Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amber teething necklaces...do they really work?

Man I have been fighting off this cold. Its a major head cold. I have been in good spirits until last night when I sniffed in an attempt to clear my nose. When I went to swallow It wouldn't go up and wouldn't go down. I was laying on my back in bed and I panicked and started coughing and my husband came running over to help me get up. I couldn't breathe, it was stuck. I started walking to the bathroom when I realized I needed to throw up. Sorry that was TMI but I felt so much better. I found the list from the doctor to see what I could take. Saline drops *check*, steam from a hot shower *check* none of that stuff works I just need an antihistamine. We scan down the list and there it was Tylenol Cold as long as its not multi-symptom and Sudafed. I beg my husband please please go get me some my head is so congested I hear crackling in my ear and have the sinus pain. Oh sudafed immediately made me feel better and I could breathe I was able to get a full night of sleep it was great.

Speaking of medicine. I recently bought an Amber teething necklace for my future bambino. Apparently this necklace is not for chewing on at all. It is strictly for wearing. When the child wears the amber against there skin it is heated up releasing the oil inside and the skin absorbs it. It is supposed to be a natural healer. I was very excited about it until my mother went on and on telling me its a bunch of garbage and works about the same if you believe in the healing powers of crystal. I finally had to chalk it up with her and just say well its a cute boyish necklace anyways so ever if it doesn't heal my baby he can wear it for looks.

Ours look more like this one
Do any of you use one of these or friends children use one. Do you think they work or have helped your child at all. I don't know anything about real amber but the one I ordered feels almost like plastic I thought there would be some weight to it. I hope I didn't get jipped.
I have been shopping off hyenacart and etsy lately and they have the cutest things for babies and children made by Wahm. Look I just received this personalized with Landon's name on it its very cute. I'm not sure if I will do a pacifier at first because of what I have heard with the confusion to breastfeeding but maybe after we are established I will let him have one. I think babies get bored and they need the oral stimulation and the take it away around 5-6 months.

A couple of people have asked where we got the Adornable car seat cover. Its from http://www.babyblingthingsboutique.com/ I'll share some other things soon and my obsession with cloth diapering and all the cute fluffy things I have bought lately. It's Thursday I am off to our Bradley birth class tonight holy crap now only 59 days left. Oh geesh I am in the oh crap I don't want to give birth mode and I can't do it I'm not that strong of a person panic mode the last week. I just keep telling myself millions and millions of women have done it so I guess I can do it too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

31 Weeks and its moving so quickly.

This week is going to fly by just like the last week did. No more leg cramps though so I have nothing to complain about. Little Landon has been contorting my belly into odd shapes all weekend. Saturday I finally got around to working on our office. Ryan spent most the morning and afternoon assembling a new shelving unit for the office that will hold all of our stuff. We weeded through a million papers and things that we had been saving for garage sales and were almost done but not quite there yet. Its certainly not blog worthy, yet!

On Saturday I went for a prenatal massage and completely enjoyed it. I have to lay on my Left side to start and then switch to my right side. The most embarrassing thing happened. I switched to my right side and she started working on my back and I got this little tickle in the back of my throat. I tried to swallow a few times but it came on stronger and stronger. Then I started to cough, just a little at first then it was got worse. She said do you want me to go get some water I said "yes, please" by the time she came back I was sitting up completely gagging and about to throw up from coughing so hard. She handed me the water and it put the fire out I did one more cough to clear whatever gave me the tickle then I laid back down to finish the massage. I was completely clammy and hot now and covered in sweat. She continued the massage but I just anted to tell her the whole time she could stop as I was not relaxed at all anymore and just laid there thinking about it not happening again. Geeeesh I swear!

Sunday was just a lay in bed day. Ryan went to play disc golf in Navato so he was gone for most of the day. I was planning on finish the office but I needed his muscles so instead I just looked up and researched cloth diapers all day.

I have school Monday and Tuesday evenings, we are going to a Kings game on Wednesday and then Thursday we have our Bradley Birthing class. At least I have this Wednesday off I will be able to sit down and breath for a minute and get some homework done for the week.

Here are some shots of my 31 week belly. 63 days, yes I said 63 days that issssssssssss crazy. I'm going to be a mom in 63 days. Labor fears are kicking in this past week I will probably blog about it sometime soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

TooCute ....New Car Seat Cover

A few weeks ago I ordered a car seat cover monogrammed with Landons name and a matching stroller blanket. It finally came in the mail. It's so scrumptious and soft I just had to share with all of you. I cant wait to put him in there when we leave the hospital.

