Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A day with his Godsister

Man oh man just seems there is no time to blog anymore. Always to much to do but I want to record all his moments. I think I will play catch up on his blog this weekend. Two weeks ago I asked for my Godaughter because we have not seen her in Forever. Landon enjoys being around her. Whenever he is with her, he just smiles. He totally loves Kylee. I have been so busy with the baby that I haven't spent much time with her and the guilt was setting in.

She had on some sparkly sketcher shoes and he was fascinated by them. I totally would put my son in some blinged out converse. Is that wrong of me? He already get called a girl by people. Always saying such a beautiful baby, shes so pretty. I kindly reply yes I think he is too.
Haven't you seen the converse on baby websites or etsy that are all blinged out? They have a black low top pair that has silver and black rhinestones on the toe and its a lil skull and crossbones. Then they have black and white ribbon for the shoelace. Ummm Just had a vision why cant I do this myself? Will have to think about it.

Anyways we had a wonderful day with the Godaughter, we went and had Landon pictures and went to the mall and went and picked out her Halloween costume. She was Alice in wonderland and if we would have had more time I would have made Landon the Mad hatter or Cheshire cat. I asked her next year if she wanted to be Peter pan and Wendy or Cowboy and girl. She said Yes. Now all I have to do is drag out my brand new sewing machine that I don't know how to use and play with it. Seems I never have any time for anything. Things I need to do in my spare time. Scrapbook Landons life, make some crafty things on my sewing machine, make a blessing ring for his baby shower cards, plans his 1st birthday, still make a cast of his foot and fist, clean out my closet ok ok I could go on forever. I have no time for any of that I have a baby to bathe and rock and nurse and play with. Its tough being a Super Mom I just want to do it all. If God would just make a pause button then I could get an hour or two of cleaning while the baby is not growing and I wouldn't miss a thing.

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