Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Round Two: Bishops Pumpkin Farm with Daddy

Even though I just went to the pumpkin farm the week prior with the daycare I .decided to brave it again. Ryan and I both took a day off to celebrate our anniversary and what better way then to spend a whole day as a family. Our new family of three. We took the baby to Bishops http://www.webpumpkins.com/ Pumpkin Farm, surprisingly this was Ryans first time so it was neat for him to experience it with his child.

We did the petting zoo but only for a small amount a time and we really didn't touch any of the animals because they were all sick and I didn't want us to catch anything.

We did the sunflower labyrinth together which I had no Idea it was even on the farm. They had several types of Sunflowers and there were hundreds with small paths cut throught them. They gave us a pair of clippers and we were able to cut our own sunflowers to take home. I picked three different varieties. (To bad daddy left them in the garage when we got home and they wilted)

At least Landon had a great time touching them. We had to be really careful apparently bees love sunflowers too. I found a place to set him down so we could do a impromptu photo session. Something about the bright colors just makes me happy and cheery. I also cant help but think of the telletubby laughing baby in the sun. HA

Ok I so want the picture below in black and white with just the yellow sunflowers popping out. I think its called a touch of color. I think it would look amazing.
Next we rode the train around the farm. Landon was getting fussy which means lunchtime. We had to wait our turn but once we were seated on the train I started nursing him. The train tooted its horn and we started moving. It took us through a tunnel where it went pitch black Landon jumped out from under my shirt and squeezed my hand in fear. My husband snapped a photo real quick and it just makes me giggle his expression of panic.

There is so much to do at the pumpkin farm but we were so tired and wanted to head home. We found this wagon on the way out and put Landon in it to get some cute photos. He was trying to hug that big pumpkin.

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  1. What adorable picture! He is a cutie!

  2. wow I have been gone so long I cant bekieve how much he has grown! What a doll!!!


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