Saturday, August 29, 2009

Im so excited to tell you ....

that I'm 4 months today!

and if you don't come back to read about my 4 month post on Monday I may cry.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fingers and Toes, Toes and Fingers

Landon has been working hard this week on trying to get his fingers and toes in his mouth. Finally this week he mastered it and was able to get that big toe in there. He has been trying for alot longer but with our GoodMama cloth diapers there very bulky and he isn't able to pull his leg all the way up. When he wears his Thirstie Fab Fitted diapers or is naked his legs automatically start bending up to his head.

Once he gets his foot inside of his mouth he usually lets go and tries again but I had to grab my camera fast and get this shot. He began sucking his toe as if it was a thumb, making cutie lil smacking sounds. I'm sure if he was a tad bit more flexible he would have sucked it till he fell asleep.

On Friday night we had a little playdate with Baby Anthony which we haven't seen in about 2 months. The boys looks so different already. Landon was super tired since it was way past his bedtime plus he didn't nap so well that day. I laid him down so I could change his diaper and put his jammies on and I heard Anthonys mom say "He sucks his thumb?" When I looked down I couldn't believe he did have his thumb in his mouth. He even pulled it out for a minute and put it back in. I caught him again today sucking his thumb again. How strange he almost 4 months and starting. I think he has just been lacking the coordination and possibly been wanting to do it for awhile now. I'm kinda mixed on it. I'm glad its a soother he can access himself, we cant loose it and it goes with us wherever we go. He can use it in the middle of the night or while in his crib or car. (Yes we are still having problems in the car) The preschool teacher in me says its gross because hands have so many germs since they are on the floor and touching all surfaces and then directly in the mouth. I don't want my baby getting sick all the time. The other downer is that when he gets older and we want him to stop we cant take it away. Not going to stress over it since hes only done it a few times and he is in love with his paci right now.

Night, night, little guy you look so tired. We still have to get those jammies on though.

Landon 3 months, Anthony 5 months
Cant wait till our next playdate. It was short and past their bedtimes but fun to see the babies together. I really need to get out more and spend time with other mommies. It really is exciting to spend alone time with my son outside the house. Being a Daycare provider during the day and caring for him in the same fashion as a daycare kiddo makes it harder on the bonding process. To be able to only wear one hat, as in the "mommy" hat and can focus on him. During the work week I take on so many hats I am a teacher, taxi driver, chef, janitor, accountant, that Landon in my life can sometimes be shoved to the back burner. Its important for me to make him my most important priority and not let this time slip away from me. He is growing so fast and I don't want to look back and wished I would have slowed down. I am always so busy. I am going to be hiring an another employee so I can work only4 days a week and spend that 5th day of the week as Landons Day. Its going to be hard for him to grow up and have to share his house, his mommy and his toys with everyone that I want him to be able to have his mom to himself at least one of the week. I am also going to see if this new employee could work another day of the week so I can keep up on the cleaning, organizing of the childcare, and keep up on my household duties of deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and doing our laundry. So when the weekend comes it can be family time not do daycare grocery shopping, Sams club, picking up preschool supplies or prepping next weeks preschool projects. Just my thoughts for the moment. Have a great weekend I am taking my daycare kiddos to the circus tomorrow.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help me decide???

I am in need of a high chair for my little guy. We are not starting solids till he turns 6 months which gives me 2 months to find one. I went to our local baby store, Goores. I wasnt all that impressed with what they had.

What do you guys have and use. Tell me if you love your highchair or if you hate it and why. I want one that is fairly simple to clean since I will let him self-feed when he is ready.

will finish this post when I get to my MIL house.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Playdate at the Dorns

This lucky little guy was able to join us the other day. This is Landons Pal Ryan. His mom and I were pregnant at the same time and her due date was a few weeks before mine, but Ryan decided to stay in longer and we forced Landon from his so they are only 5 days part. He is just the sweetest baby. The boys didn't really notice each other that much at first. His mom is one of my daycare parents and his older brother has been in my care for the past year.

Can he stay and play, Mom?

I think neither of them knew they were laying next to another baby. I know at 3 months old Landon might be to young but I swore he was jealous when I was holding another baby. He was extremely fussy the two days I watched Ryan. Hence why he has a paci in most pictures.

