Friday, May 29, 2009

Provider Awards Appreciation Dinner

Haha Excuse me why I thought my son is one month old I have no clue. He was born on Wednesday and I just assumed it was Wednesday four weeks later so that would make him a month old. He will be a month though on Friday the 29th.

Anyways I brought my son downstairs to meet the daycare children. only about half of them were there by the time I got down stairs. They were so excited to meet them that I had to keep them back so they wouldn't smother him. Landon just stared around at everything and didn't make a peep. He mostly enjoyed bending his neck backwards to stare at me while I talked to everyone. Just like he is in this picture.

Last night I attended a Provider Appreciation Night with a few hundred other providers. I even ran into some other providers I know. Just as the awards were being handed out someone woke up and quietly demanded to nurse. I tried nursing at the table with my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover (which by the way is super hot and stuffy) I kept putting him on but he kept pulling off every ten seconds so after a few minutes I walked out and nursed him in the lobby of Sac State University (Landon mark that down of unusual places I have nursed you, College -check)

Many awards were given out to providers for their dedication and hard work for the past year. Making a commitment to making a difference in childrens education in Family Childcares. Where were we why the awards were being handed out?

Here we are out in the lobby, at least we could still here what was going on.

I did receive this appreciation award. Here I am with my Preschool bridging program model teacher. It has been a joy to get to know her over the past year as she has helped me improve my business by helping me incorporate more Math and Language Activities into my preschool.

When we got home someone was so tired they passed out on daddies chest and was done for the evening. It was nice my husband was able to attend with me and meet someone other crazy women that are just like me who are nuts about educating/raising children. It takes some serious dedication to let 12 children come inside your house each day making sure they are happy, healthy, and learning. Of course theres all the small things like keeping parents happy, providing organic healthy meals, and educational field trips but I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world. I almost miss them so bad that I want to come back to work but I know just how important our time is with Landon right now. Sad I only get 6 weeks with him but I get to take him to work with me while he is young and maybe go with the grandmas when he is older.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Month

Your One Month old Today!! Happy Birthday Day lil one. Here are the things we know about you already.

* You prefer Momma to soothe you when upset

* You prefer to be held especially upright on someones chest

* You prefer to sleep/lay on your tummy
* You can roll your head from side to side and can hold it up for at least 10 seconds

* You like your back and butt patted

* You like your bouncer chair but hate your swing

* You love for people to talk to you
* You laugh hilariously when you sleep

* You grunt continuously demanding to be fed

* You love the boob

* You still sleep all day and all night

* You love sleeping in Mommy & Daddies Bed

* You love staring at anything that is black

* You have an amazingly strong neck

* You love riding in the car but start grunting if we stop at the light

* You have started making small baby sounds and coos

* You love your pacifier but you get really mad when it falls out of your mouth

* You get the hiccups a few times a day every day

* You do not like your feet or your head touched and don't care for kisses yet
* You just discovered the mirror and think that you are hilarious in it

You are becoming a very good eater and no longer fall asleep while eating. Mommy calls you a little piranha because you attack the boob and then make little piggie smacking noises as you eat. You somehow seem to wake up to be fed exactly every two hours on the dot. Your timing is impeccable as you always need to eat when its dinner time and momma has to wait to eat her food. At the moment you are only eating on one side with each feeding. We have adapted well and have already nursed in public several times including Nordstroms Nursing room, in the middle of Sears, on the bleachers at daddies soccer game, at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant and even in BabyGaps bathroom.

We are enjoying cloth diaper you and mommy thinks you are so cute in them. Daddy is actually enjoying cloth diapering to and changes the majority of diapers. I know you have grown around the middle as some of the diapers are becoming snug on you. You still have not grown out of any clothes we have for you despite you looking so huge, you are surprisingly small. At your 3 week check up you weighed 9 pounds 2.5 ounces.

