Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random cuteness, Graduation and Recital

Landon is becoming quite a ham. He is always giggling and has this adorable belly laugh that I can not get enough of. He says "ah-goo" and even Hi. Nobody believes me when I say it then they hear him and say he just said Hi. Of course I tell them. I say Hi to him a million times a day and he is mimicking me. My mom bought this adorable onesie with the tie on it, it make him look charming. I am enjoying him so much and think God has blessed me with the most beautiful amazing little boy. I cant wait for him to grow and talk,for now I am enjoying all of his cute tiny~ness.

Friday night we had Preschool Graduation in my backyard. Four awesome little boys graduated from my preschool. Two of them will stay with me next year and two will move on. Super sad to have any child leave your care. I have met so many wonderful families that I know will remain close. I love to keep in touch and hear updates to see how well their doing now.

The four guys in red are the ones who graduated. The ones in yellow are some of the kids who are moving up one year.

After graduation we hurried up and cleaned up the backyard. (Thanks Jenny for all the help) We rushed out the door to my God-daughters Ballet/tap recital. She has stage make-up on for her performance, but doesn't she look beautiful. I'm scared when she gets in high school. I may just have to insist on driving her to school and then get out in my pajamas and bead head and then chase after telling her she forgot her lunch in all hopes that I embarrass her. LOL Anyways it was a great performance and a great highlight was Dominic Sandoval "D-Trix" from So you think you can Dance used to dance at her studio so he comes back each year and performance at the recital. It was a spectacular show with songs done to Daft Punk with glowing black lights and very cool set they set up this year.
Even Landon cheered for Kylee. I figured Landon would do fine since he has been to the movies to see Star Trek and Hangover already which is a hella funny movie by the way. The funniest movie I ever saw. Anyways I figured he would be fine but the music was so loud and the microphone made that screeching sound a few times and a guy behind us kept yelling so Landon would fall asleep and then jump every time something loud happened and he would wake up and cry. Poor baby I had no idea. I ended up cupping my hands over his ears the whole time till he fell asleep all the way.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

Ok I have been so busy I haven't had time to update about our busy lives. I promise I will at least sneak in a few pictures here and there. I'm now back at work, hubby is back at work and I feel like a human pacifier. I wouldn't trade it for a minute. Here's how our fathers day went.

This morning when I got up my husband got baby ready and picked out his clothes. He came in all proud and showed me. He was smiling so big. I just looked at him and was wondering if he was serious. In deed I decided to go on the serious note and said "Oh thank you" that was nice of you. I snapped a picture so I could show you. My husband grabbed a striped onesie and plaid overalls. He could tell I was thinking something. So I asked him why he thought he stripes and plaid went together. He said hes a baby kids are allowed to dress funky. "OH" I said.

Here he is...at least the browns match.

Ok so this being Ryans first fathers day and putting up with my quality shopping as I call it, Ryan has been really frugal over the past few years. I wanted to get him something he really really wanted. He really wants a street bike but we are not getting one of those right now. He has been wanting a new set of golf clubs for I would say four years now. Each time he has mentioned it the last year I said oh maybe for Fathers Day. So saying that all year long he knew he was getting a set. I couldn't just get it like that I love a good surprise. I took him down to the Golf shop and told him due to both of being out of work the last 7 weeks and increased costs of having a second employee that we just cant afford to get him the clubs but we would go ahead and buy him a golf bag from Landon this year and maybe Christmas time when we have some more money we'll get the clubs. I had him try out the clubs he has been talking about anyways so I could know for sure those were the one he wanted. Little did he know I had called ahead and talked to the guy on the phone and told him that to hide a set in the back and to slide my card twice and I'll come back for the clubs that he likes.

Now I just have to figure out how to surprise him. Then I thought of it. I will ask him to go get something for me out of the trunk and the clubs will be inside the bag and he will see it. So I send him out to the car to get my Dad and Grandpas gift and he comes back in with the gifts and he says nothing. Crap! Wait I have another idea. You forgot the other gift I bought my Dad in the trunk. This time he comes in with a smile and says, "damn your good" and asks how I managed to pull that one off.

Daddy very proud of his new clubs but even more proud of his new baby. I had to include a picture of our furbaby on fathers day. Since I had the baby she isn't really my dog anymore. She just loves my husband and follows him everywhere. She is very shaggy right now because I am growing her hair out. She now sports a ponytail but am not able to get her bangs in the pony yet. Unfortunately she had another seizure last week and we took her in to the vet this time. Its been 4 since Landon has been born and we really need to figure out what to do.

Look at how blue Landons eyes are getting? People are saying more and more that he is starting to look like me. I'm excited but also miss that he doesn't look like a copy of my husband anymore because he was such a cute baby and toddler and would love for Landon to look like him at that age. His hair is starting to curl on the edges but I guess we will never find out if it will since I will always keep it short. He already had his 1st haircut at 2 weeks old. Whoever he looks like I think he is simply adornable.

