Monday, December 7, 2009

Roseville Tree Lighting Cermony

On Friday I told Landon we were going to take him to see Santa and watch as the city of Roseville lit up their tree. It was so cold Im sure he would have rather stayed inside and played with his toys and friends.

Santa rode in on his firetruck and they lit the hug tree. It just so happened to be around the time of Landons 3rd napof the day. I so dont have that type of child that falls asleep in the stroller or on my shoulder whatsoever. He still HATES riding in the carseat (switching to the Britax has helped) he will fall asleep 90% of the time he rides in the car but never stays asleep when I start unbuckling him. He must have bee extremely tired because he stayed asleep the whole time I go him out of the carseat and even when putting him into the stroller. Heslept about a half hour before a friend of ours woke him up (She reads my blog so she knows who she is) I love love love my stroller I only wish it had more cargo space underneath. The bars prevent it from having any packages down there just small stuff but if your looking for a full size stroller Tetonia is a very nice one.

After waiting about a half an hour in the cold we finally had a turn on santas lap. He has showed some stranger danger to two different men but is okay with most other men. I placed him on Santas lap and he just stared at his big white beard. Didnt smile , didnt cry though. Im sure we could of got a smile if we danced round and been silly but I wanted his true reaction plus I didnt want to hold up the line for this free event.

Happy 1st Christmas,Landon Charles!

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