You are spoiled like crazy and have visitors at least every other day to come hold you. Mommy just realized what a blessing this is and has learned to use this time wisely for showers, eating and naps. You love listening to people talk and study their faces by staring and scrunching your eyebrows. You purse you lips and push them out when you are content. You have already had your first haircut and after sleeping your hair will curl at the ends like daddies did when he was little. Your eyes are still blue and we are keeping our fingers crossed that you have mommies blue eyes.

I am sad to see you grow as I will one day lose my baby boy but I am eager to have you grow so we can interact with you more and see your personality.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Eye Color

So people have been looking at my son and telling us Oh he looks just like Mariah. Thats kind of them but that is so untrue. I'm flattered that people are trying to be nice but my son is 100% my husband. We are holding out that he will have my eye color which is a blue/turquoise. When we say this to to people they immediately start looking at his eyes and say oh ya they are blue. They were blue/grey at birth but have turned slightly more blue in the past week(not much) or I am just imagining that they are turning more blue in hopes he gets one of my features. I am getting mixed reviews on the age that they turn there definite color. I have heard by 3 weeks then it was by 12 months and now I am hearing all the way up to 3 yrs old. That is so far away.

When did your babies eyes turn their permanent color??

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Jason

Okeverybody I wanted to let you know that its my Uncle Jason birthday today and I wanted to wish him a Happy Happy Birthday. My mom dressed me up in this onsie and took a million pictures of me so she could frame a picture to give to Jason for his birthday.

You see my daddy spend everynight online playing my uncle at varies games. Right now they are playing Madden at my house. So I had to give the remote back so they could play.

They didn't say anything about talking online though. So if you think you can beat me Uncle Jason let me know. Hes really good and daddy and him shout at the TV and can't hear anything mommy says when there playing.

Ok past my bedtime. Kisses for you Uncle Jason. Love you.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My precious baby boy

I love love love being a Mom I believe God planned it to happen this way. He made me wait to find the perfect mate and waited until we spent the right amount of time together and he allowed us to conceive on our first IVF. Prior to this no matter how ready I thought I was, I wasn't. Landon is 3 weeks already and is patiently laying in the crook of my arms as I type this. He is studying every cm of my face and letting out smiles as we make eye contact. I feel so blessed and lucky to be his Mom.

I mean seriously he is the best baby. He does have his fussy moments but for the most part he is an angel. He trusts me so much to know I will provide for him and he is like a clock and knows just when its time to eat.

On Wednesday we did take Landon to the Doctor to get snipped. My husband and my mom really wanted him to have it done. My mom for medical reasons in which I argued there are none but shes a nurse and yes she has seen infections, and scar tissue from the infections. My husband because he didn't want him teased and because he is. I explained there are lots of things he will still be teased for. I told them both I will allow it but I don't agree with it. The only bonus to having it done is a maintenance free penis but the benefits don't outweigh the pain in my opinion. I would only allow it to be done if he had the lydocaine and the sugar water and both my mom and husband remained with him while it was done and that I could nurse him the second it was over.

I waited in the waiting room and knew it only took 10 minutes of so for the procedure. As soon as I got out there I prayed for the doctor to not make any mistakes and for Landon to have strength. Then I changed my mind I wanted to go in and stop the procedure I went to open the waiting room door to go back to the room and its one of those doors that you have to slide a card through. I waited for someone to exit the door so I could sneak back in and after ten minutes somebody came. I knew it was to late so I waited outside. I could hear my baby crying and soon they opened the door so I could nurse him.

I picked him up off the table and he was red and super sweaty. He wasn't crying after his legs were unstrapped. I immediately nursed him and I looked at my mom and husband and told them it was horrible huh? They both had tears in their eyes and looked pale. I said you wouldn't do it again if you had to do it allover huh? They both didn't answer me. I told them I was mad at myself for not making the right choice and I tried to come in and stop it but couldn't get back here. My husband was completely changed he said it was very traumatic. I told them if we ever have another son IT wont be done, he agreed. I sent my mom out to get Tylenol for him. I have done nothing but hold him and love him for the past two days.

