Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I knowI said this before...

...once again its bye bye Binky! We have given up the pacifier hopefully for good. Last time I took it away the poor lil guy had two new teeth come in and he was cranky and made sure we knew it. My mistake was allowing him to have it longer then when he was teething.

We have been over 24 hrs now and not needed it for even a second. I'm worried about in public though. What happens when hes grumpy at a restaurant? What about the gym daycare where he cries anyways? He will not take a human to soothe him. The boob or paci is all that will do. I suppose we could nurse for a few minutes to distract him and move on but what about when I'm not there with him. He will just learn to soothe other ways I suppose.

I already see the difference. He is so LOUD. He squeals loudly when he does things he is proud of. He has put himself to sleep 4x now on his own. I'm so proud of him.

I will miss his cute smile behind his rubberwood pacifier but I love watching my baby grow and watching his sweet smile and that is exactly why we are quitting his addiction. I want him to have a gorgeous smile to be a self soother and be confident. His language is already in abundance but I want him to say so much more.

Speaking of schedule I wanted to jot down what our day looks like right now.

8:00am Wake up, Diaper change out of disposable diaper, Get dressed
8:15am Breakfast Usually Oatmeal, Barley or Quinoa w/ Bananas or Blueberries
8:30am Nurse (sometime we will nurse then eat breakfast)
8:40am Playtime
10:00am Nurse & down for 1st Nap
11:00am Wake up, Change cloth diaper, Back downstairs to play
11:20 Lunch Usually Yogurt, vegetable, fruit or cheese then 4 cubes of HM Baby food
12:00 Playtime & Story
1:00pm Change cloth diaper, Nurse & Down for nap
3:00pm Playtime
4:00pm Nurse & Change cloth diaper
5:30pm Daddy home, *Plays with Daddy while I cook
6-6:30pm Nurse,Dinner time, Finger foods (Vegetable & Fruit) 4 cubes of foods
7:45 Every other Night or so is Bath & Lotion into disposable diaper followed by some playtime
8:00 Storytime, Teeth brushed & Nurse
8:30pm Lights out
2:00am Nurse (This one he he has been sleeping through)
4:00am Nurse

I can't believe he will be 9 months on Friday and looking forward to our 9 month photo session on Saturday. I wish his awesome photographer best of luck he is so quick now days but she always gets the best shots so I have confidence she will make the session awesome.

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