Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick update

Yesterday Landon and I went to UC Davis Infant Mind and Brain Institute to participate in a study on how Infants brains develop. They were specifically seeing if babies can store objects in memory and if babies can group similar objects in groups.

Then we went to go get me a deep hair conditioning treatment. Having a baby and breastfeeding these last 6 months ha really put a toll on my hair. Its broken off everywhere, and curly!!! Due to it being curly its also frizzy. I wash and style it with the straight iron and *poof* its frizzy a half hour later. I look like I just rolled out of bed.

On Saturday we have Landons 6th month photos and our family photo that will be used for this years Christmas card. My hair better behave itself and not look like it got in a fight with a weed whacker. I so excited because she is bringing his new born and 3 month photos that I ordered. I also ordered two large canvases for the wall and I cant wait to decorate our house with his photos. After infertility this is a huge triumph. You always visit friends houses and they have their child plastered all over in small and large picture frames and something so little like that make you so jealous that you cant or wont have that for yourself. Finally I'm there and we can have family photos and our baby son throughout the house. I feel deeply saddened for my girls still trying to conceive. Holidays are a hard time of the year when you dont know when you will get that positive BFP (BigFatPositive) I pray for the Creamer family today and as they go through their IVF transfer today that they implant and stick today.

After pictures on Saturday hubby and I are going to see Dane Cook Live. We are meeting up with my moms group for drinks then head over to Arco Arena to see him. I have never seen him before but i watched some youtube videos and he is pretty funny. Pablo Francisco is still our favorite comedian though. Hope everyone has a great weekend Happy Friday ya'll.

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  1. I know all about the hair thing!! Pregnancy and breastfeeding really takes a toll on it!!!

    We are getting pictures this weekend too for our Christmas card!!


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