Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Momma caught a clue

So I wasn't picking up on it. The last few weeks since Landon went from pulling up, barely crawling to crawling, to getting into a sit position to cruising on furniture to letting go and standing on his own. Its been crazy I tell ya. I couldn't be more proud. I'm not worried about him not being my baby or anything like that. I'm happy for his independence his new discoveries as he explores the world from new heights. He has been pushing buttons on toys and trying to figure them out. During these past two weeks he has been very silent and no development in speech whatsoever, even words he has said in the past. His brain was just working on physical and he lost his words for the moment. This week he is back to talking saying "hi" and waving again, still saying Dad, daddy, and dadda. In the midst of all this development, Momma must have missed the signs. The pulling on the right ear while breastfeeding, I just thought it was cute that he started folding his ear in half. Then on Saturday he had his first "up the back" you know what (score for sleeping while daddy took care of this) Then this morning the wiping at the mouth/nose area and the fussiness began and baby becoming more irritated when putting his fingers in his mouth. Only comfort was holding him, which I thought he felt warm to the touch but quick check with the thermometer to tell he did not have a fever. Baby was Teething. I feel so bad for him as he doesnt know why he is hurting and there isnt anything I can do to help him. Where is babies teething necklace I must go put that on him, that is why we bought it, right.

This weekend we have a busy schedule. Friday evening we are going to the festival of lights parade. Saturday I am going to Petroglyph again to paint pottery with some mommies again. Sunday Landon has his 1st gymnastics class and then were going to see Santa at a local boutique store.
If anyone wanna throw me some teething advice I would totally love to hear it. Im planning on throwing some wet washcloths in the fridge for him to chew on for tomorrow.

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