Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 Months

We are loven the tummy time.

Today Landon turned 3 months old I will update this tomorrow with all of the new things he does nowand 3 month old pics. We are having his pictures taken with our photographer on Saturday. Im still trying to figure out what to do for the session. Im sure he will be giddy in them I just dont know if we shoud do outside or inside photos. I will take the pictures in the basket and in his big chair this evening.

Alot of people have been asking about his fever. So here is the breakdown. We got up to Day 21 with a fever. We had done a chest x-ray, blood test, uranalysis and check ever nook and cranny of his body. He is completely healthy and we were unable to find anything wrong with him at all. On Day 21 I decided to take him into the ER because he became irritable and fussy which he never is and his fever was .1 higher then when they said he would need to be hospitalized.

The ER doc was unable to see anything wrong with Landon and said the good newsis that we are pass the septic or menigitus stages and that it could one of two things. He either has trouble regulating his thermal heat or it is a reaction to his first set of imunizations. We got his shots on June 29 and first day of fever was July 1st. We visited the Dr the next day and he basically told me he is healthy and to just quit taking his temp so that I dont stress over it. Since that day I havent taken the temp but I know on two occasions he has had a fever. He acts fine and is super happy so Im just going to take this advice and assume he is fine.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Aunt Mack

When we were backin Minnesota we stopped by a very special persons house. This past year we lost my husbands grandfather. I was so hoping my future child would have been able to meet him but we werent even pregnant yet when he passed. This is Maxine his sister. Shes 82 and just as sweet as can be. She loved holding and playing with Landon. This is the best part of having a kid is sharing him with others. It just warms my heart to see family and friends just be delighted at the sight of my son. Landon doesnt mind all the attention either.

Since discovering that landon has the funniest belly laugh on this trip we decided to see if he would do it. He is ticklish on his collarbones and his ribs so far. We have it on the video camera and if I can figure out how to get it on the computer (which shouldnt be to hard) I will share it with you. We are debating if we should send it into americas funniest home videos it is that funny. He is 11 weeks old in the video and just belly laughing so hard you cant help but join in.

This picture was taken by my husband and its his new favorite. He looks so much like a big boy and is flirting with the camera. I swear I want to send it in to a cute baby contest. Im his mom so Im a littlebiased but I swear he would win. He looks so grown not like a little itty bitty 11 week old. After a week of getting to snuggle with him I am just getting the point that I am comfortable being a mom and can relax and enjoy it. I dont have to worry (as much) and I know what Im doing.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Uh-Oh I think Mommy will have to start using the seatbelt everytime we use the swimg. Mr Active Man.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Off we go....

Just a quick little post before we head off to Minnesota for a whole week of fun at the cabin on the lake. Landon's frst time meeting daddies side of the family. Its a Dorn Venture. Im kinda nervous to take baby as we had a scare today he had a fever 4th of July and I took him Monday morning. Dr said as long as he is eating, peeing and isn't fussy to just do tylenol. As per recommendation of Dr we dosed Tylenol I think twice. I didnt want to give him meds if he seemed so comfortable. He has felt warm over the past week but then again babies are slightly warmer then us. Today he just felt really warm so I checked his temp and it was 100.3 What??

Im totally puzzled did he have a temp the last few days and I was ignoring it? I dont know I hope not. I called the Doc as this has been a fever for a whole week now. Dr called back and wanted Landon to have bloodwork done right away and over for a chest x-ray at the imagging center. All of this was told to me at 4pm and they close at 5pm. I called back to talk to nurses to tell them its completely impossible for me to do this as I still have daycare kids that wont pick up till 5:30pm and I could never make it to that place by then. I found out te lab was open till 7pm so I rushed there got bloodwork done in which Landon did marvelous he cried like a half a second and then started smiling. Hes such a sweet boy. We went over to the hospital to the imaging dept. I was worried about him being alone for the chest X-ray and the radiation. We registered at the hospital and then went to imaging. They couldn't find the Dr's orders for the scan so I just went home. I only have 3-4 hrs to pack for Minnesota, eat dinner and give Landon a bath and move all the furniture back to its original place as we had the carpets cleaned today while we were at the pool.