Oh what do you know there is somebody here about the same size as me.
Lets see who is bigger, darn we are the same size.

Mom enough with the camera. Put it down and get us some toys right now. I mean please it is a playdate.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Technical difficulties

Still mastering this mom thing and developing a nightly schedule. I still only bathe him once a week eek did I just say that out loud. In my opinion he doesn't get so dirty hes still a newborn, not crawling around yet rarely spits up. Since we use diapers we also use cloth wipes so his butt is getting washed and smells fresh. When I do give him a bath he gets so serious and stares me right in the eyes the whole time as if asking "momma is this OK"He enjoys being naked and will scream after being taken out of the bathtub. He almost always passes out after a bath. We are starting to recognize when he is truly tired. If we don't put him to sleep shortly after then we are prepared for a complete and total meltdown. This usually happens around 7:15-7:30pm. Its like he doesn't know how to soothe himself that he just looses it for a second. K, well its longer then a second around ten to fifteen minutes I feel so bad for him as he holds his breath and turns purple in the face and his lips turn grey. Poor baby! Other then that he is so smiley and giggly at every moment.
In the future I would like to give him a nightly bath, a bedtime story and put him in his crib still awake but drowsy. He doesn't sleep all the way through the night he wakes up twice a night usually around 2-3am and then again around 5-6am. He only breastfeeds for about 10-15 minutes and I put him back in the crib and go back to bed myself. I still consider that pretty much sleeping through the night. It is totally effecting me though I'm crazy tired in the evenings. I would never give up breastfeeding but man oh man a bottle feeding left up to daddy sounds so great. Mommy hood is very overwhelming.

Ok down to what this post is really about. We use the Angelcare Monitor for Landon while he is sleeping. It gives me peace and mind. The other night it went off for about two seconds, it woke me but I was so asleep i said to myself, what was that? A few minutes later same thing happened I went down to his room to check on him. I found him rolled over while swaddled so he was face down against he side of the crib with his face into the bumper. Oh my gosh that is the scariest thing that has happened so far. I ripped the bumpers out of the crib and removed them. I had no idea he could do all that at three months old.

Wrapped all up in my miracle wrap and ready for bed. He cannot sleep without it. When his arms are out he will put his hands above his head and as soon as they start to touch the mattress he does the startle response and opens his eyes and screams in a panic. It is so sad to watch him do the 5-6 times in a minute. So during the day its sleep in the swing and at night it swaddled.

We have to keep his legs out of the pocket now because he is growing so big. After I removed the bumpers he woke up at about 5 am to eat I heard him fussing down the hallway. I went to pick him up and when I peered into the crib he had wiggled the wrap all the way up around his face. Ahhhhhhhhhh I pulled it off quickly and just looked at him thinking are you serious, you are going to give me a heart attack.

So now the question is how do we get baby to sleep through the night without this swaddle?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, everyone pray with me that I can do this.......

Here we go ....what are you waiting around for.....

Wheeeeew I knew I could do it!
First official roll over was 8/2/09 at exactly 3 months old at the Olsons house

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lets go swimming now

Look how cute my baby is. His big smile just lights up my life. Landons cousins in Minnesota gave him these really cool swim trunks and board shirt from baby Gap. When we got home we had to try them out in Nanas Spa. We can set the temp to bathwater temp which is perfect for Landons plus Nanas spa is saltwater and has no chlorine so we don't smell when we get out.

This rubber ducky was from my baby shower and we held onto it so Landon would be able to play with it after he was born. He looked more puzzled by it like "what are you doing in my spa"

I think the best part of being a mom is watching my husband with him. Before we had him he wouldn't hold a little baby. He would hold my older daycare babies but not itty bitty babies. When we came home from the hospital he would ask me what do i do now? Is this OK? What should I do to get him to stop crying? What does he like?
But Now he can read him so well. He can tell when he is going to get fussy or tired. He can tell when putting him down for a nap if we will need to go back in or he will fall asleep in just a few minutes He is such a good daddy and for that I am thankful. When he gets home from work he goes straight to him and picks him up. He plays on the floor with him for a little bit then goes and changes out of his shirt and tie. He takes care of him all evening and then puts him to bed for me.

