!
As happy as Landon is in this picture he is completely unaware that I am going out, without him. I met up with my moms group for dinner tonight at Dos Coyotes. We chatted about fertility, pregnancies, babies, and surrogacy and I devoured the most delicious Smoked Apple Chicken Quesadilla with a maple creme dip. Oh my goodness it was so delicious.

I got Landon dressed in this size 6-12 mo outfit. I cannot believe he fits in this size already. The shirt fit perfectly and the pants length is just right but if he didn't have all that junk in his trunk meaning his thick ol' cloth diaper butt these pants would be around his ankles. Caprice bought him this outfit last October so I dressed him up tonight while she was watching him for me. I always get nervous having people watch him for me in the evening, not because I don't trust them but because I'm scared he will be fussy. I feel bad when that they cant calm him down but I heard he did great though. Landon is into this new rocking thing so its getting easier to get him to sleep without breastfeeding.

Daddy drove him over to Uncles house for me since its on the way to his soccer game. Uncle and Caprice were going out to dinner to meet some friends so Landon got to tag along. I heard he made it through most of the meal without fussing but I plan to ask Caprice since I got the relay message from Ryan when he picked up the baby. Some how Landon managed to only take an hour nap this morning at 8:30am and another nap for a half hour at 1pm. When he normally takes 3-4 naps a day and one the afternoon nap is at least 2 hours. I figured it would be a recipe for disaster if he got too tired.

After my dinner with the girls we walked over to a studio that you can choose pottery and paint it yourself. They will dry it in their kiln for you to pick up in a couple of days.

I chose this small salad plate and turned it into a plate for Landon to use later. After they are fired they are dishwasher and microwave safe. I thought these carrots were so cute, and who wouldn't want to eat off a plate with your name on it.

Below is my finished piece, I added white accents to the letters and used a tooth brush to freckle the plate with orange paint. The colors will turn out alot darker when they come out of the kiln. The plate was painted in a pale yellow, with bright orange and the leaves in a green color called leaf. I want to go back and make him another plate with peas in a pod or matching cup or something.
At 9pm Ryan called to let me know Landon was asleep and that he had just woken up. Caprice rocked was able to rock him back to sleep though!! I did have to get home so I could nurse him in case he got fussy but he never did. Ryan brought him in sleeping on his shoulder and he didn't even move when he put him in the crib. So I ended up pumping which is not the same. I get little out when I pump but alot when I nurse. I wish I knew a secret on how to that. I know Landon drink over 4 oz on one side when he nurses but when I pump I get only 1 oz from each side. I wont be able to leave or I wont want to if I have to pump four ties just to make up for my few hours out for an evening.

Thanks lil buddy for letting Momma have her first Girls Night Out. Love you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. I have the opposite problem with feedings. Kamryn will not latch on - even the lactation consultant could not get her I pump....every 3 hours for 7 weeks now, I pump! I get 3oz on each side for 10 minutes of pumping (I have a double Medela pump)

    How long do you do it?

    I pray & wish that she would just nurse, but until then....I pump. (moo)

    Cute outfit by the way, Landon is so ADORABLE!!!

  2. pumping is an art, I am convinced. At first, I only got about what you get... but then I started hanging clothes Brayden had worn around my neck, and pumping for a FULL 20 minutes, and now my body pumps like clockwork.


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