Monday, February 8, 2010

9 Months

Can't believe it were 9 months already!
..and still the same size as we were at 6 months or maybe 5 months. I can't remember

We certainly are more active though!

We had our well baby check up on Friday. Landon is doing great. Here are his stats.
Weight 18lbs 10.1%
Head Circumference 54%
Iron Level 11.9 Yeah!!
Height is 28.5 inches 56.4%
Thats 1.5" heighth since Jan 8th, and the first growth in height since he was 3 months old

She asked if he was laughing yet, umm ya at 8weeks old check, saying Dada and Mama, and a buch of other things check, attempting to pull up on things, Haha check, using his thumb and fingers to pick up things, check. Then she told me you know hes ahead right. I said yes I know, a lil to advanced. I then stood him up on the table and let go of him. He stood by himslef on the table. Then I put my hands out and said comon baby and he took two steps towards me into my hands.


Dad, Dada and Daddy
Cracker (Ha even though he has never had one)
Dog and Doggy
"I did it"

*My 14 mo old in my daycare says cracker all day long so Landon has been copying him and saying cracker to0. I think its hillarious.

New Foods:

White potato
Mandarin Orange (May have given him a rash so we will try again in a month or 2)
Dehydrated, mango, peach and strawberry
Whole wheat pasta

Sleeping Habit
Wake up 8am
Moning Nap 10-11am
Afternoon Nap 1:30 -3:00pm
Bedtime 8:30pm

New tricks:
Pretends to wipe his mouth with a klenex
If your standing close enough to a wall he will turn out the lightswitch.
Loves to open & close cupboards over and over again
Give High Fives
Just became interested in books and likes to open and close the book on his own.
Stand on his own about 15 seconds
Lets go and walks a step or two to another object
Drinks from a sippy cup and a straw

Will take a few steps between two people
Will walk in a straight line while holding on to only one of my hands

Runs really fast behind anything that rolls
Waves and says Hi to anyone who passes
Loves balls and will throw and play catch
Can put the shapes into the shape sorter
Can open 3 of the 5 pop ups on the busy box
Can put the balls in the hole and turn the switch on his FP gumball machine
Can stack a block ontop of another block
Can walk up stairs holding on the side
Can walk down a ramp

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