Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mama called the doctor

I took Landon to our new pediatrician this morning. I love that they have evening and Saturday appointments. We so could of used those hours when we had to make all those ER visits for fever and the strangest cough I have ever heard of.

Back in November Landon did this weird barky cough similar to croup but it wasn't croup at all. He did it at all hrs of the days and has had it over 3 months when no other symptoms. The strangest thing also is he will spike a fever and it will disappear within a few hours without Tylenol. He will have no other symptoms just the fever and he wont be clingy.

After 4 (or was it 3 I lost count) chest X-rays. Which if you have never taken your baby to get a chest x-ray it is not fun. I repeat NOT fun at all. There is a hole in the middle of table with a tiny bicycle seat you lower your child into the hole and put his bottom on the seat. Just the legs are dangling beneath the table. Then you put your childs arms straight up next to their ears while the put half of a clear cylinder on one side of your child and half of a clear cylinder on the other side. Then they snap the two pieces together so your child is inside of the tube. The tube is tall only their fingertips are outside the tube. They do one x-ray of their back then they come out and rotate the table so they can get a side shot, all while your baby is screaming his head off. This last time I got it done he didn't even cry just sucked on his paci. The girl said its better if there crying so they can get a better picture so I reached in the tube and took out his paci to get him upset.
Here's a video of the strange cough I caught. Even our dog was freaked out by it.


This video was taking back in November when I was attempting to get his first crawl. Since then they have diagnosed him with several things. First was whooping cough which they treated with zythromax! I was totally freaked out by that diagnosis. Then after it didn't go away they diagnosed him with croup. Then after it didn't disappear they called it chronic croup. I didn't believe them and I started searching around the internet for causes symptoms similar to Landons. I found this video and the cough sounded the same. Although this child has it way way way worse then Landon. Then I read up about and found out it was a heart problem. Wasn't exactly sure this what I thought he had. Indeed it did scare me though because Landon was taken away from me about an hour after he was born because his heart rate dropped really low he was pale and his lips were blue. After an EKG and echo they brought him back to me and told me that some babies are born with a hole in their heart that closes after birth and they said he just had a low resting heart rate. He has been fine ever since but that flashed in my head the second I read about the brochomalacia.
After the doctor did an exam and I went over the full history she diagnosed him with trachealmalacia the flaps in the throat are thin and floppy and as he grows they will thicken and become stronger. Once they have grown the noise should disappear and he will have a normal cough. Sounds good to me. I'm glad that I was partly able to diagnosis this and that we don't have to do anything further.

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  1. That is scary about the cough. I hope he grows out of it.


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