I am writing about it because most people don't believe it hurts, or don't witness it. I'm no better because I allowed it to happen to him but I wanted somebody to hear who still wasn't convinced. The information is out there about why not to do it. People just do it because thats all they know or they think its routine. Theres no reason to do it. My son is ok now but he 100% was in pain and in pain afterwards and slept alot. Diaper changes are not fun I don't like looking at him swollen. I'm not writing this for all the non circ people that have recently started reading my blog to hate me or think bad of my family. I just wanted to tell my story. I still don't agree with it but I chose to do it because I didn't want my family talking about my sons part and talking bad about our family. I wont be doing it again though on future children. Its unnecessary. I would appreciate if I didnt hear anyone saying anything negative about it as I am already beating myself up over it.

How about some happy pictures??
This blanket was made for Landon from his Uncle Jaosns girlfriends daughter. She is in high school and made this blanket and sent it to him all the way from Alaska. Very Sweet !

It's getting close to nap time, Someone is getting very tired!

Yep I knew it, so so sleepy!

I love pictures of baby bits. I am planning on taking some pictures of his hands, feet, ears, lips and printing them in black and white and then putting them together in a collage.

Here is the hat that Holly made him its very funky and it barely fits him but I had to get a picture in it before he outgrew it. It is so cute! Reminds me of Raggedy Andy with the funky red hair sticking out.
Apparently those that have seen pictures of my son and then seen him in person say he looks huge in his pictures but tiny in person. Here is a pic I found to show how small he is. He is so precious and beautiful I love him in every way. I hope that I raise him right and he turns out to be a admirable man some day and makes me proud.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Splish Splash Landon's First Bath

Being overtired coming home from the hospital and recovering from my C-section. I slacked and didn't give Landon a bath for super long. He didn't smell bad and we clean him very well with cloth wipes and wipes solution so I saw no rush in it. Ryan and I wanted him to love water so we did want to make make it wasn't stressful to him. One evening we got all the supplies out. Loaded the tub up with water and scrub-a-dub dub.

Hes not sure what to think of it at first. I've given a ton of kids a bath over the years but never one this small. I do have to say his frog cover up is to blame for the happy bath. I picked this up at Kohl's for like $6.00. You don't have to have one of these you can cut a receiving blanket in half and lay over the baby. It keeps them warm so they don't cry.

Yeah, We loved bathtime. Thank Goodness he loves water and remained silent the whole time throwing out smiles left and right. He didn't even care when we dumped the water over his head. We avoided his ears because I'm not sure if your supposed to get those wet yet. I just seriously can not get over the fact he loves to smile and I could care less what anybody says. Most of them are purposeful when were talking to him. He first smiled at 3 days old maybe 3-4 times that day and then has just smiled daily but now its constant. I do think its funny how he can go from a smiley face to grumpy old man look in 2 seconds.

I debated over getting the white primo tub or getting those new European buckets to bathe baby in where they are submerged and it mimics the womb. Then I saw this pillow and loved it. Its got the bean bag type of pellets inside and its sunken in the middle swaddling them. It has a bar in the back to elevate their head and it hangs to dry out between baths. The best part is baby seem to love it.

All swaddled up in his hoodie towel. Hubby dried him up very good making sure he got all of his wrinkles dried up before we got him dressed.

We passed him to grandma to get in some cuddles after his bath. By the way I love Mustela baby wash it smells so good. Anyone have any ways to help baby acne everyday he wakes up he is a little more and more. Last night I remembered to put brestmilk on his cheeks and it seemed to clear him up but I can see he is still getting more. I know theres no way to completely get rid of it that is him dealing with the hormones of pregnancy.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ewwwww What happened???