Omg I just have to tell you yesterday after getting out of the shower I walked past the mirror and noticed I have four stretch marks on my left booty cheek and four on my right. Yes they are super small and light but still, it looks like a kitty cat tried to jump up and it accidentally clawed my butt. HA It doesn't matter anyways I was in a motorcycle accident 10+ years ago so I have scars on my butt and hips so it doesn't bother me one bit I just was surprised I had any at all. If you were one of those lucky mommas who got baby scars all over your stomach I am sorry and in no way making a big deal out of my small butt scratches in anyway. =P

Totally didn't know this but stretch marks are hereditary, so if your mom got them during pregnancy you are most likely to also. My mother didn't get any at all but she also doesn't have this J'Lo booty like I have and I have no idea where I did.

Excited about the rain we have and will have for the next week we need it or its going to be a miserable summer. The news just started talking about a drought for our area and to start conserving water because we didn't nearly get enough rain or snowfall in the mountains this year. One good thing is I am glad we didn't buy a boat like we had hoped to get by this summer. One we didn't have the money because we decided to do IVF which was crazy expensive but not as expensive as I had thought. Just sucks that is the one thing standing between you making a try at having a child. The other is Gods will, its up to him as he has your life all planned out from the day you are born so he knows the exact day we were to conceive our child. I feel like I don't deserve this baby and its not real to me yet. There are so many people who are still trying and haven't conceived yet or conceive and are unable to keep the baby till full term. I keep asking why me? Why am I so lucky? I have told my husband and my mom since I became pregnant that I am tremendously happy BUT I also have those overwhelming feeling that the baby will have complications during birth, SIDS or something we wont find out till the baby is older such as developmental delay, learning disability or autism. Just feel like this can't be SO perfect. I have waited a million years to become a mom and there is only 60 something days left.

I have three baby showers over the next three weekends. I have only been to like 2-3 baby showers in my life. They are super fun. Nobody ever wanted to invite the "girl who cant get pregnant" to their shower so it will be fun to attend and really strange to be, the mother to be. I still am in shock that there will be a baby living here full-time in this house and I cant send it home with one of my daycare families.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leg Cramps ......eeighhhh it hurts!

A couple weeks ago sound asleep at 7am my mom had stayed the night at our house because she was on call for the hospital and we live right by the hospital compared to her house. She snuck in my room to get her jacket. Using my masterful skills of hearing everything while I sleep I woke up instantly. She said bye and started to walk out the door. Out of nowhere I shot up in bed screaming about my leg but no words came out. My panick attack woke up my husband and asked whats wrong. I just kept screaming Aaaaah, ughhhhh, ahhhhh and pointing to my calf. He asked if he could fix it I shook my head yes. He said this will hurt orse just for a second but then will go away. He applied pressure and massage that almost knocked me out but it only lasted a few seconds before the pain got better then went away completely.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to yesterday morning and i had the same pain I had before in my calf muscles. This time it was in both legs. I t was about 6:20 am and my husband was leaving for work I asked super sweet if he would massage it before he left. It felt good wwhile he massaged but it did nothing for the soreness or stiffness in my calfs. Around ten am I called my ob and asked if dehydration or potassium intake had anything to do with it. They really didnt have any suggestions except to stretch them and take a warm bath before bed. I did all of that and still no relief I even took the epson salt bath. Each footstep pulls the muscle and makes me feel like I just ran a few miles then stopped by the gym and did those calf squat things my trainer used to do with me that made it burn so bad. I was even scared to go to bed for fear of having one of the muscle attacks that i had a few weeks ago.

Praying that this only last lasts a few days. It hurts but is minor compared to a million other things that can cause trouble in pregnancy. Just really need my legs I have to walk a little ways when I go to the campus 4 times a week for school plus I am able to sit at work but its alot of up and down and walking here and there, especially when i have to get up and down from the floor so much.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

After ten weeks ...............my chair is finally here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Only 10 Weeks Left.

I had my last monthly OB Appt yesterday and now I am onto every two week appointments. Ahhh the reality is finally setting in I'm going to have a baby. I am 30 weeks 1 day now and only 69 days left. At my appointment my doctor measured me againat 2 weeks ahead, and said will probably go into labor two weeks early. Ahhhhhhh Im really not ready that meansin 8 weeks instead of 10 weeks and thats only 55 days I am in a panick now Im not ready. I still need so much stuff and I need to organize and clean the upstairs of my house. I should start myself a checklist of things to do before baby arrives then I can cross things off. Like right now I havent even packed a a bag or diaper bag for the hospital. I'm not even sure what I need. I've just read on several forums about moms overstuff and they didnt need half the crap they packed.

