Saturday, January 31, 2009

3D/4D Ultrasound

Yesterday was my birthday party with my family. We are all headed over for a 4D ultrasound to see Landons face for the first time. I totally thought 3D/4D were a waste of money and that I can wait to see him when he is born. (When I got pregnant I thought you had a ultrasound at every Dr Appt, boy could that be any farther then the truth) In my 1st trimester I bought a cute picture frame that has 3 openings in it and says 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester. Well I can't leave the third trimester blank and since it is my 30th birthday, thought we could do something fun that a well rounded belly would enjoy to party it up.

We went to Pregnancy Journey in Natomas because of their large space to accommodate the family and they shoot the image onto the wall so it is enlarged. On the way their we stopped to get me a snickers bar and root beer so he will be awake and active. The whole family was there when we got there and we all piled in the room including Bella. I laid on my own comfortable bed. She squirted the goo on my belly and there he was. You guessed it. Mr was peacefully sleeping with his arm across his face and his hand on top of his head. Guess that sugar did nothing for him. She assured us don't worry we'll wake him up. She pushed and tapped as she tried to manipulate him to wake up. But no luck he just wanted to sleep with his knees curled to his chest. As we scanned him over trying to see past that little arm in his face we noticed he was making a certain gesture with his finger, particularly his middle finger. We all got a chuckle out of that.

Anxiously waiting

Pardon my son for being so rude,
I promise to teach him some manners when he gets out.

His gorgeous face

Confirmed again , All Boy!

What else would a pregnant lady do for her 30th birthday besides an ultrasound. Go eat!Although I would enjoy a chocolate martini on this day I will have to wait till next year to have one. We went to Johnny Garlics for dinner. Ive never been but Guy Fieri from the food Network owns Johnny Garlics as well as Tex Wasabi Grill. Thought it might be pretty good. As I read the menu my eyes were so much bigger then my stomach. We ordered this yummy tortilla cake appetizer and some pita chips. Oh and I cant forget my virgin pina colada, by the time my dinner came I couldn't eat another bite. So I sat and watched everyone else eat and talk.

My mother in law gave me a very nice parenting book and two charms for my pandora bracelet. One 24 k gold pacifier and the other is sterling silver baby bootie with a blue crystal. So precious!
My friend Traci and I went shopping at Michaels and Babies R Us afterwards. We bought a ton of scrapbooking stuff and a very cool video monitor that just came out. Iv'e only got to play around with it for a little bit but the picture on it is amazing. Its called the Sassy Web Watch. Its a color video/sound monitor that family or friends can watch live over the internet. Ryan can check in on his son from work or I can call my mom and point the camera at Landon eating his first food or crawling for the first time. One of the other cool features is it has a night mode so i can see what he is doing at night on the screen in our room. At naptime i can use my laptop to monitor him. As long as it works correctly this should be a really fun toy for us.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 weeks and growing!

Wow a few days of rest made all the difference I feel back to 90% of normal. Just getting over the cold portion of it now which is now mild. Its been two weeks since we took a new belly shot. Time is flying by. Only 89 more days CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Here is acute little Bella cuddled up in my mother-in-laws chair. Since Allie died 3 weeks ago Bella and I have been alot closer. She is spending more time thenthe usual with me. She is getting smarter and responding more to our cues. She also is almost 100% potty trained she has been going to the front door when she needs to go out and has been going potty outside on command. There is serious hope one day that she may be able to wander the house on her own. For now we keep her confined to the same room as us and she must be in her bed or right in our view (like a puppy) By the way Only one more week till my 30th birthday. Anyone ate at Johny Garlics before?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Third Trimester!!

Today is my official first day in the third trimester and I am sick sick. Woke up this weekend with a killer sore throat, then a congested nose, sneezing, burning eyes. Then Sunday evening on the way home from the in-laws I threw up in my new car :( I lost my appetite and only took in sips of water. Ohhhhh the body aches. What is this crazy stuff that we pregnant women cant have meds to make us feel better. Oh Tylenol only helps with my low grade fever and body ache for a short time.