Anyways I really hope my little man is okay. I just talked to the Dr at 10pm tonight and he said if we run into any trouble with Landon to take to an urgent care facility. My gut tells me his fine but theres always the what ifs and I think I read to many peoples blogs and I panic a little. Now I need to go make a copy of my keys for our house sitter and my dog walker while we are away and run to the store for eeeek disposable diapers. I should have posted sooner to get everyone opinion on what diapers works best and dont leak. I have no clue I cloth diapered for like a week when Landon was a newbie and we had to count pee and poo diapers. I will probably be up till 2am tonight and have a flight at 6:30am. Crap I forgot about my shower gotta run. Mommy is always the last one I think of.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Caught Up

Oh thank heavens baby boy slept 5 straight hours last night. Maybe we are going to get back on schedule. I am finding out he is waking up for something to suck on not because he is hungry. Quick paci in the mouth and hes back out for a few hours. Thats awesome. I also found out that I can put him in his pack n play during the day for naps if I swaddle him and he will take a 3-4 hr nap. Without the swaddle I get maybe 20 minutes.

I am getting to fly with a newborn babe so I went out and bought a special bag to put his carseat in when we check it. I didnt want it damaged or dirty. I know I will need to breastfeed upon take off and upon landing. Hopefully he will be great for the 3hour plane flight. I fear being the woman with the screaming kid and everyone pointing at me as I exit the plane. I think he will do fine especially since he loves to be held and there are 5 of us flying together so we can pass him around. Its the 3 hour car ride that I fear for after we land in Minnesota. He doesn't do so well sitting in his carseat for long periods of time. I am still not able to travel alone with him as he hold his breath and turns red as a tomato.

I am listening to my sweet boy lay in his bed talking to his mobile and laughing right now. Its the sweetest sound. Hes 10 weeks old now and I keep asking everyone when will he feel like hes mine. I just feel its to good to be true. I wanted him, prayed for him and shed millions of tears thinking I would never be a mother. Ryan and I becoming parents is the hardest thing to grasp. I feel like I'm asleep in a dream and I will have to give him back somehow. I know its ridiculous but I love this little boy so much and I am honored God chose me to be his mommy. What a lucky little boy he is as well. I have some many plans, goals and ambitions for him. I really thought I would be some sort of time natzie (pretty sure I butchered that spelling)when he was born sticking to a straight schedule. Im probably the opposite I let him nap when he is tired stay up late if hes not.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cuddle Up.....Go to sleep

Sorry I haven't posted in a week but I am soo soo soo sleep deprived. Landon has decided he owns me and controls how much sleep I can acquire at any one time and right now he is going on only letting me have 2 hrs at a time and then cutting me off fully at 5:30am. I think I am walking around half alive right now. I even wonder how I am able to function. Mr Sandman is in full strength my eyes are rolling up inside my head but each time I think I am able to give in my little man begs for me to hold him, cuddle him or exchange "ahhhhh goos" with him.

Just a teaser Landon rolled over on his own last Friday and started batting at toys hung overhead today. Yes I have pics and will post very soon when I get caught up. We leave for vacation soon so I am washing clothes and packing, cleaning the house, and getting ready to travel with a baby.

Cant post without leaving at least one picture

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fantastic 3rd & 4th of July

My poor precious baby has a mild cold. I knew it would happen being around kids and having so many visitors. I just thought it wouldn't be until winter since he strictly breastfed. I thought he would be able to fight anything off. He is a trooper he a dry cough that sounds like he is laughing and sticky boogies. Despite all of that he is smiling and laughing. A part of me also wonders having all of the chemicals from shots if his immune system wasn't tampered with. Last Monday he went in for his first shots and I only allowed them to give him two shots, DTap and HIB. I was only planning on allowing him to have the DTap and the Rotovirus so he would have one shot containing aluminum and one "live virus" but do to going on a plane next week he thought it would be best to do the DTap and the HIB (Influenza) and we could just illuminate the Rotovirus all together. Since he did have two shots both containing alluminum my mom is going to get me drops that clear out toxins in his system from her health food lady.