On Thursday we start our first Bradley Birthing class. The class is 2 hrs long for twelve weeks, obviously I want to be able to take all of them. The lady teaching the class if I like her will be our Doula. I plan on staying home as long as possible and since this is my first baby I not how I will tolerate the pain. Sofar my plan is to start laboring at home. Then call my doctor, doula and my husband to let them know it has started. My husband and Doula will stay with me at my house and help me with the pain. I want to be at home since there is a bathtub. I so wish there were birthing tubs within an hour of here. My Doula will continue to check me till I reach about a 5-6 then we will head to the hospital where I will finish labor. This is all to avoid the long stay that a first time labor in the hospital usually consits of and to avoid evil potosin or anything else they may try to do with me. If I get to the hospital and I need an epidural then I will take it but I would like to try a natural labor.
My reasoning might not be the same as other mothers who want a natural labor. I want to be in charge of my labor I want to know when I am having a contraction and know when I'm ready to push instead of someone telling me I am ready. Now I have never been in labor so this might all fly out the window when I start having contractions. Ha Ha
Interesting thing I read there is a poll they gave women after they gave birth and they said the Top 5 things women said they were scared of when they gave birth was.
1) Being able to tolerate the Pain
2) Embaressment of pooping on the table
3) Fear of having a C-Section
4) Tearing or Episiotimy
5) Epidurals

Week 29 Photos

No Clue where that small bruise came from on my belly. Looks like the same one when I used to have to give shots there. Im sure its due to me mis-guessing my size when I turn or try to sqeeze through somewhere.

Can you see we have a faint line down the middle of my belly now? Everyone says my belly button is going to pop out but Im not so sure. I have a very deep button and although it is pretty non existent right now I'm just not sure it will pop and become an outie but we shall see. Funny but my belly is covered in a really soft white fuzz like a peach. It reminds me of when a brand new newborn is covered with hair.

Not Me Monday !

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

NO I am not finally getting around to posting some birthday pictures, because my birthday was over a week and half ago and I did not pretend to lose the cord to my camera so I didn't have to remember I'm now 30 years old. No not me, I cant be 30 I still get carded for fireworks so it must be someone else.

We started out my birthday with a 4D ultrasound with both sides of our families eager to see our son. I did not already know he was not going to cooperate with us and sleep the entire time. But I did NOT laugh hysterical when the first shot of my sons face was covered by his hand with a balled up fist and pointing with a particular finger at us the entire ultrasound. NOT my son. Iwould never find hte humor in something like that.

I was super surprised though when I seen a car pull up in front of my house to deliver this fruit arrangement from one of my daycare families and I'm telling you I was NOT soooooooooooo stoked that I jumped up and down like a child then ran to the kitchen so I could scarf down as much fruit into my mouth at one time and growl at everyone else for even looking at this 28 week pregnant womans gift. No NOT me I always share and never covet my food.

I received tons of thoughtful gifts from my childcare parents including a Coach keychain, a argyle maternity shirt, a delicious smelling blueberry candle, a Jamba juice card, and a spa treatment gift certificate. I have NOT used the excuse that my office is to cluttered to find my Thank you cards because I always send them out right after I receive such fantastic gifts. No NOT me I am always on top of things and no way would I have such a messy office that I am afraid of falling when I walk into that room. And no way did I take pictures of the mess, so I would be motivated to clean it up and take After pictures to show you guys. And no way did I post it here so I could embarrass myself into cleaning it today on my day off. Nope, NOT me!

And since I did not just show you those pictures I will leave you with a happier picture to the end of my birthday. I did NOT bribe all my kiddos with the Swiss Chocolate Ice cream cake with Reeses Peanut butter inside if they would be good all day and take a picture with me. I would NEVER give sugar to my Daycare kids and bribe them because they always mind me.

Since I did not do a Valentines post I wont even bother telling you I made them Rice Krispy treats for their party but then proceeded to eat the entire pan of them by myself. That would be crazy so I wouldn't tell you that I also coveted a bag of Reeses Peanut butter one of the parents sent for the party. So since I did not do that I won't have to tell you about that either.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vaccines... What to do?

