Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Months you are

This by far is my favorite month. I love all the things you can do and I love spending every single minute with you. I had you to myself for a week and half during Christmas break and oh what I wouldn't kill to be a stay at home mommy and care for you everyday without any other children around. I know you love your friends though so no worries its about completely impossible that Mommy would ever be able to stay home with you.
K time for your 8 month picture. Don't you stand up there. I need to get your picture sitting in the basket.
Ummmm young Man I said Don't stand up. K, now sit down for mommy so I cant get just 1 picture , pleaseeeeee.

Oh, Thank you, you sure are a cutie. Mommies sad to pack way this very cute Janie & Jack outfit that has fit you from birth. Its size 3-6 months so it must go. Speaking of that I bought some bins this weekend that I dated 0-6 months and saved everything of Landons so far, just in case I have another boy. If I have a girl next time then I'll part with the clothes and keep all of the things that are unisex. Not that we are thinking of a baby anytime soon. I would have to be completely nuts. I have my hands full at the moment. My goal is to get our debt eliminated so that I can stay home with our 2nd baby and we would probably have to sell our house and move to something smaller to make it all possible. I'm fine with that but for the moment I'm completely blessed having a full daycare and spending my days at home. I actually just finished my 2nd part of Accreditation and awaiting a visit from an observer. This will make my daycare Nationally Accredited meaning I meet the most highest quality standards in all areas. This is much more then licensing requires. This has been a long time goal and it takes anywhere from 2-4 years to reach this status.

I just wanted to update some things so I don't forget

2nd tooth came in bottom right 7.5 months and at 8 months 1 week are now teething again =(

You are climbing everything, you can now climb stairs by crawling and as of today walk up stairs holding onto the side by yourself

Using thumb and fore finger to pick up small objects

You love to throw anything you can get your hands on

You Can throw a ball with accuracy and will sit and play catch and throw for awhile

You love to hold on to mommies fingers and walk

When walking with mommy you love to kick a soccer ball and chase it

You throw and kick with your left leg

You will even pick something up with your right hand and transfer it to your left before you throw it

You crawl so fast ever 3rd or 4th crawl you do this cute leg scoot thing
You like to pull up on everything and will let go and stand for a few seconds and cruise and transfer between objects
You like to shake everything like the cabinet doors, your fisher price house

You love to turn off light switches and if you see one you will lean toward it so I can take you to it.

Responding to "no"

Gets upset when something is taken away from you

Can drink from a cup

Can eat lumpy soft finger foods and eat puffs, banana chunks, rice, blueberries, cheerios

Your vocabulary lists consists of, HI, Mom-Mom, daddy, No no no no, Landon, Uh (you just don't have the Oh sound yet to go with it) and Nana.

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  1. WoW 8 months!! Time flies! CONGRATULATIONS on the accreditation! What a big accomplishment!!

  2. Wow seems like yesterday he was born, he is so cute!!!
    Crystal and Eva


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