Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 months Photo Shoot

Yesterday we met with our favorite photographer Sandy Runner. She is amazing every time she shoots us. Here is just a sneak peak of the photo session. We did many other poses also including a family photo which I'm keeping it a secret for now since it will be our families Christmas card. I will post when all my cards have been sent out next month.

Last night we went and saw Dane Cook. He was hilarious! Hubby and I laughed a lot and had fun but I did enjoy picking him up at the end of the night and seeing his little face.

Holy crap how did my son get so big?

My little pageboy, I bet this would look good in Sepia.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick update

Yesterday Landon and I went to UC Davis Infant Mind and Brain Institute to participate in a study on how Infants brains develop. They were specifically seeing if babies can store objects in memory and if babies can group similar objects in groups.

Then we went to go get me a deep hair conditioning treatment. Having a baby and breastfeeding these last 6 months ha really put a toll on my hair. Its broken off everywhere, and curly!!! Due to it being curly its also frizzy. I wash and style it with the straight iron and *poof* its frizzy a half hour later. I look like I just rolled out of bed.

On Saturday we have Landons 6th month photos and our family photo that will be used for this years Christmas card. My hair better behave itself and not look like it got in a fight with a weed whacker. I so excited because she is bringing his new born and 3 month photos that I ordered. I also ordered two large canvases for the wall and I cant wait to decorate our house with his photos. After infertility this is a huge triumph. You always visit friends houses and they have their child plastered all over in small and large picture frames and something so little like that make you so jealous that you cant or wont have that for yourself. Finally I'm there and we can have family photos and our baby son throughout the house. I feel deeply saddened for my girls still trying to conceive. Holidays are a hard time of the year when you dont know when you will get that positive BFP (BigFatPositive) I pray for the Creamer family today and as they go through their IVF transfer today that they implant and stick today.

After pictures on Saturday hubby and I are going to see Dane Cook Live. We are meeting up with my moms group for drinks then head over to Arco Arena to see him. I have never seen him before but i watched some youtube videos and he is pretty funny. Pablo Francisco is still our favorite comedian though. Hope everyone has a great weekend Happy Friday ya'll.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Psst, I love you Pops!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Newborn Cloth Diapers for Sale

All are very Cute Boy prints. All of the items are in Mint Condition with no rips, tears, stains or smells. Very well taken care of only washed in Country Save Detergent. Super absorbant. Has umbilical notch, all working snaps and fits from 3-15 pounds.

Also have Thirstie Cover and ProLite covers in Mint condition Size Preemie and XS

My son was born at 8.8lbs and he fit the preemie covers and wore these home from the hospital and is still cloth diapered full time at 5 1/2 months old. It very easy to cloth diaper your baby from the start. Any questions just ask.

1st Row -Muttaquin Baby
2nd and 3rd Row-Nanipoos
4th Row - Kissaluv and Spooky Kitty Collective

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

No Monkey Business here

I took Landon to the mall for pictures. I wasn't impressed with them. Landon only smiled like once or twice at the beginning of the photo session and then after that his eyes got red with each flash. I think the flash was starting to put him in a trance.

We dressed our little yorkie as a banana but by the time we added Bella to the photo he was just staring at us. No amount of clapping, smiling, or toy squeaking was going to make him smile. Just stares and yawns. Oh well I will just have to take some home photos.

Hubby will hopefully be the man in the yellow hat from Curious George if I can get the outfit together in time. Then we are going to push him to door in the stroller with a paperbag attached to the front that says "Don't feed the animals" What are your kids being for Halloween and what are you doing?

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Friday, October 16, 2009

MNO: Moms Night Out at Petroglyph

Surprise Lil buddy your getting a babysitter!
As happy as Landon is in this picture he is completely unaware that I am going out, without him. I met up with my moms group for dinner tonight at Dos Coyotes. We chatted about fertility, pregnancies, babies, and surrogacy and I devoured the most delicious Smoked Apple Chicken Quesadilla with a maple creme dip. Oh my goodness it was so delicious.

I got Landon dressed in this size 6-12 mo outfit. I cannot believe he fits in this size already. The shirt fit perfectly and the pants length is just right but if he didn't have all that junk in his trunk meaning his thick ol' cloth diaper butt these pants would be around his ankles. Caprice bought him this outfit last October so I dressed him up tonight while she was watching him for me. I always get nervous having people watch him for me in the evening, not because I don't trust them but because I'm scared he will be fussy. I feel bad when that they cant calm him down but I heard he did great though. Landon is into this new rocking thing so its getting easier to get him to sleep without breastfeeding.

Daddy drove him over to Uncles house for me since its on the way to his soccer game. Uncle and Caprice were going out to dinner to meet some friends so Landon got to tag along. I heard he made it through most of the meal without fussing but I plan to ask Caprice since I got the relay message from Ryan when he picked up the baby. Some how Landon managed to only take an hour nap this morning at 8:30am and another nap for a half hour at 1pm. When he normally takes 3-4 naps a day and one the afternoon nap is at least 2 hours. I figured it would be a recipe for disaster if he got too tired.

After my dinner with the girls we walked over to a studio that you can choose pottery and paint it yourself. They will dry it in their kiln for you to pick up in a couple of days.