My very sweet husband ran to the store at midnight to buy me cough drops, vicks vapor rub and saline drops. All of which did provide some relief. I never ever get sick. Owning a preschool I have been exposed to everything and resist almost anything exposed to.

I decided to go to the ER Labor unit for some IV fluids since I felt so dehydrated and worse today. They ER was just concerned about the baby and hooked me up to all machines. Again I told them baby is fine I am here because I am not OK and I need fluids and then you can send me home to rest. The girl said she needed to check with my doctor see what he wanted to do. 5 minutes later she appears with a Popsicle and release papers. WHAT! She tells me if I cant keep anything down then I need to suck on Popsicles. Wow so seriously you cant just give me a bag of fluids and send me home. I should have persistent. So basically the visit cost me $100 orange flavored Twin pop that I could have bought from the ice cream man that lives across the street from my house.
Waiting for some FLUIDS!!
So I left and went to the grocery store and bought some ginger ale and some darn Popsicles. Then I went home and rested for the rest of the day. Since Monday was a Holiday last week there was no school. So it was my first day of Monday class and I couldn't miss it. The class is so far back on the campus its a hike just to get there followed by two flights of stairs and then 3 hallways I was breathing so hard by the time I got to class. There was nowhere to sit and the class had around 50 people in it. About a half hour into class I took a swig of water and when I swallowed it, it made me cough and a I got up from my seat and headed out of class just to end of throwing up. I went to the bathroom cleaned up and went back to class prepared to tell the teacher I was gong home when she announced to the class that she wanted us to fill out a information sheet and send the whole class home. Wohoo I like this teacher!
The baby is slightly over two pounds this week and 141/2 inches long. That's amazing to me since some babies are born full term 17 + inches. Today is the most active he has ever been kicking, rolling around and some funky pushing thing that gives me the butterflies. I admit now that I used to be scared to death for him to move but now look forward to it so that I know he is OK. I know there will be a point where I am begging him to stop moving but right now they don't cause any pain and I can still breath because there is plenty of room still in there.
I have a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled for this Saturday for my birthday and can't wait to see his beautiful face. Crossing my fingers that he is awake and active and doesn't have his hands over his face.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion and Bowling

I found it! I purchased my take home out outfit for Little Landon. I think its just perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for. It is a little layette Romper for Janie and Jack with light weight jacket and beanie hat to match. I love that Ryan and I were able to pick it out together and its something we both think is adorable. The jacket and hat were 60% off on their seasonal sale and the romper just came out for their new spring line. My only question to you Mommas is they do not have size Newborn size at Janie and Jack. I want him to wear it home from the hospital I bought the preemie size that goes up to 7 pounds I did buy the hat in the 0-3 month size. I don't want the outfit to swim on him but I don't want the preemie size to be to small and not fit him. What should I do? Should I buy both?

Here is the size chart from their store
PREEMIE Up to 19 Up to 7 lbs 13.5 14 14
0-3 MONTHS 19-23 7-12 lbs 16.5 17 17

It has a sailboat on the chest w/gingham on the collar
The sweetest little jacket with matching hat

Close Up View

On Saturday Ryan and I went to Strikes bowling alley with a large group of friends about 20-25 people. We had a blast and did two rounds of bowling or whatever its called. I did really bad the first round and then when we started the second round they turned on the black lights and had a DJ and strobe lights for glow bowling. This is when the fun started. I bowled really well the second time and got a 122 pretty good for a prego bowler I must say. We had more fun comparing the bowling ball to large belly.

Looks to be the same size

Definelty not the same weight

Cheesy pic of the two of us

With all that loud music Landon started jumping around inside my belly. Uncle Jason wanted to feel him so I called him over and he got to feel Landon kick. Hes only the second person to feel him move. We ended up going home around midnight and climbed into bed watching Cast away as we fell asleep. My very sweet husband asked if I would like to go to breakfast in the morning. Of course I would I started having sore throat but figured it was all the loud talking and singing we were doing. I woke up several times in the middle of the night due to my throat being so difficult to swallow. I was able to stay awake but by 7:30am I woke up and it was aweful. Its sore and scratchy and still hurts to swollow. Ryan ran downstairs for me and made me some really hot Roobios Tea it was just what I needed. For other pregnant mommas it is safe to drink while pregnant. It is a red leaf tea from Africa containg no caffeine. They also make Roobios Chai tea if you fancy that. We did end up going to breakfat and brought Bella with us. I just had to snap this adorable picture of her waiting for us in the car.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to School