This actually happened to us last week but since I am late on posting pictures I am trying to catch up this week. Landon sleeps 3-4hrs at a time at night. He wakes up but if your sleeping really hard you would never hear him. He doesn't cry he makes the silliest grunting sounds. He doesn't ever open his eyes. Then he starts smacking his lips which is my cue to get up. I will grab him from the bassinet and if he isn't poopy I let my husband sleep while I nurse him for 10-15 minutes and then ask my husband to go changes his diaper, swaddles him and puts him back in the bassinet. That way neither of us is up more then 10-15 minutes. If he is poopy we do the opposite I hand him to the hubby right away and he changes and brings him back all fresh and I nurse after and then I swaddle and put him back in the bassinet. The very last feeding which is usually around 5:30am-6:30am I will let him stay in bed with us and he already Loves it. He will sleep till 10am if I let him.

well anyways last week I went to get him up around 6 something in the morning. I put him on to nurse and when I took him off to burp him I saw his eye. At first I laughed because I thought I had squirted breastmilk all over him sometime during the night and it had dried. Then I looked closer and it was yellow. Oh my goodness my poor babies eye is all glued shut. We called the pediatrician and they told us to come in that morning. She told me it was just a clogged tear duct and prescribed some erythamiacin for his eye and to put the goop in four times a day for a week. Yucky that he got a blocked tear duct as I opted not to have the goop put in his eyes at birth because that can cause a blocked duct but we managed to get one anyways. She said it could take a whole year to go away. That's crappy. So far though he only had one morning of bad goopies and then the next day it was mild and we haven't seen any goop since. He still doesn't cry tears yet when he is upset though but I heard that can take up to a couple of months.

Poor baby cant open his eyes but he's still smiling.

After a warm rag and some antibiotic in they eye he feels all better.
Aren't his cute lil baby legs cute on him. There still way to big but I had to try and see if they fit.

Today we go to the new peditrician to talk about cir-cum(cision) and his frenelum getting clipped. I'm scared but I don't know I'll post about it later. I'm very confused about what I want to do right now. I just wish it could be done without causing them pain and I hope they change it one day to be that option. I wish the doctors would become more educated on leaving them intact. I understand both sides and I'm split down the middle. It would easier if he was but theres no reason to cause him unecessary pain. Here I am talking about it and I said I would talk about it later.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I know its a week late but I just found my camera cord. I had a lovely Mothers Day and got to spend it with all of the family. Saturday evening I picked up a brunch from Bel Air for service for 8. My husband got up early and started preparing the brunch before the family arrives.

While daddy made the food I got to dress Landon in his Ralph Lauren outfit from Beth. He looks so adorable in a collared shirt. After he ate his breakfast we went downstairs to join the family.

Great Grandma got to hold him first.
He was checking everyone out and throwing out smiles left and right.
My mom is a nurse and she got called to work right in the middle of brunch. I was sad that she got to miss most of her 1st Mother's day as a Grandmother. She did get to hold him at the end of the day when she got off work though.

This is my MIL I think she is fully enjoying being a Nana despite Landon not wanting to take any more pictures and wanting to get on with a second round of milk.

Nana, Uncle Jason, Caprice (Jasons g/f)

Landon loves his POPS,
and all the silly sounds he makes.

Our new family

Daddy gave mommy This Tiffany & Co necklace on the day I became a mommy. I completely forgot about it but daddy got it out and put in on me for Mothers Day.
My mom and Ryan also gave me this Burberry watch. I love love love it. I never wear watches and Ryan said he would never buy me one again after I wore the Gucci watch he bought for our 1st Anniversary into the bathtub and ruined it. I haven't asked for one at all until I saw this Burberry one and its water resistant to 100 feet.

After everyone left we Daddy , Mommy and new baby all took a nap on the couch. I couldn't imagine having a better Mothers Day I never imagined myself ever having any. It was the best. To be surrounded by the love of family. I think I enjoy watching other hold him more then I enjoy holding him. I'm glad that we could spread our love with other who delight in our special miracle man that we love with great passion.

I hope everyone was able to spend time with their family and had everyone else cook and clean for them for the day.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

1st Soccer Game

Today we packed up and headed off to daddies soccer game. I had time to feed Landon and give him his second bath today in which he loved. I know only two baths well I was scared and didn't know what to do. I didn't want him to hate it. Thank goodness he doesn't. After his bath daddy dried him up while I cleaned up the mess. I'm still not sure if he is old enough to use lotion on so for now I have been putting baby oil on his wrist and ankles for the dry skin newborns get. He just started getting a teeny bit of baby acne but its really really minor at this point. I don't want to irritate it any further. We dressed him in a Naartjie shorts outfit due to it being extremely hot and left for the Soccer game.