Daddy, Baby and Pops on Fathers Day. Landon way past his bedtime and was not thrilled about being taken out of his car seat for pictures.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Over the /\ /\'s .........to grandmothers house we go

Landon loves to be on the go. In the car, shopping, in the car or walking around. Not to fond of the stroller yet. The above photo is at my in-laws house where we go for our weekly Sunday dinners. I never really have to hold Landon since there is so many people there fighting to hold him. I'm sure that will stop when he gets older though. Grandpa or Pops as Landon will call him loves him a million pieces. Before Ryan and I return to work we visited Pops at his office and went to lunch with him.

We also went and visited my mom this week at her house. Landon had never been up to grandmas house before. She was excited that she finally got to open up her pack n' play. On the way I picked up my God-daughter, and my grandma and Grandpa. They are Landons Great-Grandma and Grandpa which he will call Gamma and Gampa. My mom lives kinda far about 45 minute drive and Landon still holds his breath in the car if he gets upset so I had to bring some people to help. =) When we got there Grandpa BBQ'd some delicious dinner. After we ate we went and visited the horses we have two Tennessee Walkers named Harley and Smidge.

This is Harley, he was very curious about Landon but was slightly spooked by his movements.

When we pulled up the barn. I walked around the car and opened the door to unbuckle Landons car seat and to my surprise he wasn't in it anymore. My 8 yr old God-daughter unbuckled him and picked him up. This gave me a heart attack as I have her seen her hold a baby and she had just met Landon once before in the hospital.

She was very confident and knew exactly how to hold him that I didn't mind and it was actually quite cute.

Grandma talking to him and he was just amazed at her glasses.
Gamma and Gampa (love this photo)

After we came back from visiting the horses,Landon got really fussy so I rocked him for a little bit and he passed out. I tried to put him down but he had a hold of my shirt so hard that he was hanging from it. Grandpa had root beer floats for us so I had to put him down and I figured he could try Grandmas new pack and play.

Is this not the cutest ever on the way home Kylee had to use the binky to soothe Landon and she passed out completely. When I pulled in the garage I found he wiped out hand still on the binky and Landon wide awake staring around. (Reminds me of a brand new mom exhausted with her newborn baby)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Need I say more....
....He's totally adornable!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun filled Weekend

we had an Action packed weekend. Landon I think enjoys getting out of the house and moving. Saturday morning he had his first trip to the movies. We saw Star Trek. Daddies choice of course! I didn't really want to go as I thought it would be boring, but it really wasn't. I actually had some funny parts. We went and ate at Quiznos across the street and then met up with Ryan's brother and girlfriend. I planned to breastfeed Landon right when the movie was to start and knew he would sleep for a good portion.
Little did i know he would eat and then sleep the entire time. He did so good, I covered his ears the whole time because I was worried it might be to loud for his little ears. I think he was fine since he didn't startle even once. He even slept while I put him in his carseat.

We went to a friend (Traci) surprise 30th birthday party. Her husband set up everything and then took her out for a massage while everyone gathered at their house. He was able to pull it off and she had no idea. I think that is so sweet and better then any gift you could receive. Keith and Traci were the other couple we had the baby shower with. We found out Keith (her hubby) hey are wine drinkers and offered hubby and I a glass. I told him how I wish I was a wine drinker and I try hard but I just don't like the taste. We visit Napa often and I taste everything but the only thing I love is champagne and dessert wines. He made me a wine spritzer and I have to say I loved it. I only had one since I'm breastfeeding and I haven't had anything to drink in over a year besides the glass of Cristal Champagne my mother in law toasted with when we brought Landon for his first visit.
The week before Landon saw Anthony but he was cranky because it was time to feed. It will be pretty neat when Landon starts noticing oter babies.
This time Landon got to roll around on the floor with Keith and Traci's baby. This is Anthony he is 3 months old and only a pound heavier then Landon. He is a lot longer and can hold his head much better the Landon but gotta give it to my litte guy he sure was trying.

They were so stinking cute!

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I am really really tired of the No Circ people writing hateful things on my blog. Leave me and my son alone. I made a personal decision for my son, Not yours. No my son is not going to grow up and cry over his penis, he is not going to hate me for it. He will 100% not grow up and commit crimes because he was circumcised. To the rude/crazy/delusional (fill in the blank with any other words I cant say here) person who left me the comment that my son will grow up and commit suicide because he is circumcised. I pray for you. Seriously you must need it if you allowed your brain to think such a hateful thought and then it allowed you to type those words and submit it as a response on a brand new mothers blog. Lucky my husband caught it first. Since he is circumcised himself and certainly survived the suicide attempt he was destined to in life the only thing he learned from this experience is that this why the word hate was invented. People that could tell a new mom such horrible things. Tell you the truth it was all the crazy people who left prior comments on our blog that pushed us to not be like you and circumcise our son.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Eventful Friday

Landon took his first nap in his crib yesterday. I know I know he is on his tummy. Its the only way he will sleep on his own. At night he sleeps on his back because I use the swaddle blanket so he stays asleep. During the day if I am not holding him I let him sleep on his tummy using the Angelcare monitor that will let me know if he stops breathing.