Ian Gromowski 6/25/07 -8/10/07

This is topic all to common. As a childcare provider the children in my care must have shots. Sometimes a parent has come to me and told me they are behind on shots or on a late start schedule with shots. I'm completely OK with this. I also inform the parent that they are lead on to believe that they must get every shot available for their child so they can enroll them in my program and later in school. NOT TRUE. They may sign that they are not giving shots to their child on the back of the state form and that's that. The licensing board also tells me how to remind parents that their child is due for a shot. I don't like this its not my place to keep parents on the states schedule of shots. I think parents know whats best for there babies.
Just as I will know what is best for my baby and our family. So far my choices for our family are as follows. We will be .....
  • Brestfeeding exclusively, when I am at school he will receive pumped milk from a breastflow bottle

  • Cloth Diapering

  • Baby Wearing in a sling or Mei-Tai

  • Although we will NOT be co-sleeping, we will use a Amby bed for his infancy

  • Also chose Organic mattress and sheeting

  • Feeding homemade baby purees after 6 months

  • Choose which vaccines our son will get and also do a delay start

  • Will not give my child unnecessary medicine and will choose the best possible safest way to deal with teething (Amber Teething necklace), fevers, and colds (Homeopathic)

  • Will choose organic/natural toys

  • Use cleaners in the nursery and home that are safe (Vinegar/Water)

  • Having our child face backward in the car for as long as possible (2.5 yrs approx)

  • Trying not to feed any sugar or Junk food

  • Raising a TV free Child, I will let him watch educational programs around 3-4 yrs old but no TV commercials or violent cartoons (Yes even disney movies have bullying, teasing and violence in them)

Now these are choices for our family that I feel best. Your family may do it different and I am OK with that. I don't think any less to anyone for choosing to raise their child differently then I am. I will post more on a different day why some of these issues I feel are important to me. Some I have learned as I studied for my child development degree others because I directly work with children.

Hey who knows maybe someday I may break one of these family rules above and will be writing a "Not Me Monday" posting. Ha would that be silly =P

If you are interested in educating yourself about vaccines you can do the following

Curious who that cute little boy is at the top of my posting then please read the story of Ian. His face and voice need to be heard by all. His parents set up this website to leteveryone know what happened to them in Ian's short 47 days here on Earth. http://iansvoice.org/default.aspx His parents also want to make it clear they are not against vaccines but they do believe in safe education so you know the facts.

I would love to hear from all mommies on this topic. Your advice, your choices on whats best for your family. Any mommies do a delay start on vaccines or chose to not give your child a certian vaccine by choice. Thanks I appreciate anything and everything on this subject even if you have the opposite opinion on this matter.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm still here.......I promise

I know I know I haven't blogged in over a week. What a fast paced week. Nothing spectacular. I'm just bogged down in the day to day tasks. I've had a million things to blog about but just haven't had the time to type or been in the mood to be on the computer. I have pictures to upload and show but can't find my cord to the camera but I promise as soon as I find it i will share the following.

1) My birthday pictures
2) New 29 week belly pictures
3) The spectacular surprise dinner my husband took me on

I'll leave you a little something embarrassing that happened to me. On Monday I got a call from my Healthy Babies program that is through my Cigna Insurance. They ask general questions relating to your health each month and if answer all of them, after delivery you will get reimbursed for your breast pump and your birthing classes. So I was talking to her and she asked how active the baby is and i said Oh I feel him about once every 3 weeks and its more like bubbles then kicking. Although he has kicked but only like four times. She asked when the last time was and I replied about a week or two ago. She asked me to call my OB and let them know. I told her about the 4D ultrasound just two weeks ago and he was fine and I'm not to concerned but they still asked me to come in for a non-stress test. I go down and sign in and wait in the waiting room. During the short time of sitting there Landon starts wailing on my stomach kicking everywhere. I laugh when they call my name and hes still kicking. They hook up the monitor and there he goes pounding my insides. She said can you feel that? I said of course can't you see my stomach moving all over the place? They only monitor a short time and send me back home. I called my husband on the way home and told him I just died of embarrassment because I had just told the Ob that he never moves ever and then he was kicking like crazy while I was there making me sound like a liar. Little Stinker I promise to embarrass him sometime there will be payback. =)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have you heard of See Kai Run?

Ok I just have to post about this really cool company, See Kai Run. It is a shoe company started by a mom in 2004 who wanted comfortable flexible shoes that were also hip and stylish for her son Kai. Not only are they absolutely adorable the footwear meets the American Podiatric Medical Association's rigorous standards for foot health and functionality and has been awarded the APMA's prestigious Seal of Acceptance.

As with most children clothing and shoes they always have cute things for girls but this company also has some awesome urban shoes for boys. I hope to have a few pairs of these as Landon grows older.

My favorite pair are from the all new 2009 line that just came out on Thursday. They are called Ocean and I think they perfect sandle type of shoes that will look perfect with all the shorts Landon will wear in this hot California sun.
You should go check out these shoes. Several of my daycare kiddos have had them.... Hi Nyomi =), and they are some mighty tough shoes. They not only last through all the rigorous play a 2, 3, or 4 yr old could do to them. They stretch as you childs feet grow because they are made with the softest leather making them a shoe they will ear for a long time. http://www.seekairun.com/
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