Friday, October 2, 2009

Show us your Baby Gear

Kelly Over at Kellys Korner is hosting a Show us your life- The best baby gear that saved your life and things that were a waste. Not all babies are the same and they prefer different things but this is what worked for us. Hop over to Kellys blog so you can see what other mommies prefer too.

Things we loved

1) Itzbeen baby Timer -Lifesaver for those slep deprived forst months

2) Miracle baby Swaddle Wrap -Still at 5 months we use this every night

3) Fisher Price Cradle Swing (because it plugs into the wal, requires no batteriesl) -We use this daily still and have one downstairs for morning naps and one in our bedroom incase he wakes up in the middle of the night

4) Boppy Travel Swing- We use this if Landon needs a nap and we have to go to friends houses

5) WubbaNub pacifier -awesome pacifier for this first 2-3 months when they want to suck on a paci but there hands keep knocking out the pacifier or they keep spitting it out (its machine washable too)

6) Sophie the Giraffe - He has loved this toy since he was 2 months old

7) AngelCare Baby Monitor (The best purchase I ever made, could NEVER live without one, this is my top #1 thing I would buy) SIDS is very real and can happen anywhere, anytime even up to their 2nd bday

8) Glider/rocker chair - best place to nurse especially in the middle of the night

9) Breastfriend Nursing Pillow - could never of succesfully nursed in the beginning if it wasnt for this pillow. I took it to the hospital, in the car, the friends houses

10) Medela Pump, Medela Lanolin, Lansinoh Milk storage bags, Must have for nursing moms

11) Dr Browns Glass bottles - The best bottle for your breastmilk

12) Wipes warmer and Cloth wipes - Nothing gets your babies bottom cleaner then a warm cloth wipe and saves the environment by being reusable. Shop hyena cart for cute ones

13) Britax Boulevard - because it has the side impact and rear facing to 35 pounds and forward facing with harness to 65 pounds. I cannot stress enough, keep your baby backwards till they exceed the weight limit. Landon will turn forward when he reaches 36 pounds and I dont care if that is when he is 2, 3 or 4 yrs old.

14) Amber Teething Necklace - It is so cute and appropriate for a boy or a girl. Baby does not actually chew on it but it provides a natural pain reliever when worn against the skin (Check etsy or hyenecart for good deals)

Things we didnt like

1)Boppy Bouncer Seat- only used like 5x when i took a shower and nobody could hold him

2) Chicco KeyFit Car Seat - The worst purchase we made, he hated it and screams in it, its so heavy and it doesnt fit on shopping carts.

3) Lansinoh Lanolin Cream, its to thick and hurts to put on

4) BeBe au late Nursing cover - I was happy that I got one but landon hates it and I hate it because its hot and he and I both sweat under it and I cant see him through the opening at the top

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  1. Completely agree with the Angelcare monitor! I could never live without the comfort it gives me!


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