Monday, November 9, 2009

I <3 Avacado or Not!

I decided it was time to offer more then the breast to Landon. I already gave him some mashed banana which he absolutely LOVED! I forgot to take pictures because it was on a whim but I wanted to document the experience with avocado. We finally decided on a highchair and ordered it last week but it wont be in for a few weeks. We decided on the Scandinavian Svan chair because of its durability and the fact it hold a child from 6 months to teen. Its also adjustable so when we are ready to do away with the tray we can adjust to the size of our kitchen table and slide him right up to it. He also can climb in and out on his own which I love. He can fit in as a young boy and when its time for him to sit in a regular chair we can turn into a computer chair or something in his room.
Heres my happy boy watching me cut up the avocado and mash it. He was so excited when he saw I was making him food. He has been grabbing at my plate for over a month and pretending to chew while I am eating.

K, Im ready Landon open your mouth. (Ps your super cute how you try to feed yourself, must be from watching us eat for the last month)

What? you don't like it Landon?

"Mom, please don't feed that to me again. It scares me"

"Seriously Mom , I mean I do not like it, Bring back the bananas and I promise to swallow it"

"See, all gone"

" Bananas are so good and I can do it all by myself."
I have made all of Landons food myself and froze them in freezer Ziploc bags. Its really simple and if you set aside a few hours one day you can make all this up, clean up and have a whole months worth of food at a fraction of the cost. The whole reason I decided to make my baby food was because of all of the preservatives and pesticides in packaged food. Now days they have organic baby food in jars which is a huge convenience but when I have other children in my childcare if I were to feed them jars it would cost me a few dollars a day so I make my own to feed to 4 babies at a time and I imagine I spend less then .50cents a day.

For Documentation Purposes

Oct 26 - Bananas
Oct 28 - Avocado
Oct 30 - Pumpkin
Nov 2 - Pears
Nov 3 - Apples
Nov 7 - Peaches
TBA - Mango
TBA- Nectarines
TBA - Plums
TBA -Prunes

Oct 30 - Green Beans
Nov 1 - Sweet Potato
Nov 2 - Carrots
Nov 3 - Squash ( Butternut & Acorn)
Nov 4 - Cauliflower
Nov 5 - Peas
Nov 9 - Zucchini
Oct 29 - Rice
Nov 4 - Oatmeal
TBA -Barley
After 8 months-Buckwheat
After 8 months-Flax
After 8 Months-Millet
After 8 Months-Pasta
After 8 Months-Quinoa
After 8 Months-Kamut
After 8 Months-Wheat Germ

So far he has loved everything I have given with the exception to avocado and rice. (You can even make your own rice and oatmeal cereal) I tried Avocado again last night and he loved it so it must have been the texture at first. I didn't do the 3, 5, or even the 7 day wait with any of his foods because neither my husband nor I have allergies on either side of the family. He was not born early and we waited till 6 months. No allergies so far. I am waiting till 8 months to start dairy ans for some other types of fruit and veggies and also some other grains.

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  1. I make my own baby food too and I have to agree, it's SO easy! Brayden hated avacado too :( I love it though, so I just ate what he refused to eat..hahah!


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