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to see the baby. I always love watching them with him. They care so much about him. Everytime I email photos to her she prints them on paper and frames them. SO cute!
Last night hubby and I had the pleasure of having a baby free night. My mom and Dad came to my house and watched Landon for the night.Even Murphey the obnoxious labrador came to see Landon and give him sloppy kisses. Hubby and I were beside ourselves what were we to do. I suggested a shower and a uninterrupted nap. He didn't fall for this so well. So we went out to Chevy's for Mexican food. With no baby around giant sign on the table for Fresh Fruit Watermelon margaritas I had one. Not the large size just a regular one and had quite a buzz from it. I had my mom feed him with some frozen milk I had saved but what is the correct thing to do ladies? I had the margarita at 8pm and didn't pump till midnight. Am I supposed to dump that milk or had it been long enough? I fed at the breast at 4am and figured that was fine plus I had pumped everything out. I'm not an expert just trying to do whats best so pipe in if you have any info on that.

I have not left him before and I wasn't reallyanxious or nervous about it like I thought I would be. When I was pregnant I said I would never leave him and everyone could babysit him after he learned to walk. I think at this 9 week old age Im not nervous about it because he is so easy. Feed him, change him, cuddle him and he is a happy kid. When he is older he will be into a lot more adventourous behaviour, thats when I will have to be nervous.

My mom changed him and put him in his jammies and then took him for a walk before bedtime. He loved it. Maybe Ryan and I should do that. Heres my sweet baby giving me the guilt trip for leaving. He also looks content though. He loves all people at this stage so I think he enjoyed it also.
Today we are having family and friends over for a BBQ, going to a fireworks show and then back to the house for our own fireworks. I am overwhelmed by sense of family today and the love I have for them. I love my son with all my heart and don't like to be away from him but I have been struggling to find myself absorbed with the fact he is in my son. Is it the fact that I struggled to get pregnant for years and went through failed attempt prior to IVF. Every single action of our pregnancy was carefully prepared for. I was physically and mentally ready for this baby. I thought I would experience a instand bond with this child. I feel close and enjoy breastfeeding and make sure every decision is in his best interest but feel I am lacking that motherly bond I see so many others have. I think not having actual labor took some of this away for me. I also think I have not spent time praying over my child with God. I feel this empty spot in my life where God is void. Since loosing my home church I have not found another church. I havent put forth the effort and that is my fault. I want Landon to grow up a man of faith.

We went to a large show at the Sunrise Mall. Then back to the house for some smaller fireworks just dady and mommy, Bella and sleeping Landon. Seeee!

Earlier in the day we had a small party for daycare kiddos and lit off some foreworks during the day and swam. He wasnt phased by the loud noises or pops.

The next morning both boys didnt want to get out of bed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

1st Swim

*This part was the weekend before*

It has been so Hot like unbearable hot. I think they said 106!!!!!!! This is just to hot to have a little baby stuck to your chest or at the breast. We had a very fun weekend at a 4 yr old birthday party. All she asked me was to be able to hold my sweet son. See she comes to my daycare but I don't let the kids hold him at school yet because I don't want him to be exposed to many germs before he does receive his shots.

Decked out in a cowprint GoodMama Diaper because it is just to darn Hot in Cali. He has his monkey Wubanub that he doesn't go anywhere without. He also has a puppy one. If his paci falls out he tries to put it back in . Unsuccessfully that is but at least he holds on the monkey so it doesn't fall to the floor and get dirty.

Landon if this is your future I'm scared. heheh j/k He was liking the attention from these two little girls. He loves watching older kids zoom bye him, he will giggle out loud and smile immensely at them. I want him to stay little but cant wait until I can do more things with him.

Here is the special birthday girl who is completely happy to be with him. She is so proud to hold him. She always wants to touch him at daycare and I don't let her so this is a special treat.

Finally after trying on swimtrunks for the first time Landon enters the water with daddy. Just the feet at first. Ok no tears. How about putting him in a little further Daddy.

Thats better. You may think he is staring at the camera but his eyes are on daddies silver beer can on the side of the pool he thought that was very interesting. Lets try laying him in the water.

Ok were ready. Go for it Daddy. There it is one unhappy baby I think we pushed our luck. It may be to cold for baby to experience pool water. We'll have to try out Nanas spa tomorrow where we can set the temp to bath water.

After his ten minutes in the pool he passed out and took an hour nap in my lap. No diaper but I wasnt worried since Landon can go 10hrs at night and not wet his dipe.

My sleeping Angel with his content look. He purses his lips when he is happy. So sweet I could just eat him up.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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