Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Evening with Dada

on Wednesday evenings I go to an all womans bootcamp and get to leave the house without a baby in hand. While mommy is getting all sweaty and worked the bone daddy gets to care for the baby alone. Landon loves his dad and we can here him express that over and over "hi Dad" "daaaady" "dada, dada, dada" At first I thought it was him practicing and that is probably all it really was at that point. Now I'm pretty sue he knows what hes saying. Ryan can walk in and he lights up and staring saying it.

Landon's Nana is in Maui right now but she sent over this cute Halloween card for him that I will add to his blessing ring. The night before I wanted to make sure daddy knew how to give him a bath by himself. It has become quiet dangerous ordeal. Water plus an active baby is a recipe for a disaster. We need to buy a bath seat but I just didn't want to spend the money for something that we will barely use (or would we use it for awhile?) Anyways I got the idea to grab his bumbo seat and use that hoping it would be easier for daddy to bathe baby.
One naked baby ready for the tub

Into the bumbo seat he goes

He tried to splash but he feet didn't quiet reach, reach he did for his toys that squeaked.

Daddy finished the bath and lotioned, diapered, and red a book to to the baby, before he slipped into bed to have dreams.

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  1. Brody says Dada a lot now too but he said Mama first!!!!

    We have a bath seat and I got it when Brody was around 6 months old and we are still using it and can for awhile, I would invest in one! I found mine at a kids consignment sale!


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