Last night was the first day of my very last semester. I will graduate in May with a Child Development and a Liberal Arts Degree. I am crazy but I am taking 10 units this semester. Ok Ok I am a little insane doing this the last part of my pregnancy and birthing a baby during the last three weeks of school BUT I just have to do it. I'll never finish after the baby is born or I'll just keep putting it off. I have been working on this degree for the last ten years and I am just to close to not push myself. This is a huge accomplishment and it will feel so good when I am done. I just recently received my Associate Teaching permit from the California Teaching Credentialing program and after graduating I will be ready to apply for my Master Teacher permit.

My schedule this semester is as follows:
Mon 4:30pm-7:30pm Infant Development
Tues 7:00pm-10:00pm Advanced Culture and Diversity in Childcare
Online Course- Education and care of Infants in a Group setting
Lab - Volunteering 3-6 hrs per week working in the Child development Center

one of the outfits that may be a runner up for a Take Me Home from the Hospital outfit. Isn't it so adorable? I haven't bought it but I really like it. I should check with my mom and see if she could make it since it looks so simple to makeI forgot to show you the pics of the finished crib. On Monday I went to Goores and bought the mattress that I really wanted. They had a huge MLK Day sale and I it was $110 off plus I had a $20 card off. Its a Naturpedic Ultra Organic waterproof mattress. I have been researching crib mattresses since I was just a few months pregnant. This mattress doesn't emit harmful fumes and it does not contain vinyl. It also does not have boric acid for the flame retardant that most mattresses have. Boric acid is used to kill rats by the way. Gross!

I picked up this super cute Fire Truck while I was there, it just happens to match his crib bedding perfectly. I think its super cute I will just have to find a place to put it in the nursery.

I also have been on the hunt for a side table that will go next to my swivel glider. (Which I wont have for at least another 4 weeks) While at Target I saw a cute black one that will match his furniture and it happened to be 40% off.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sweetest Husband

I have the whole day off today and I wanted to get some errands done. The final items for the nursery decor and and a cute coming home from the hospital outfit. My husband had to work but called at a bright and early 8:30am which I was not so thrilled to be woken up on my day off. He asked if he could accompany me to my OB Appt. I was thrilled but I reminded him its one of those in and out boring appointments, but he didn't care he still wanted to go.

On the way to the appointment as I approached the hospital my eyes began to well up. I'm just not ready for this. I never , never thought i would be headed down this journey. As a provider of other children I just never visioned that God would allow me to carry one of his children. I know must women beg for their baby to be born towards the last part of their pregnancy. I just don't want it to end. I know he is safe in there and being well taken care of and I can take him anywhere. BUT its going by to fast I'm not prepared enough, I don't deserve this.

Before I became pregnant every time I heard someone else was pregnant I would cry and cry, ask God why not me I soooooooo want a family. But I began to see that he had a plan for me and I had to be patient. Maybe he forgot though I'm not a patient kind of Gal. In just three short months I will hold this precious child on the outside and I am sure I will wander around thinking that he doesn't belong to me and I need to find his real parents. Then it will sink in ......Ahhhhhhhh this is becoming so real its scary . I'm going to be a Mommy soon!

Oh ya the Dr Appt. He said everything is great. I only gained one pound from my last appointment a month ago. Shocking as I thought more then that, I guess I will have to compare belly shots again. I have no complaints right now, I feel great. So one more appointment in a month then its on to twice a month appointments.

Ryan and I went shopping afterwards and we picked out some outfits for Landon. Well more me picking out and him holding things. I discovered a store called Janie and Jack and it has the most precious classic childrens clothing.

