Saturday, December 26, 2009

Annual Family Christmas Party & Discipline

This is Madison who happens to be 2 months older then Landon. She was especially interested in him when we arrived at the party. She crawled right up to me while Landon sat in my lap. Landon was equally curious about her that he reached out and slapped her in the face in which she quickly returned one to his face. I was shocked that they both did that. Im pretty sure she wouldn't have hit him if she never got hit first. I mean how do you stop a 7 month old from hitting anyways? So far he has only hit me in the face and pinched and grabbed my face, then last week he started doing it to daddy. I don't want him to hit other children at a playgroup or in my childcare. So far when he hits me I say "OWE that hurts me" and if he does it again I repeat and then put him down. He usually does repeat because when I use a loud voice and say OWE he laughs like its funny and does it again. I do not laugh back so that I don't encourage it. I have not seen this in a young baby like this before only in older infants where they can at least understand No.

Later when I set the babies down together to get some pictures in front of the tree. This time she reached over and pulled his face and shirt and he let out a ughhhhhhhhhh noise because he was not pleased I secretly smiled like Take That Landon. Oh wait Im not supposed to say that outloud. When he hits me really hard I want to hit him back but I cant so Madison is fare size and she took care of it for me. Then I also realized I bet most kids this age are doing this that are around other infants.I had to come to this party alone because Ryan was in Pleasanton at John Maddens house watching football with him. Mr Lucky won a contest at work and got to spend the day hanging out with him watching TV on a HUGE bigscreen, eating and drinking beers. He even got a picture with him and a signed Football. He eventually showed up and Landon squealed when he saw him. I told him go beat up on your daddy this time. Oh just kidding I mean go play with your daddy while I go raid all the food at this party and stuff my face before my new diet workout plan starts in January.

These pics were taken before I took away the pacifier. BUT we quit with that program. 24 hrs with no binky was working fine when we were at home but Ryan and I went out to eat at a restaurant and Landon was cranky and fussy and wanted to go to sleep. I did it I pulled the binky out and gave it to him. He fell asleep and slept on my chest the entire dinner. It was so nice, nice that he slept and it was quiet for the rest of the restaurant but also nice because he slept on my chest the whole time. He NEVER does that. I love love love cuddling with my lil bug.

Not pleased because his Uncle J was making fun of his "tights". I personally love Baby Legs it makes it so easy to change diapers and I think there pretty cute, his uncle didn't think they were manly enough for him. LOL

Ughhhh I heart this moment Daddy caught of the two of us. My heart just swells staring at this photo and realizing I'm the Mom of this amazing little boy that I cherish so much. I hope everyone had a great time with family during Christmas.

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  1. He has gotten so big! He really is a beautiful baby! Tell Uncle J to back off..:-) I LOVE baby legs!! Keep blogging I love seeing Landon grow!!


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