Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whose been Naughty & not nice?

I think I know who's been naughty?
That would be Landon. When i was pregnant I shopped around looking for the perfect crib. I finally found it. It was a beautiful convertible Munire crib in Ebony. I ordered it and waited 3 months for it to come in. Daddy and I patiently waited for my Dad to finish painting the room so we could set the crib up. I then waited for a sale at our local baby store so I could buy an organic mattress for his crib (which I received as a gift from my mom last Christmas) I added an organic mattress pad and an organic sheet. I then searched high and low for the perfect crib bedding and went with Wendy Bellisimos Vintage Firetruck theme. My perfect Nursery was complete. Then 7 month later some Perfect little boy of mine grew two teeth and decided that using the crib rail would be the perfect place to put those adorable little choppers to work. I almost cried when I saw it. I knew there was nothing I could do to protect the railing but tell him No and hope that he would not be like a beaver and eat through his crib.
Ive seen the gummy rails before but those are for the skinny cribs. While I was at our local baby store I asked if they had anything for the thick cribs and she said "yes" I was excited I ran back and picked not one but two packages up. One for the front rail where the damage had been done but also for the sides. I wasn't excited about the $22/package price but its better then him ruining his nice crib. He has to keep this bed till he moves out. I have the toddler rail for when he is 2/3 yrs old then he will have a full sized bed for later. He will be the one that has to look at the teeth marks he did when he was a baby. HA He better not tell me he wants a new bed because this momma was thrifty and got one bed to grow with him.

Thank you Trendlab for making these awesome soft railings with drool guards that protect my crib. I think if Santa new that Landon had done this he may have brought him just coal in his stocking. Speaking of stocking I never did find one I liked until the day before Christmas. I had to order it online so I wasn't able to have it for this Christmas but it will be perfect for next year. I'll take a picture when it arrives its pretty cute and it was 70% off wohoo I like me a sale.
Tonight we are going out to eat at Suede Blue for Ryans 31st birthday. I ordered him some really cute stuff from Etsy and cant wait to surprise him tonight.

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  1. Baby K has a Munire crib too. Anyways... omg. I woke up with a stiff neck... I guess I slept on it wrong but I am STILL determined to start P90X ASAP. I will let everyone know how my first time goes!!!!

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