Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our new Fridays

Ryans schedule at work can change every 6 months. When we were just dating he only had Tues and Weds off, and worked till 11pm, it was horrible. Well it was time for shift bid again and Ryan didnt get first choice at weekends. He now has Friday and Saturdays off. He has been super sweet and helping out during daycare on Friday. Now I will finally be able to get those things done like leaves raked up etc. hehehe

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My turtle is turning into a hare

Oh boy oh boy as much as I am so excited to share my news. A part me wonders why my baby isn't staying a baby for long. It seems that each day he is doing something new. Well today he has learned to crawl over to things and then pull up to a stand then "cruise around" and transfer to something close by. I stare in amazement because he is so tiny weighing in at 15 pounds but his strength is that of a toddler. He also crawl forward then return to a sitting position. I sware if he keeps up with this path he may try to walk by Christmas hehe Totally just kidding that like a month and half, then again I dont put anything past this child.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He did it!

We are now officially crawling. I have two videos but still dont know how to add them here. Wishing some awesome reader would tell me how. =)

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Were moving it some more

Landon has been scooten, wiggling, rolling and rocking all over the living room floor. He really loves the bilboa (the green toy he is holding) he is throwing a ball inside it and watching it roll around.
I had to catch his rocking in action. If he is on his tummy he pretty much spends 90% on his knees. He then will push his butt up in the air where his knees are not on the ground. It will be funny if he chooses to monkey crawl instead of traditional crawling. He gets those back legs going but doesn't realize he should move his hands forward. He will reach for thing while in this position but cant simultaneously move both.

Keep moven monkey boy, mommy cant wait till you can crawl.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Going Up!

Wow where have I been. I didnt realize it had been a few since I wrote a blog. It could be due to the fact that my baby is mobile. Where did time go hes sitting, crawling, able to put himself back into the crawling position and pulling to a stand. He actually pulled to a stand about 3 weeks ago for the first time but I forgot er I mean to busy to post it it when it happened. Hes had a few booms since in my opinion is way to young to be doing any of this. I want to tell him slow down whats the rush.
If you set him down in front of anything sturdy he will immedietly pull up in two seconds. In the beginning he would pull right up but didn't realize he had to hold on to anything so we had a few falls.

Once he is up he also didn't realize he could move his legs at all and would stand with them crossed or to close together. He now realizes they can move and will readjust his stance.

He has even started to pretend cruise. He will kick his leg and bounce up and down.
Don't walk to soon son as mommy said the binky will go bye bye when you can walk.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

I <3 Avacado or Not!

I decided it was time to offer more then the breast to Landon. I already gave him some mashed banana which he absolutely LOVED! I forgot to take pictures because it was on a whim but I wanted to document the experience with avocado. We finally decided on a highchair and ordered it last week but it wont be in for a few weeks. We decided on the Scandinavian Svan chair because of its durability and the fact it hold a child from 6 months to teen. Its also adjustable so when we are ready to do away with the tray we can adjust to the size of our kitchen table and slide him right up to it. He also can climb in and out on his own which I love. He can fit in as a young boy and when its time for him to sit in a regular chair we can turn into a computer chair or something in his room.
Heres my happy boy watching me cut up the avocado and mash it. He was so excited when he saw I was making him food. He has been grabbing at my plate for over a month and pretending to chew while I am eating.

K, Im ready Landon open your mouth. (Ps your super cute how you try to feed yourself, must be from watching us eat for the last month)

What? you don't like it Landon?

"Mom, please don't feed that to me again. It scares me"

"Seriously Mom , I mean I do not like it, Bring back the bananas and I promise to swallow it"

"See, all gone"

" Bananas are so good and I can do it all by myself."
I have made all of Landons food myself and froze them in freezer Ziploc bags. Its really simple and if you set aside a few hours one day you can make all this up, clean up and have a whole months worth of food at a fraction of the cost. The whole reason I decided to make my baby food was because of all of the preservatives and pesticides in packaged food. Now days they have organic baby food in jars which is a huge convenience but when I have other children in my childcare if I were to feed them jars it would cost me a few dollars a day so I make my own to feed to 4 babies at a time and I imagine I spend less then .50cents a day.

For Documentation Purposes

Oct 26 - Bananas
Oct 28 - Avocado
Oct 30 - Pumpkin
Nov 2 - Pears
Nov 3 - Apples
Nov 7 - Peaches
TBA - Mango
TBA- Nectarines
TBA - Plums
TBA -Prunes

Oct 30 - Green Beans
Nov 1 - Sweet Potato
Nov 2 - Carrots
Nov 3 - Squash ( Butternut & Acorn)
Nov 4 - Cauliflower
Nov 5 - Peas
Nov 9 - Zucchini
Oct 29 - Rice
Nov 4 - Oatmeal
TBA -Barley
After 8 months-Buckwheat
After 8 months-Flax
After 8 Months-Millet
After 8 Months-Pasta
After 8 Months-Quinoa
After 8 Months-Kamut
After 8 Months-Wheat Germ

So far he has loved everything I have given with the exception to avocado and rice. (You can even make your own rice and oatmeal cereal) I tried Avocado again last night and he loved it so it must have been the texture at first. I didn't do the 3, 5, or even the 7 day wait with any of his foods because neither my husband nor I have allergies on either side of the family. He was not born early and we waited till 6 months. No allergies so far. I am waiting till 8 months to start dairy ans for some other types of fruit and veggies and also some other grains.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Evening with Dada

on Wednesday evenings I go to an all womans bootcamp and get to leave the house without a baby in hand. While mommy is getting all sweaty and worked the bone daddy gets to care for the baby alone. Landon loves his dad and we can here him express that over and over "hi Dad" "daaaady" "dada, dada, dada" At first I thought it was him practicing and that is probably all it really was at that point. Now I'm pretty sue he knows what hes saying. Ryan can walk in and he lights up and staring saying it.

