Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Farm Tour

Yesterday we had a fabulous day at the the Pumpkin Farm with the daycare kiddos. This was my first year having a baby and watching kids so parents helped me out tremendously. I think Landon had a great time. At least I sure hope so. I know I had fun propping him up around the pumpkin farm as I tried to document everything as his first trip to the pumpkin farm.

Landon rode on his first ride, a train that takes you around the pumpkin farm through a tunnel and right through the scarecrows. As we rode by I snapped a photo really quick and noticed there wasn't a ribbon on it. So we didn't win anything for our Frosty the Snowcrow scarecrow.

We then went to Mother Gooses story time and watched the pig races, they were adorable. Landon was still going strong with no nap. We sat down to feed the kids their sack lunches and I nursed Landon for all of 5 minutes and he was passed out. I think he gets so visually overstimulated by all that he sees. His hands get going and his feet start kicking and eyes are bugging and he laughs to the point that he needs a break. Its easy to spot now and I just need to be aware when hes had enough.

We went to the petting zoo area and I was bummed that Landon was sleeping but he woke up just in time. I was able to let him pet some baby goats and a minature donkey.

ride on a pregnant mommy goat

and see thess newborn baby piggies. So so so Cute!

We boarded a real tractor hayride that dropped us off in a field of pumpkins. They were everywhere, round ones, huge ones, white ones, tall ones, a multitude of pumpkins. I had to get the classic baby in the pumpkin patch field picture.

I picked out a daddy pumpkin, a mommy pumpkin and a baby pumpkin. We then went to an area that had mattresses covered in hay for the kids to jump in. I laid Landon down in the hay and he grabbed to hand fulls of hay and tried stuffing them in his mouth. I cant wait to see what he does when he starts eating.

I picked up a famous pumpkin pie that we will feast on this weekend I just have to pick up some cool whip for us to enjoy it =) We sampled some delicious Apple cider that they make fresh on the farm, it was fantastic.

Since it had been 5 hrs since we arrived it was time to go, it had warmed up outside and my feet were hurting. It was very quiet ride home if you know what I mean, all 5 sleepy children fell asleep quickly.

When we got back the children continued with their naps. We got a knock on the door and to my suprise it was an old daycare child that had moved on to kindergarten. I just love when children come back to visit us, especially when its one of my favorite families.

Daddy came home and wanted to know how Landon liked his first trip to to pumpkin farm so we sat out on the front porch and talked while Landon checked out his first pumpkin. The neighbor stopped by and gave us a whole bag of fresh eggplant she grew and two Indian cucumbers. I think I see some yummy baby food concoctions comon' on.

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  1. How cute. A baby's first is always the BEST thing! Is he sitting up by himself now or are those pumpkins holding him up? Looks like he loved all of it!


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