Naartjie Outfits

Childrens Place

Layette Sets from Janie and Jack

Outfit and the cutest shoes Janie and Jack

When I got home I found the very sweetest suprise waiting for me. My husband had ordered flowers to my surprise. He picked an arrangment that had blue Bellla Donnas in it for Landon and wrote the sweetest little note thanking me for take such good care of our son already and that he loves us both. Ok the sweeeeeeeeeeeeetest suprise! I guess I wont even make a funny face at him when he goes to play his Xbox tonight =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Beach Babe...I think not! Ha Although I am carrying a beach ball. Why am I posting this? To publicly embarrass myself, I guess. But hey its my blog I can do what I want. We go to my MIL house every Sunday evening for dinner and after dinner I decided to go in the Hot Tub. On 98 degrees of course, don't want to cook my little egg. Couldn't let this go unoticed this is my first appearance in a swimsuit while pregnant. At least its a cute little hot pink preg-kini. Why does it look like belly button is sticking out in the second picture? It totally is not ...YET! Sorry for the yucky hair color I Sooooooo can't wait to get my hair done on Friday. Just in time for my birthday. Haven't decided on what to do for my 30th birthday. Any ideas what pregnant girl could do?

Tomorrow is MLK Day so that means no work. I have errands to run and an OB appointment. Maybe I will have time to sneak in a prenatal massage over at that one of my super nice nice daycare mom gave to me for Christmas. She also got me a Belly Casting at the smae place. I think I will wait till I am farther along before I get it done though.

Aren't these so adornable?
I am really wanting to make Landon some custom Boutique Overalls and I am just in love with anything sock monkey. It has been really challenging finding cute boy clothes. So far I have picked a lot of cute things at Baby Gap, H & M, and my new favorite store They have the cutest clothes for boys and girl and some Maternity things. They have been having great sales. Nothing I have bought for him yet has been full price. Ever since I knew he was a boy I have been bargain shopping on sale racks, end of season sales. I havent bought anything under 6 months though because I figure if and when I do have a baby shower I will get all the outfits then. Since baby will be born when its hot the stores have only had long sleeved pants outfits.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Only 100 Days Left!

Wow only 100 days to go. Can you believe it? Time has gone by so fast and I am really enjoying this pregnancy and how easy it is. I am 26 weeks on Monday and Landon weighs 2 pounds now. This is so exciting it also means viability if for some chance he came early. I have only one more week till I am in my 3rd trimester according to my doctor. I go in for a check-up on Monday and then I think I start going in more frequently like twice a month from here on out.

Landon has not been moving much the last few days so I went out and bought one of those things that has headphones so you can listen inside the womb. We placed it on my belly and tried different places but could not locate a heartbeat. We could hear very small movements but none that I could actually feel. My employee and Traci got real close and were completely quiet to see if we could try it one more time. As they got real close Landon kicked them right in the face. I laughed and said ok I will take that as he is ok.

Today he is non stop kicking. I rolled over in the middle of the night and there he was rat-a-tat-tat. I grabbed Ryans hand on put it on my belly, he said wow no wonder your not asleep. All day long he kept at it. I begged Ryan to take me to California Pizza Kitchen so I could eat a BBQ pizza. OMG it was so goooooood.

Afterwards we went and picked Allies ashes. I was curious what kind of box they put her her cremations in. Its about the size of a brick and nice wood box sealed with 4 screws. Its very nice I am going to add her pawprint on top of the box with a framed picture sitting next to the box. The only thing that kinda upsets me and made me cry on the way home was on the back they placed a nice sticker that says her name and belonged to the Dorn family but then it says Cremation Day 1/10/09. Eeek Allie died on Sunday the 4th and I dropped her off that day. To think of my precious baby sitting there till Saturday. I know that its just her body but still. I love that crazy dog more then anything.

When Ryan and I got home we watched the movie Step Brothers which was pretty funny. It was nice to just have an evening to sit around and spend time together. I love spending time with just the two of us and I know how precious it is as we won't have alone time like this for awhile. I do want to make sure we get in date nights after Landon is here so we continue to have a strong marriage.

Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Hour Glucose Screening

Since failing my 1 hour glucose test I have been searching the internet and found some interesting information. Women with PCOS almost always fail the glucose tests due to the fact that PCOS is a insulin intolerance problem. So of course I was bound to fail the test. I had to retake the test on Saturday
Here is my 25 week belly from the front.

....and from the side.

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