Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Morning at home

Come on Landon, I think Santa left you a gift in his Sack and stay out of the bathroom its not a separate playroom just for you.

See I told you I think there may be something in the Sac from Santa.

Tear it open

No it wouldn't be a good time to notice the lightbulbs on the tree. You've had all month to tear up the tree and you didn't care about at all. Now get back yo your present.

Oh look there is your sister. I think you better run Bella he sees you.

Definitely run Bella!!

Why you tried to get Bella Mommy opened your present for you.
What do you think of it?

Happy 1st Christmas. I look forward to teaching you about giving instead of receiving in the future and telling you about Jesus birthday.
We played it low key this year. We made Christmas pancakes and then let Landon open the one and only gift we bought him. Hes young and doesn't know any different and he already owns everything possibly he needs so I didn't want to buy toys/junk to clutter the house.

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