Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Dinner at Nanas

Finally I was able to get some great shots of my baby in front of the tree. On Christmas after a morning nap we headed straight to Ryans moms. I was excited to share Landon with family this Christmas. When we struggled with infertility we never thought this day would come. I wanted a child soo so soooooooo bad. I just never thought it would happen, he is the first grandchild on both sides of the family so he is absolutely cherished by all of us. On Sunday Family dinner we all sit around marveling over everything he can do and anticipating what he will do next. This being his first Christmas makes it so special. I thank God for giving us this miracle, and I'm thankful for his trust in me to raise this child of his.

He has grown so much and Bella is getting smaller and smaller sitting next to him but her jealousy is becoming larger and larger. I wish I could get her to like him but then again I don't blame her shes only 4 pounds and he crawls after her and wants to pull her hair. Hopefully as he gets older we can teach him to be careful around her and she will learn to trust him.

Caprice and I enjoyed a lil holiday cheer. We made some colorful drinks of champagne and Chambord and topped with some raspberries.

Opening his present from his Nana. What could it be?

The cutest chenille froggie hat.
Bella overlooking the present opening. Kinda sad because last Christmas her and our other dog Allie both enjoyed this moment with us. Sadly Allie died unexpectedly for no reason on January4, 09. She was my bestest friend ever and was so looking forward to her meeting my son. I feel in a way she died before Landon arrived so I could give all my love and time to him because she was my everything.

Here is Allie the only pictures I have of her hugging Landon in my belly. Man I miss this dog more then anything. We have a giant stuffed Dalmatian dog in Landons room that is wearing Allie's collar. Every time I accidentally bump into that dog and make the tags jingle I quickly turn to see if Allie is running in the door. Then I suddenly remember she wont and then my mind is flooded wondering what it would be like to have here here and how much Landon would love to crawl all over. She was so good with kids. She even taught my 9 yr old god-daughter to walk and I have been thinking lately if she would have taught Landon to do that too.

This the table all set for our family of 10. We had the best green beans I have ever eaten and whe I get the recipe from my MIL I am going to share it with all of you. I guarntee you will love them even if you dont like green beans.
Landon has the best Nana, she bought him a burnt orange B.O.B Revolution jogging stroller. Now I can get my fitness on with Landon and since this stroller fits to the 80 pound range we will be using it for a long time. I have been in a slump lately and not feeling motivated to start training. Tri-training started last week and I went but the whole time my mind was wishing I was at home on the couch doing nothing, nothing at all. I need some motivation. I keep making exucuses. I have all the support from the family and friends even my coach. The dates are already set for a half marathon and the two Tri's. I just need to "Do it" easier said then done though. I hope things get going and I find my groove soon.

I tried to Leave Landon in the daycare at California Family Fitness and within 20 minutes I got the call for Landons parents to come to the daycare on the overhead announcement. He was holding his breath and screaming. when he saw me he was arching his back leaning for me and reaching. Its heartbreaking but a part of me thinks its funny (I know mean mommy, huh?) The second I grab him from the poor lady I say to Landon this is ridiculous, that's enough. He stops the tantrum in .5 seconds. Then he turns towards the lady and chuckels twice. What? My baby is a meanie pants. I'm not going to let this stop me. I plan to take him to the daycare at least once a week so he gets used to it. I'm going to leave him with some close friends first for an hour or two while I go grocery shopping just so he can get used to other peoples houses/places. Hes not clingy at all but since I do daycare hes always at home all day , all evening.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for an older post about the Swimava swim ring. I received mine in the mail today for Kamryn and she loves it! I never would have heard about it if it wasn't for you!!

    Landon is getting so big and more handsome every post. Love the new stroller too! Best of luck on the motivation, send some my way if you find it.
    : )


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