Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For the love of....

Did I mention
...the day after Christmas.....

....he said Mama

for the first time and now says
Mom, Mom
Merry Christmas to me!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cookies were left

I have been spending alot of time up at Petroglyph making Christmas gifts but I just had to show you what I the most proud of. I wanted to record Landons 1st Christmas in a special way so I froze his foot in time on a plate we will cherish forever. I can see him at 8 setting this plate out each year and telling me remember when my foot was this tiny mom. I will smile and think back to the day I made it. I just love my boy so much except when hes not being very nice to me (watch for a post on that soon)but then again I still love him then.
One Chocolate chip cookie that daddy made and one glass of eggnog for Santa along with some carrots for the reindeer.

Christmas morning and he clearly had shown up.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whose been Naughty & not nice?

I think I know who's been naughty?
That would be Landon. When i was pregnant I shopped around looking for the perfect crib. I finally found it. It was a beautiful convertible Munire crib in Ebony. I ordered it and waited 3 months for it to come in. Daddy and I patiently waited for my Dad to finish painting the room so we could set the crib up. I then waited for a sale at our local baby store so I could buy an organic mattress for his crib (which I received as a gift from my mom last Christmas) I added an organic mattress pad and an organic sheet. I then searched high and low for the perfect crib bedding and went with Wendy Bellisimos Vintage Firetruck theme. My perfect Nursery was complete. Then 7 month later some Perfect little boy of mine grew two teeth and decided that using the crib rail would be the perfect place to put those adorable little choppers to work. I almost cried when I saw it. I knew there was nothing I could do to protect the railing but tell him No and hope that he would not be like a beaver and eat through his crib.
Ive seen the gummy rails before but those are for the skinny cribs. While I was at our local baby store I asked if they had anything for the thick cribs and she said "yes" I was excited I ran back and picked not one but two packages up. One for the front rail where the damage had been done but also for the sides. I wasn't excited about the $22/package price but its better then him ruining his nice crib. He has to keep this bed till he moves out. I have the toddler rail for when he is 2/3 yrs old then he will have a full sized bed for later. He will be the one that has to look at the teeth marks he did when he was a baby. HA He better not tell me he wants a new bed because this momma was thrifty and got one bed to grow with him.

Thank you Trendlab for making these awesome soft railings with drool guards that protect my crib. I think if Santa new that Landon had done this he may have brought him just coal in his stocking. Speaking of stocking I never did find one I liked until the day before Christmas. I had to order it online so I wasn't able to have it for this Christmas but it will be perfect for next year. I'll take a picture when it arrives its pretty cute and it was 70% off wohoo I like me a sale.
Tonight we are going out to eat at Suede Blue for Ryans 31st birthday. I ordered him some really cute stuff from Etsy and cant wait to surprise him tonight.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Annual Family Christmas Party & Discipline

This is Madison who happens to be 2 months older then Landon. She was especially interested in him when we arrived at the party. She crawled right up to me while Landon sat in my lap. Landon was equally curious about her that he reached out and slapped her in the face in which she quickly returned one to his face. I was shocked that they both did that. Im pretty sure she wouldn't have hit him if she never got hit first. I mean how do you stop a 7 month old from hitting anyways? So far he has only hit me in the face and pinched and grabbed my face, then last week he started doing it to daddy. I don't want him to hit other children at a playgroup or in my childcare. So far when he hits me I say "OWE that hurts me" and if he does it again I repeat and then put him down. He usually does repeat because when I use a loud voice and say OWE he laughs like its funny and does it again. I do not laugh back so that I don't encourage it. I have not seen this in a young baby like this before only in older infants where they can at least understand No.

Later when I set the babies down together to get some pictures in front of the tree. This time she reached over and pulled his face and shirt and he let out a ughhhhhhhhhh noise because he was not pleased I secretly smiled like Take That Landon. Oh wait Im not supposed to say that outloud. When he hits me really hard I want to hit him back but I cant so Madison is fare size and she took care of it for me. Then I also realized I bet most kids this age are doing this that are around other infants.I had to come to this party alone because Ryan was in Pleasanton at John Maddens house watching football with him. Mr Lucky won a contest at work and got to spend the day hanging out with him watching TV on a HUGE bigscreen, eating and drinking beers. He even got a picture with him and a signed Football. He eventually showed up and Landon squealed when he saw him. I told him go beat up on your daddy this time. Oh just kidding I mean go play with your daddy while I go raid all the food at this party and stuff my face before my new diet workout plan starts in January.

These pics were taken before I took away the pacifier. BUT we quit with that program. 24 hrs with no binky was working fine when we were at home but Ryan and I went out to eat at a restaurant and Landon was cranky and fussy and wanted to go to sleep. I did it I pulled the binky out and gave it to him. He fell asleep and slept on my chest the entire dinner. It was so nice, nice that he slept and it was quiet for the rest of the restaurant but also nice because he slept on my chest the whole time. He NEVER does that. I love love love cuddling with my lil bug.

