Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swimava Baby Swim Ring

So many of you asked what is this and where can I get it. Here is the link. I highly suggest to anyone using this that they must stay with the baby 100% of the time it is not a water safety device. We used it again last night and I was kinda worried after the water would go over the top of the tube and then pool around his neck which would put his mouth in water so I kept having to turn it dump the water. So my point is you must be active while they are swimming.

Heres where you can purchase yours. You can also became there Facebook friend to be entered in a monthly drawing. NOTE: that you can only use this on a child up to 20 pounds.


  1. It's kind of funny that they say it's good for 1 to 18 months but there's such a low weight limit. I know of 2 babies (not my own) that are over 16lbs and 2 months old...

  2. The package I have says 0-12 months. Children vary so much. I have a 19 pound 2 yr old in childcare. I think I would more go with the wight limit but I know it would hold more. Its not made here in the US so Im sure there rules are different.


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