Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Nights of Lights

Yet another busy weekend. hopefully this weeks slows down because I do not want to get sick on Christmas. Im hoping to get more sleep and stay in my jammies for the most part of this week. I have Christmas eve through January 4th off. Im excited to see what it feels like to be a stay at home mommy for a week just me and the babe. Daddy has to work New Years day.

Friday night while Ryan was at his company party Landon and I attended a Annual party held by one of my old daycare kids. I cant wait until Landon is older and actually participate. The kids made gingerbread houses, and a birdfeeder. Then I brought my daycare van over and we all loaded in and headed to Rocklin to view Christmas lights.
This is Juliette and Landon. I care for Juliette when she was 5 months old until she was ready for Kindergarten. My first Nanny job and I cant believe she is old enough to help me care for my baby. That makes me feel soooooo old. By the way they are standing in front a train that blows real steam. It was really cool.
It was pretty cold but we all did a good job of bundling up pretty well. This neighborhood has around 200 houses and each is Disney/cartoon themed from classic vintage characters like Tom & Jerry to Alice and Wonderland all the way to newer movies like Cars and Nemo. There was even a Twilight house. I saw the coolest thing one of the Mickey Mouse houses took a large wreath and two smaller wreath and put them together to make a mickey mouse head. I think we might make that next year.

Landon was exhausted by 10:30pm when we got home that he didn't even wake-up when I took him out of the car. It was so nice that we didn't take him right to bed instead we took turns holding him downstairs. Hes such a busy baby that he doesn't really pass out unless hes in his bed and isn't into cuddling because he has so much to do.

Saturday night we headed to Dovewood. We visit this court every year and I love seeing the yards and remembering the themes. We dint visit last year so when we went this year I was excited to see some add ons. It just keeps getting better and better. There was a present made out of Christmas lights complete with a bow that was the size of a house and it had music hooked up to it and the lights on the present danced to the beat of the music it was pretty cool.

This was the only house we took a picture of because our camera battery died.

We went with our friend Travis & Katie and their daughter Emma, and with Damon & Danielle and their daughter Gabby and are expecting another lil girl in April.

Katie and I lagging behind. I didn't want Landon to miss anything. He thought the cars driving through the court were what he was supposed to be looking at.

We have two more neighborhoods to visit still. Very fun tradition I hope Landon will like when he is a little older next year he should be able to point at certain things and vocalize to us when he sees something he likes.

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