Not pleased because his Uncle J was making fun of his "tights". I personally love Baby Legs it makes it so easy to change diapers and I think there pretty cute, his uncle didn't think they were manly enough for him. LOL

Ughhhh I heart this moment Daddy caught of the two of us. My heart just swells staring at this photo and realizing I'm the Mom of this amazing little boy that I cherish so much. I hope everyone had a great time with family during Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to ya'll

....................and to all a goodnight.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye Binky:Day 2

Now that Landon has two teeth we are ready to wean from the Binky. I don't feel like he is ready nor do I want him to give up this bad habit because I think Its cute. He is very very attached to his Binky when he has it but when he doesn't have one he could care less.

I had said I would take it away when he walked, then I said when he got teeth, and then I said when its Christmas break and its just me and him and I'm not busy with daycare. I decided now is the time or I'll keep making excuses. Were at Christmas Break and I'll never get this opportunity again to have my baby alone for a week and half to myself.

Its really not as hard as I would of think it was I'm just sad because I think its cute. I love when he put it in his mouth upside down or when he tries to put it in my mouth and he cracks up.

Last night was the first time to go to sleep without the binky and I layed him down after a half hour he was still screaming. I wasn't sure if he was really tired or not so I got him up and let him play for an hour and tried again. This time he went to sleep within 15 minutes with no Binky, Not to Bad!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Nights of Lights

Yet another busy weekend. hopefully this weeks slows down because I do not want to get sick on Christmas. Im hoping to get more sleep and stay in my jammies for the most part of this week. I have Christmas eve through January 4th off. Im excited to see what it feels like to be a stay at home mommy for a week just me and the babe. Daddy has to work New Years day.

Friday night while Ryan was at his company party Landon and I attended a Annual party held by one of my old daycare kids. I cant wait until Landon is older and actually participate. The kids made gingerbread houses, and a birdfeeder. Then I brought my daycare van over and we all loaded in and headed to Rocklin to view Christmas lights.
This is Juliette and Landon. I care for Juliette when she was 5 months old until she was ready for Kindergarten. My first Nanny job and I cant believe she is old enough to help me care for my baby. That makes me feel soooooo old. By the way they are standing in front a train that blows real steam. It was really cool.
It was pretty cold but we all did a good job of bundling up pretty well. This neighborhood has around 200 houses and each is Disney/cartoon themed from classic vintage characters like Tom & Jerry to Alice and Wonderland all the way to newer movies like Cars and Nemo. There was even a Twilight house. I saw the coolest thing one of the Mickey Mouse houses took a large wreath and two smaller wreath and put them together to make a mickey mouse head. I think we might make that next year.

Landon was exhausted by 10:30pm when we got home that he didn't even wake-up when I took him out of the car. It was so nice that we didn't take him right to bed instead we took turns holding him downstairs. Hes such a busy baby that he doesn't really pass out unless hes in his bed and isn't into cuddling because he has so much to do.

Saturday night we headed to Dovewood. We visit this court every year and I love seeing the yards and remembering the themes. We dint visit last year so when we went this year I was excited to see some add ons. It just keeps getting better and better. There was a present made out of Christmas lights complete with a bow that was the size of a house and it had music hooked up to it and the lights on the present danced to the beat of the music it was pretty cool.

This was the only house we took a picture of because our camera battery died.

We went with our friend Travis & Katie and their daughter Emma, and with Damon & Danielle and their daughter Gabby and are expecting another lil girl in April.

Katie and I lagging behind. I didn't want Landon to miss anything. He thought the cars driving through the court were what he was supposed to be looking at.

We have two more neighborhoods to visit still. Very fun tradition I hope Landon will like when he is a little older next year he should be able to point at certain things and vocalize to us when he sees something he likes.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

What, Is there something on my face?

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Roseville Tree Lighting Cermony

On Friday I told Landon we were going to take him to see Santa and watch as the city of Roseville lit up their tree. It was so cold Im sure he would have rather stayed inside and played with his toys and friends.

Santa rode in on his firetruck and they lit the hug tree. It just so happened to be around the time of Landons 3rd napof the day. I so dont have that type of child that falls asleep in the stroller or on my shoulder whatsoever. He still HATES riding in the carseat (switching to the Britax has helped) he will fall asleep 90% of the time he rides in the car but never stays asleep when I start unbuckling him. He must have bee extremely tired because he stayed asleep the whole time I go him out of the carseat and even when putting him into the stroller. Heslept about a half hour before a friend of ours woke him up (She reads my blog so she knows who she is) I love love love my stroller I only wish it had more cargo space underneath. The bars prevent it from having any packages down there just small stuff but if your looking for a full size stroller Tetonia is a very nice one.

