Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye Binky:Day 2

Now that Landon has two teeth we are ready to wean from the Binky. I don't feel like he is ready nor do I want him to give up this bad habit because I think Its cute. He is very very attached to his Binky when he has it but when he doesn't have one he could care less.

I had said I would take it away when he walked, then I said when he got teeth, and then I said when its Christmas break and its just me and him and I'm not busy with daycare. I decided now is the time or I'll keep making excuses. Were at Christmas Break and I'll never get this opportunity again to have my baby alone for a week and half to myself.

Its really not as hard as I would of think it was I'm just sad because I think its cute. I love when he put it in his mouth upside down or when he tries to put it in my mouth and he cracks up.

Last night was the first time to go to sleep without the binky and I layed him down after a half hour he was still screaming. I wasn't sure if he was really tired or not so I got him up and let him play for an hour and tried again. This time he went to sleep within 15 minutes with no Binky, Not to Bad!

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