Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daycare Christmas Party

The next few days Im going to share my Christmas with you. I've been so busy I havent had time to blog it. I'll start with a daycare party we had on the 23rd of December. Whose that torturing the cute baby. Why that his Momma (Me) inside that Santa suit and you can tell by my face full of white hair that I am cracking up. He has not been scared of Santa at all but two of my other daycare kids cried and i think he felt he had to copy them. It was funny he would sit on my lap and cry and I would say say Landon its Mommy its Ok and he would look at me.

My daycare kids posing with Me I mean Santa. I have never dressed up in the big red suit before its always been my husband or another daycare Dad. This year nobody was available and I didn't feel like begging anybody to do it. I also knew this would be the only year I could get away with it since I had mostly younger children that wouldn't pay attention to Santas turquoise eyes or wedding ring and Pandora bracelet that I forgot to take off.

After Santa visited the kids opened their gifts Santa had given them. Then we sat down and ate Christmas Cake that I had made and washed it all down with Hot chocolate and marshmallows.

After Nap time we watched Polar Express and then ate homemade chocolate chip cookies and had a glass of Holiday Nog. Delicious! One of the greatest things about being a daycare provider is that you never have to grow up, you get to do silly things and relive childhood moments or make new ones you never got a chance to have. The best part is my co-workers never think im dumb infact they think Im pretty cool and fun. Now its much harder to be a hit with the over 20 crowd. I wish it was just as simple as it is with children. I could just walk up to a stranger and say wanna play, I got a new bracelet for Christmas what did you get and we would instant best friends. Somehow when you grow up things change and you would be a wierdo if you did that. Like I would do that anyways Im totally completely shy when it comes to people I dont know. Its so awkward that new people have to point it out "you dont talk much do you Mariah" WHAT? Was it that easy to tell? I try I try really hard. I seriously havent had a Best friend since Junior High. I had a few tries at best friends in High School but they ended because of High School meaness that girls get or over Boys.

Anyways on Monday this little guy Ryan starts my daycare he is only 5 days older then Landon. His big brother has been coming to my daycare for the pasy year. I think this will be Landons best friend. It will be so sweet to atchthe boys grow up together. How ironic that when Mom showed up to pick up big brother there they were in mtching outfits, completely unplanned.

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  1. Thank you SO much for the info on that book. I was on amazon ordering it a few minutes later. Its scheduled to arrive Friday. I think it will really help my niece and nephew. Thanks again!!


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