After waiting about a half an hour in the cold we finally had a turn on santas lap. He has showed some stranger danger to two different men but is okay with most other men. I placed him on Santas lap and he just stared at his big white beard. Didnt smile , didnt cry though. Im sure we could of got a smile if we danced round and been silly but I wanted his true reaction plus I didnt want to hold up the line for this free event.

Happy 1st Christmas,Landon Charles!

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Snow? Are you sure?

Woke up this morning to snow here in Sacramento. I believe the last time that happened was in 1986...... looks like my sons first Christmas may be a white Christmas. Pretty darn cool, I must say.

Another thing I woke up to is my son having a 101.7 temp with no other symptoms. Could it be teething? Hes pretty much happy, but he is cuddly when he normally is busy body.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Show us your life- Christmas Trees

K here she is not to exciting, but after looking at all the trees over at Kellys Korner blog I am inspired to do something different to my tree next year or shall I say trees with an S, there may be more next year. I'm going to go check out The backyard store, Pottery world and William Glen today to see all of the gorgeous trees. I think I will bring my camera too so I can be inspired or copy I mean for next year. I love Christmas, and I love decorating for it. This year is especially special because of my new lil man in my life.
He hasn't showed much interest in the tree yet. I am sure that a good thing. I held him up in front of it and he just stared at it and then lost interest. It doesn't move or do anything spectacular in his eyes. I cant wait to take him to look at Dovewood Ct and Rocklin neighborhood, and on the hayride through the Antelope Street.

Because my tree is not so exciting to look at I'll show you my sons room. I'm not done decorating it all the way but you can get the idea.

This Christmas quilt hangs behind his door with two trees and a Santa on the floor

Our rocking/glider/reclining chair (which by the way was the best investment we made for his room) I use it during the day to nurse him , at night we read our books in it, daddy uses it to rock him to sleep and again I use it to nurse at 2am, 4am, and 6am. I no longer use the Breast Friend pillow hes just two big for it and we are very comfortable nursing now so I just use my lap and the snowman pillow I turn sideways in the chair to put his head on and we are hands free nursing. The big red bag is new this year I had our name monogrammed on it at Pottery Barn Kids for only $14. I am going to have Ryans dad be Santa this year and he will carry this gift inside the house and leave it under the tree for Landon to have on Christmas morning. I think it will be a fun tradition and for him to know the gift inside is always from Santa.

Heres our nightstand next to the chair, I am going to pick up some snowman stuff to keep on the table. It has a shiny present and snowman gloves right now.

Heres his diaper changer where I placed Santa and his reindeer on. I also added a bayleaf garland to the shelf.

This is the inside of his crib with Soft cotton Christmas sheet and bumper were added with his snowman.

I put a snowman, Santa and his elf above the crib. I am buying some quilt batting today that I am going to lay under the crib and bunch it up around the corners of it to look like snow. I will update a new photo when I am done decorating. Oh I wish I was a kid again I would love to of had my room decorated in Christmas theme. My mom always let me pick out a teeny tiny tree from the farm to put in my room with some decorations on it. I always thought that was so cool.

Here is our new family photo hanging on the wall. I have a million cute frames and prints that I have bought but I never get them into the frame and hung up on the wall. I really need to but I just never find the time or know the perfect place to put them.
Ryan and I have decided to redecorate the house, redoing one room at a time. We are starting with our bedroom/Master bath first and my walk in Closet. It will take us years to redo the whole house but if we tackle each room I think it may be able to get it done in under 3 years HA! All of our projects are huge though like:

Tile the bathroom floor (Getting installed next week)
*Tile the downstairs living room/Kitchen floor
*Extend Patio out front
*Build a pergalo over the patio
*Landscape the back planters in the backyard
*Finish the landscaping in the front
*Create a nice guest bedroom for my mom/god-daughter to stay in
*Redo the kitchen cabinets
*Install Counter tops in Kitchen
*Make use of the 4th bedroom
We want to be able to pay cash for these jobs, so that is the hold up. The fertility costs from last year and the purchase of baby equipment and a new safe car for the family has put us back some to pay for these projects.
I am really trying to reduce our debt and and pack a savings for us just in case. We currently don't have any savings so just this month I started taking everything I deposit and taking 5% of that deposit and putting that into my savings account. It may not be much but it provides some security if we need it in case of job loss or emergency. Ryan and I work close to 60hrs a week each yet we never take a family vacation. I love to spoil my daycare kids but I want to be able to spoil our family too. I feel we work to hard the rest of the year not to have a relaxing vacation.
Other point is I want Ryan and I to make it a point to have weekly date nights also, it help strengthen our marriage in the long run. We get along great but I think he spends a lot of time watching football and on the Xbox in the evenings and I spend a lot of time going to stuff outside the house or on the computer. We may be sitting on the couch next to each other but not talking a lot so I am sure we could both give one of our activities to spend an evening together. That is my New Years wish for us.

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