Landon slept the entire time and woke up for the last 4 minutes of the game. I just had enough time to change his diaper which I changed right there on the bleachers. Afterwards I wondered if anyone gets weirded out about me doing that. He was laying on his thick blanket and I changed him super fast from start to finish its usually just about 45 seconds. I love using cloth diapers, just unsnap throw in the wet bag and snap on the new one and voila all done........ And I just have to boot they are so stinking cute on his little rump.

We got to see baby Anthony who is only two months old. His mom was the other mom who the Soccer Baby shower was given for. I enjoyed talking to another mommy whose baby is close to Landons age.

Gosh I have a million pictures I want to share of my smiley, giggly, bouncing baby boy but I cannot find the stinken camera cord. I want to share his first bath, first shopping trip, first mothers day and other cute pictures but man oh man I had that cord last week and it just disappeared we had to have put it away somewhere since the house is so clean. As soon as I find it I will do a bunch of blog entries to catch up to where we are currently.

Hope you enjoy your weekend its supposed to get in triple digits here in Sacramento so I think I will be staying indoors mostly. Tomorrow evening we are going to dinner at a friends house which will be lots of fun and so different as we have not gone out as a family yet.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 week appointment

Today my baby had his 2 week appointment and I had my post partum appointment. Landon's birth weight was 8lb 8oz, we visited the doctor at 5 days old for a weight check and he was 7lb 10oz, and now at 15 days old he is 8lb 11oz. Way to grow buddy that must mean my boobie milk is working. He has also grown an inch from 19" to 20" but I'm not sure how accurate that is since we held him down to take these measurements and he wouldn't extend his leg all the way.

Dr Skiles came in and checked him out all over and checked his muscle tone and said everything looked fine. Then she said Ok were ready for shots today and I said NO. She said what do you mean No and I told her was doing the late start vaccines and we would start around 3 months. She said there is no 3 month appointment only a 2 month appointment. I said well hes not starting until them. She said then asked me whats the big deal? I said I don't want to start them now and I've read up on it and were not starting them today. She then explained that the shots weren't a big deal and whatever and then she proceeded to tell me about 6 shots he would get the next appointment including the Hepatitis B shot. All I could think in my head is this Dr is rude and I want out of here right now.

At the 5 day appointment they stuck us in a room next to a baby boy getting cir-cum(sized) I purposely wrote it that way so that I wont get 67 comments about it. This baby screamed at the top of his lungs for twenty five minutes straight I vowed if we did decide to get it done it would not be done at this place. I said there the whole time holding my precious 5 day old baby crying my eyes out and almost puking and the sound of the pain the baby next door was in. What made me the most mad is both the parents sat in the waiting room leaving him there alone with the doctor. =(

The reason I am telling all of this is because I am switching Dr offices I don't feel like I mesh well with the Dr and she seems to have an attitude and I felt like I didn't know what was best for my son when talking with her.

I have also asked her twice to snip the small frenelum under his tongue so he can nurse properly. I had two lactation consultants in the hospital tell me he would nurse better and it wouldn't hurt as much if we had it snipped. I also had a lactation consultant to my house and she agreed that it needs to be snipped as well. When I pointed this out to the Dr she didn't even look in his mouth and told me that babies don't need it to be snipped to nurse or speak and its barbaric. I wanted to tell her no its not what I heard in the next room was barbaric. She also tried to push that on me as well.

Anyways by baby is healthy doing great. He sleeps constantly, wakes up to feed about every two hours sometimes he tries to eat hourly but mommy says no I'm not a pacifier. He sleeps about 3-4 hr stretches at night. He rarely ever cries only when he is hungry or not in the mood for a diaper change. Other then that he is super smiley all the time. He started tracking us with his eyes and making baby noises today.

I'll leave with some more pics of my adorable son.

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