Saturday, December 5, 2009

Show us your life- Christmas Trees

K here she is not to exciting, but after looking at all the trees over at Kellys Korner blog I am inspired to do something different to my tree next year or shall I say trees with an S, there may be more next year. I'm going to go check out The backyard store, Pottery world and William Glen today to see all of the gorgeous trees. I think I will bring my camera too so I can be inspired or copy I mean for next year. I love Christmas, and I love decorating for it. This year is especially special because of my new lil man in my life.
He hasn't showed much interest in the tree yet. I am sure that a good thing. I held him up in front of it and he just stared at it and then lost interest. It doesn't move or do anything spectacular in his eyes. I cant wait to take him to look at Dovewood Ct and Rocklin neighborhood, and on the hayride through the Antelope Street.

Because my tree is not so exciting to look at I'll show you my sons room. I'm not done decorating it all the way but you can get the idea.

This Christmas quilt hangs behind his door with two trees and a Santa on the floor

Our rocking/glider/reclining chair (which by the way was the best investment we made for his room) I use it during the day to nurse him , at night we read our books in it, daddy uses it to rock him to sleep and again I use it to nurse at 2am, 4am, and 6am. I no longer use the Breast Friend pillow hes just two big for it and we are very comfortable nursing now so I just use my lap and the snowman pillow I turn sideways in the chair to put his head on and we are hands free nursing. The big red bag is new this year I had our name monogrammed on it at Pottery Barn Kids for only $14. I am going to have Ryans dad be Santa this year and he will carry this gift inside the house and leave it under the tree for Landon to have on Christmas morning. I think it will be a fun tradition and for him to know the gift inside is always from Santa.

Heres our nightstand next to the chair, I am going to pick up some snowman stuff to keep on the table. It has a shiny present and snowman gloves right now.

Heres his diaper changer where I placed Santa and his reindeer on. I also added a bayleaf garland to the shelf.

This is the inside of his crib with Soft cotton Christmas sheet and bumper were added with his snowman.

I put a snowman, Santa and his elf above the crib. I am buying some quilt batting today that I am going to lay under the crib and bunch it up around the corners of it to look like snow. I will update a new photo when I am done decorating. Oh I wish I was a kid again I would love to of had my room decorated in Christmas theme. My mom always let me pick out a teeny tiny tree from the farm to put in my room with some decorations on it. I always thought that was so cool.

Here is our new family photo hanging on the wall. I have a million cute frames and prints that I have bought but I never get them into the frame and hung up on the wall. I really need to but I just never find the time or know the perfect place to put them.
Ryan and I have decided to redecorate the house, redoing one room at a time. We are starting with our bedroom/Master bath first and my walk in Closet. It will take us years to redo the whole house but if we tackle each room I think it may be able to get it done in under 3 years HA! All of our projects are huge though like:

Tile the bathroom floor (Getting installed next week)
*Tile the downstairs living room/Kitchen floor
*Extend Patio out front
*Build a pergalo over the patio
*Landscape the back planters in the backyard
*Finish the landscaping in the front
*Create a nice guest bedroom for my mom/god-daughter to stay in
*Redo the kitchen cabinets
*Install Counter tops in Kitchen
*Make use of the 4th bedroom
We want to be able to pay cash for these jobs, so that is the hold up. The fertility costs from last year and the purchase of baby equipment and a new safe car for the family has put us back some to pay for these projects.
I am really trying to reduce our debt and and pack a savings for us just in case. We currently don't have any savings so just this month I started taking everything I deposit and taking 5% of that deposit and putting that into my savings account. It may not be much but it provides some security if we need it in case of job loss or emergency. Ryan and I work close to 60hrs a week each yet we never take a family vacation. I love to spoil my daycare kids but I want to be able to spoil our family too. I feel we work to hard the rest of the year not to have a relaxing vacation.
Other point is I want Ryan and I to make it a point to have weekly date nights also, it help strengthen our marriage in the long run. We get along great but I think he spends a lot of time watching football and on the Xbox in the evenings and I spend a lot of time going to stuff outside the house or on the computer. We may be sitting on the couch next to each other but not talking a lot so I am sure we could both give one of our activities to spend an evening together. That is my New Years wish for us.

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  1. I love Landon's room!! How cute is that!! I would love to decorate Brody's just not have to buy all the stuff, lol! It looks great!! Soo adorable!!

  2. I bought all of my stuff before I was even pregnant, hehehe and I bought it after Chritmas it was 70% off.

  3. Holy moly!!1 Your house looks fantastic! I'm going to decorate this week if I can get to it. Whew - I'm overwhelmed with how wonderful your decorations are.

    That's also an ambitious todo list. Gets me tired just reading it.

    Good luck on your date nights. Its a fabulous idea.


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