I chose this small salad plate and turned it into a plate for Landon to use later. After they are fired they are dishwasher and microwave safe. I thought these carrots were so cute, and who wouldn't want to eat off a plate with your name on it.

Below is my finished piece, I added white accents to the letters and used a tooth brush to freckle the plate with orange paint. The colors will turn out alot darker when they come out of the kiln. The plate was painted in a pale yellow, with bright orange and the leaves in a green color called leaf. I want to go back and make him another plate with peas in a pod or matching cup or something.
At 9pm Ryan called to let me know Landon was asleep and that he had just woken up. Caprice rocked was able to rock him back to sleep though!! I did have to get home so I could nurse him in case he got fussy but he never did. Ryan brought him in sleeping on his shoulder and he didn't even move when he put him in the crib. So I ended up pumping which is not the same. I get little out when I pump but alot when I nurse. I wish I knew a secret on how to that. I know Landon drink over 4 oz on one side when he nurses but when I pump I get only 1 oz from each side. I wont be able to leave or I wont want to if I have to pump four ties just to make up for my few hours out for an evening.

Thanks lil buddy for letting Momma have her first Girls Night Out. Love you from the bottom of my heart.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy HAIR?

K I was thumbing through photos and I came across these pictures of my boy less then 2 weeks old. My the hair he had. It was at least an 1" to 2" long and oh so dark. His hair is golden colored blonde nowadays. Its amazing that eyes and hair can change like that on somebody.

I find it hilarious because when Landon came out and I saw him for the first time I stared for a second and then looked at my husband and said he doesn't look like how I thought he would. (Mind you I had lots of things in my system, hehe) Then I asked if he had red hair and my mom and husband both told me no he does not. I argued that I saw red hair. When we brought him home it was dark brown and lots of it.

Now his hair has fallen off, almost completely bald.Yes I shaved his hair but it was just one patch in the back because he looked like a older man who was starting to bald (hair around the back and but nothing up top or the sides) My husband called it the culdesac. His hair is golden blonde, with some bleach blonde hairs. His top curl is still brownish red being as it is part of his original hair. But really I have no idea what color this kids hair is really gonna be. I have heard of eye color changing but this kid has a multicolor hair. Anyone elses kids hair changed like that and may know what color his hair may be?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Round Two: Bishops Pumpkin Farm with Daddy

Even though I just went to the pumpkin farm the week prior with the daycare I .decided to brave it again. Ryan and I both took a day off to celebrate our anniversary and what better way then to spend a whole day as a family. Our new family of three. We took the baby to Bishops Pumpkin Farm, surprisingly this was Ryans first time so it was neat for him to experience it with his child.

We did the petting zoo but only for a small amount a time and we really didn't touch any of the animals because they were all sick and I didn't want us to catch anything.

We did the sunflower labyrinth together which I had no Idea it was even on the farm. They had several types of Sunflowers and there were hundreds with small paths cut throught them. They gave us a pair of clippers and we were able to cut our own sunflowers to take home. I picked three different varieties. (To bad daddy left them in the garage when we got home and they wilted)

At least Landon had a great time touching them. We had to be really careful apparently bees love sunflowers too. I found a place to set him down so we could do a impromptu photo session. Something about the bright colors just makes me happy and cheery. I also cant help but think of the telletubby laughing baby in the sun. HA

Ok I so want the picture below in black and white with just the yellow sunflowers popping out. I think its called a touch of color. I think it would look amazing.
Next we rode the train around the farm. Landon was getting fussy which means lunchtime. We had to wait our turn but once we were seated on the train I started nursing him. The train tooted its horn and we started moving. It took us through a tunnel where it went pitch black Landon jumped out from under my shirt and squeezed my hand in fear. My husband snapped a photo real quick and it just makes me giggle his expression of panic.

There is so much to do at the pumpkin farm but we were so tired and wanted to head home. We found this wagon on the way out and put Landon in it to get some cute photos. He was trying to hug that big pumpkin.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cloth Diapering in Action

In honor of my cute lil pumpkin butt

Im questioned all the time about when we started cloth diapering and what brands and types we have used so I put togethor a little post of pictures. My has my boy grown. We currently use the Thirsties Fab fitted but those diapers have to be changed within a hour and half at the most so I love to use the GoodMamas diapers best because they can last 4 hrs if needed. We use Thirsties, and Kushies covers currently and a few others we are just about to outgrow.

1 week old in a NB Spooky Kitty Collective

2 weeks old in a Newborn Nannipoo

3 weeks old in a Newborn Mutt

4 Weeks Newborn Prefold with Size 1 Snappi
4 Weeks Newborn Prefold with Pins
5 Weeks, Size Small Thirsties Fab Fitted Still fitting at 5 Months
8 Weeks Solid Velour GoodMama Fitted

8 Weeks in a OBV GoodMama Diaper

Size Small Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in Size
Small has worked from birth and still fits at 5 months

Organic Imse Vimse Newborn Cover Still fitting at 5 months
1 Month, in a Wool Covers which is still foreign to me and I choose not to use Cloth Dipes overnight instead use Chlorine Free Full Circle Diapers *Made from Corn

XS Thirsties Cover We are now in Size Small & Medium

Heres how we store them in the top dresser of the drawer.

First two rows is the Fitted Diapers

3rd row is Prefolds and doublers

4th row is Wool and liners

5th row GoodMama fitteds

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