Enough of that he stayed in his crib about 2 hours before I had to wake him to take him to Home Depot. We just had my walk in closet hardwood floored because our naughty yorkie thinks its an OK place to tinkle in the corners when I'm not looking. Now she will just have to use her pee pee pad in our bathroom Yipee! Anyways we ripped out the wire racks that my clothes once hung in and will add in a wood closet system either that we design ourselves or I have one of those closet organizing companies come out and design. We are looking at paint to add some color in there. I want to add a rug and an ottoman and make it look like one of those closets on MTV Cribs without all the space they have, or the designer clothes, or the lounge chair OK it will look nothing like their closets but its wishful thinking. I should ask Kelly to do a Show us wear you live -Closet blog HA! Oh I wish I would have taken a picture before we started it would be amazing I always forget to do that. I need some major shoe storage in there so I need to figure how I can cram all of them in there and still look decent. I just hope my pregnancy feet go back to normal and I get to wear nice shoes again. The swelling in my fingers is almost back to normal yet I still cant slide my wedding ring over my knuckle. I can not wait to wear t again. I had to take it off back during Thanksgiving break as I didn't want to get it stuck on my finger and have to get it sawed off my finger.

Yesterday I finally got my hair done. I wanted something simple that I wouldn't have to keep going in to get touched up or in my case not going in and letting 2-3 inches of roots grow out because I have no time. Its so different I'm not quite sure if l love it yet. Its going to take some getting to used to. What do you think of my new dark doo?

Landon is growing so much that I had to put some of his newborn jammies away and bust out some 3-6 month jammies. My husband does most of the laundry so I blamed him and said you must be shrinking all of his clothes because he certainly is not growing this fast. It probably also doesnt help that he has a big fat cloth diaper butt. He weighed 11 pounds this morning I am hoping our scale is broken. Will double check on his weight at our Dr appt at the end of the month where he will get his first shots. When I was going through his drawer I found these jammies and they are by far my favorite. I want to go out and buy 20 pairs of these new big boy jammies. They were gifted to us but the tag is from Old Navy so I just have to buy his some more when he outgrows the ones he has now.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednessday

Isn't this what all dads do before their soccer game?
(Change diapers in their Soccer Gear)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hold your breath

Now when I say I have a good baby that never cries I really do mean it. The very few times that he has cried he cries so hard he turn bright red sweats profusely and holds his breath, that even when you pick him up he is still holding it. Its kinda scary to watch as you don't know if he will decide to let it go or keep holding it till he passes out.

We never let him cry but this has happened in the four times when we weren't able to pick hi up right away. Once he went to the chiropractor with me and when we drove home he started and I couldn't pullover to pick him up right away eventually I could and the "fit" stopped. The second time I thought I could jump in the shower very quickly but Landon must have known, the third was in the car in our garage. We were getting ready to leave and my husband put sleeping baby in the car and told me he had to run back inside I was standing right outside the car packing things to put in the car when I walked by and saw that he was bright red holding his breath because he had been screaming. We just bought a Acura Tl a few months ago and apparently it is sound proof I didn't hear him and I was standing right there. The fourth and last time he was with my husband in the car. He had to pull over and hold him till he fell asleep in his arms and put him back into the carseat.

I know older babies/toddler will hold their breath for attention but landon is to young for that behavior. I called the doctor today after the incident last night and he said he will check him over at the next appointment and if he holds it for a minute to call 911. Right now its about 20-30 seconds. I really hope it never happens again. The other things that is freaky is his feet will turn purple/blue sometimes 2-3 times a day for no reason. I keep forgetting to take a picture but I will when it happens tomorrow if I have the time. I have a dentist appt and a hair appt to get my 2 inch outgrown roots fixed. I think I will go for a light brown/blonde so i do not have to keep highlighting my hair. I just don't have time being a mom of a newborn.

Ok well I just got Landon to go from this, to this. I better jump in the shower since I look like I have been in bed for 4 days with spit up down my back, dark circles under my eyes and and a rats nest for hair.

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Its been awhile since I posted so I thought I would add some random pics of Landon in the meantime.
Ist Swing ride

Loving anything Argyle he wears

1st trip to the Galleria mall

He slept almost the entire time

Relaxing on the diaper changer

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