Landon's Nana is in Maui right now but she sent over this cute Halloween card for him that I will add to his blessing ring. The night before I wanted to make sure daddy knew how to give him a bath by himself. It has become quiet dangerous ordeal. Water plus an active baby is a recipe for a disaster. We need to buy a bath seat but I just didn't want to spend the money for something that we will barely use (or would we use it for awhile?) Anyways I got the idea to grab his bumbo seat and use that hoping it would be easier for daddy to bathe baby.
One naked baby ready for the tub

Into the bumbo seat he goes

He tried to splash but he feet didn't quiet reach, reach he did for his toys that squeaked.

Daddy finished the bath and lotioned, diapered, and red a book to to the baby, before he slipped into bed to have dreams.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

All the things you can do at 6 months

When you have a baby everyone tells you it goes by quickly and you look at them with your newborn baby and think of course I know that. But you truly don't know how fast. My baby is 6 months old already thats a half of a year. Even though I spend each and everyday with him I am amazed by all that he can do now. It seems like just overnight he is just doing all new things then he did the previous day.

  • He had his 6th month appt and Landon is 15.6 pounds, which is the 14th% which is down from 50th% that he was previously, he is 26 3/4" which is 75th%.

  • We have decided to postone your 6 month DTaP shot until you are older due to your complications you had with your other two rounds of shots.

  • Your still exclusively breastfed.
  • You can start food now. Bananas will be your 1st, avacado your 2nd ( Mommy is excited about making all your food

  • You can sit independently for 15 minutes or so.

  • You can say Hi, dada, dad, daddy, Landon
  • You have said Mama twice

  • You roll all over the place to get where you need to go

  • You now sleep unswaddled

  • You are tolerating the carseat now

  • You no longer nap in your swing

  • You nap in your crib for 1 hr at 9am, and 2hrs at 12:30pm

  • You are crazy in the bathtub, you prefer to lay on your tummy while bathing

  • You get up on all fours and rock back and forth (you have started moving your legs but don't know to move your arms yet

  • From crawling position you can push backwards into a sitting position
  • From sitting you can pull to a stand

  • You are all over the playroom and like to get in the shelves, and underneath things like your bouncer chair
  • You go to bed around 8pm now and wake to eat at 2am, 4am and again at 6am

  • You dont have any teeth yet and there not even close to coming in. That makes this nursing Mommy happy!
  • You reach for everything on my plate and have knocked several things to the floor and are fascinated with mommies chewing skills while eating and just stare at my mouth.

  • You love to happy scream at the top of your lungs then smile in pleasure

  • You notice the dog and will stop crying when she walks in the room or howls

Mommy and daddy love you pumpkin butt!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A day with his Godsister

Man oh man just seems there is no time to blog anymore. Always to much to do but I want to record all his moments. I think I will play catch up on his blog this weekend. Two weeks ago I asked for my Godaughter because we have not seen her in Forever. Landon enjoys being around her. Whenever he is with her, he just smiles. He totally loves Kylee. I have been so busy with the baby that I haven't spent much time with her and the guilt was setting in.

She had on some sparkly sketcher shoes and he was fascinated by them. I totally would put my son in some blinged out converse. Is that wrong of me? He already get called a girl by people. Always saying such a beautiful baby, shes so pretty. I kindly reply yes I think he is too.
Haven't you seen the converse on baby websites or etsy that are all blinged out? They have a black low top pair that has silver and black rhinestones on the toe and its a lil skull and crossbones. Then they have black and white ribbon for the shoelace. Ummm Just had a vision why cant I do this myself? Will have to think about it.

Anyways we had a wonderful day with the Godaughter, we went and had Landon pictures and went to the mall and went and picked out her Halloween costume. She was Alice in wonderland and if we would have had more time I would have made Landon the Mad hatter or Cheshire cat. I asked her next year if she wanted to be Peter pan and Wendy or Cowboy and girl. She said Yes. Now all I have to do is drag out my brand new sewing machine that I don't know how to use and play with it. Seems I never have any time for anything. Things I need to do in my spare time. Scrapbook Landons life, make some crafty things on my sewing machine, make a blessing ring for his baby shower cards, plans his 1st birthday, still make a cast of his foot and fist, clean out my closet ok ok I could go on forever. I have no time for any of that I have a baby to bathe and rock and nurse and play with. Its tough being a Super Mom I just want to do it all. If God would just make a pause button then I could get an hour or two of cleaning while the baby is not growing and I wouldn't miss a thing.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the winner is:

........drum roll please!

Landon Dorn!!!

I entered Landon in a a cute baby model pagent in September and they just announced the winners this morning and Landon won 8th place with the picture below.

Here are two others from the photo shoot.

Good job landon, mommy is so proud of you!

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