Friday, January 8, 2010

The night before

Christmas? I still have more Christmas to blog about. I have finally caught up to Christmas Eve, though. We headed to Ryans cousins house for hors d'oeurves like we do every Christmas Eve. We accidentally showed up an hour early so we drove the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights. After he got bored in the carseat (Remember he hates the carseat) we decided to just knock on their door anyways and go in. We felt really bad as they were still making food and hanging out in their sweats. Oops oh well its family but we really did feel bad.

They have have two yellow Labs, Gailee & Claurice. Landon was very interested in then but acted like he was a little scared of them. If they came up in his face he would close his eyes and push backwards to get away from them. They were being very patient. He probably doesn't remember being around them at Thanksgiving either.

Both pictures I can see looks nervous but willing to touch. Maybe its because at his house he has a 4lb hairball that will attack him if he tries to touch her. Bella our Yorkie still does not like her new brother , sadly.

He is so handsome in this picture. I just wanna go wake him up from his nap right now and smooch all over him.

On Christmas Eve night he mysteriously came down with a 101.7 temp for no reason. He had no other symptoms. I decided against Tylenol since it hadn't reached 102 yet and he wasn't fussy. He did pass out in Caprices arms and we laid him in front of the tree on his blanket. I thought it was adorable like a Christmas story of the night before Christmas sleeping under the tree waiting to catch Santa that he fells asleep ever so cleverly.

Cant leave without remembering the hors d'veoures . The smoked sausage, bacon wrapped shrimp and wings were de-lish!

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