Feet are still the cool thing around here. I swear he wakes up each morning and looks for those things and then smiles when finds them as if saying There you are again

Oh I am just enjoying this mommy time with him. I love weekends when I get to be with him alone either just him and I or daddy and us. I know one day he wont want me to cuddle with him and kiss him all over his face so I will steal as many as I can now He is finally over the fussing if you kiss him. He still prefers his head and feet not to be touched. Its hard to tell strangers because they always rub his head and then he starts pulling away and and grunting. Then they say oh he must be tired I just want to say stop touching his head he hates it. He still likes to be held by others and lights up when someone talks to him.

After all that swimming he was ready to pass out. Im glad I am able to put him down when he is sleepy but the poor thing startles after about twenty minutes. He will be sleeping sound and then he will throw his arms out and and scream as if he scared himself to death. At nightime we use the miracle blanket which I love I highly highly highly recommend any new parent gets one. Its nothing any other swaddling blanket. They cant get out of it Landon just the past two weeks has manged to escape twice. He is starting to outgrow it now at 3.5 months. I leave his legs out now and really want to start leaving one arm out at a time but I fear I wont get any sleep

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It just occurred to me....

that we haven't used the Bumbo seat for Landon yet. So I went upstairs and pulled it down off the shelf where it has been sitting since before he was born. I picked him up and put him inside it and he fit perfectly. I'm sure his big cloth diaper butt helped him to fill out the seat better but he just looks so big sitting upright.
And just because I'm sure I will get asked. We got the custom sock monkey cover from Just do a search for it she will do any fabric choice for boy or a girl. It has a pocket in the back for transporting toys and two loops in the front for attaching toys to the seat.

He isn't sure just what to do with toys yet He stares t them and then wonders why his hand/fist isn't holding it. Its hilarious to watch him if actually wrap his hand around something then it looks like he trying to figure out how to let go of this object bashing him the face. He does know how to hold onto a blanket and get that to his mouth though He is already preferring a blanket well actually its a small lovie that he likes to hold when he is sleeping.
Hey and what do you know we found the perfect seat where he can sit back and stare at those feet. He looks at them and his brow furrows as if looking oh I have another set of hands down there.
Oh by the way thank you for your responses to my last post. Its good to hear that I still have some readers. It just makes me want to update more and more.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Where did all the people go?

I havent felt like blogging much lately honestly I want to record everything but just havent had the time to write it all down. I do hope to play catch up maybe on the weekend. So many things I want to share like how Landon rolled over ten times last night. I even got it on video but I still dont know how to upload. It seems like nobody reads my blog anymore. Is it true if you read our blog or want to hear more about whats going on let me know your still there. It would make me want to blog more if I knew somebody was reading it.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 month old little model

Ok here it is. Landons 3 month old professional pics. We decided outdoor would be best so we met up with our photographer at the park behind the Fair Oaks Library. It was early so it was a little chilly outside. The prior night Landon didn't sleep well and woke up every 2 hrs to nurse. He awoke finally at 7am and after playing with daddy on floortime I put him in his jumperoo where he bounced and bounced. He is always exhausted after staring at the lights and using his legs. I dressed him and put him in his seat. The entire car ride he was fighting the sleep and finally fell asleep 5 minutes before we arrived at the park. I was thinking oh crap this is going to be a bad photo session. As soon as he saw Sandy and her furry blanket he lighted up and began giggling. When I saw this photo I was just so amazed at her photography skills.

You cant have a session without some nakid photos. He loves to be nakid and giggles when you take his clothes off. He liked it so much he couldnt help but pee on her blanket.

Ok I have always said there are never any photos with me and the baby because I'm always so busy taking care of him or taking pics of him and other people. I was so happy she could capture this photo of the two of us.

So I have been staring at this photo for quite sometime now. I keep saying to myself who does he look like. I have come to the conclusion he is a perfect blend of the two of us.

Heres a more serious pose as he began to tire after awhile, plus it was freezing in the shade with the breeze.

This is daddies favorite pose. He loves to sit up so we tried propping him for a lot of the photos. He was banging his feet and pushing off the inside of the bucket.

He also loves to stand up so we did some photos like that also. I love blurry backgrounds and I think she captured our family so well.

Happy 3 months little guy.
Mommy and daddy couldn't be more proud of you!

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